12 HIDDEN SECRETS in Central Park | New York City

Hey what’s up everybody? It is a beautiful day and I’m hanging out
in Central Park, my favorite place in the City. And today I’m gonna take you around and show
you some of the hidden secrets in the Park, like where to find a hidden nature sanctuary,
how to navigate using the lampposts, and even where to find some ruins. But my favorite is the forbidden cave. People have no idea that just across the pond
there is the secret bird sanctuary. There’s only one entrance, and it’s guarded
by a lady with a clipboard. The sanctuary’s only open for a few hours a week, so make sure you check the schedule
so you can actually get in here. But it’s got some nice views over the lake
and they’re always adding new trails so it’s exciting to come in here. Cute. I love the sanctuary, if you want to see a
lot more of it, click the link up here, because I made an entire video
all about just the sanctuary. Next hidden secret is right between
Heckscher Playground and the Heckscher Ballfields: It’s Rat Rock. Which isn’t a secret because it’s a giant
rock in the middle of the Park. The secret is that it’s great for bouldering. You can see all the chalk from people’s hands
as they’ve been climbing around this thing. It’s a little beyond my ability but it’s got
some pretty good handholds here. Maybe I could do it. Carousel’s over 100 years old! Oh-la-la. There’s the dairy. There’s the checker’s house. There. And through that tunnel back there was the carousel. When Olmsted and Vaux create the Park, they
put all these fun stuff all close together because this was supposed to be like the kid’s area. Now, this bad boy here predates the Park. It’s an original survey bolt from 1809. So it’s over 200 years it’s been sitting there. Ah, Central Park wants to keep the location
of this thing a secret so it doesn’t get vandalized, so I’m not gonna tell you exactly where it
is, but think of where the roads intersect and check those intersections, and that’s
how I found it. The Mall is by no means a secret, but it’s
fantastic and you should come here anyways. Coming up on Bethesda Terrace, you’ve got
these little sculptures in here. It’s the day: so there’s sunrise,
wake up, do your work, and then you come home and do your reading,
it gets dark out and the owls come and play, and then apparently it turns into halloween. Probably the most useful secret
you’re gonna learn today, is right here in the middle of Bethesda Terrace, you’ve got bathrooms.
There’s men’s, women’s behind me. If you want a better view of the Bow Bridge,
just come over here, jump up on this rock, and there you go. Do NOT take what these guys give you. They’re NOT real monks. TOTAL SCAM. Super easy to get lost in the Ramble, so there’s
a lot of hidden secrets in here, but my favorite is the forbidden cave. If you follow the edge of the lake, you’ll
eventually find this. The cave is directly below this. Ok? And the way to get down there… is through here. You take the steps. Now this is sealed off, obviously,
but it used to be open. And people on their boats would come up here
and just dock and hang out. But there were some stupid guys in there that
would harass the women and now they closed it off. And out! Out here is the Lady’s Pavilion. This used to be out at 59th Street
and Central Park West. It was built as a station
for trolley passengers to wait. Nice views of the lake and midtown, too. If you’re ever lost in the Park, just find a lamppost,
because there’s always going to be numbers. Right now we’re at West 78th Street. The “02,” if you’re on the loop road, they
don’t mean anything. They just count up. Because right over here, is 7801. So odd and even on the loop road don’t mean
anything, but on the other lampposts, sometimes they’re horizontal,
sometimes they’re vertical, but the first two numbers is your street, the second two numbers on these lampposts:
if it’s odd, you’re on the West side, if it’s even, you’re on the East side. So the Swedish cottage here was literally built
in Sweden in the 1800’s, taken apart and then reassembled in Philly
for the centennial celebration, and then brought here to Central Park. Right behind the Swedish cottage
is Shakespeare’s Garden, and all the plants in here were mentioned in his plays. And throughout the garden, you’ve got these
little plaques with quotes from his plays and then those flowers are around it. And just above Shakespeare’s garden is the
whispering bench. You can whisper into that side
and hear it over here. So we’re gonna try it with the camera. Can you hear me? I’m not very good at whispering,
but hopefully you can hear me. Not so secret castle in the Park, but the
secret is I proposed to Isa, right there. The obelisk is between the Met and the Great
Lawn, and it’s legit from Egypt, built in 1450 BC! Yeah, it’s more than 3500 years old! Crazy, huh? 85th Street, on the west side,
this whole area used to be a prominent African American community
called Seneca Village, but the only thing you can see now
is this little part of the foundation. Did you know that all of water in Central
Park is New York City drinking water? That’s right, the pond, the lake, the pool,
the meer, all of the waterfalls in the Loch, it’s ALL New York City drinking water. And everything north of 96th Street
is fed by this one pipe. It goes down there, and comes down here. Although I was exploring one time
and I found this pipe back here. See it? I don’t know what that one’s for. I think I’m right by a nest, because he seems
pretty mad at me. But he’s cute! Up at the northeast corner of the Park now
this is Fort Clinton, looking out over the Harlem Meer. This cannon has a secret of its own. It’s been here since like the 1860’s and for 130 years, it was fully loaded
with a cannonball and gunpowder, but nobody knew it because it was capped off
and no one looked inside until 1996, and they’re like, “Oh, wow.
Maybe we should do something about that.” This used to be on top of that hill. We’re gonna go up this path and find some ruins. There’s a blue jay. And these are the ruins – the foundation –
for Mount St. Vincent. I don’t recommend coming up in this area
because there’s shady business happening. Hey bud, what are you doing up in the daytime? That’s the Dana Discovery Center,
and if you want, you can give them your ID and you can fish for free! They’ll give you a rod, and the gear, and
bait, and everything! We’re gonna head into the North Woods which
was designed to feel and look like the Adirondacks. Did you know the entire Park is
completely manmade and designed? Which I think is awesome
because the Park is amazing! This is the other bouldering wall, it’s just to the west
of the Meer on the very north side of the Park. And the final hidden secret is another
War of 1812 fortification, this is the Blockhouse. It’s locked up, you can’t get in it. Believe me, I’ve tried. It’s on the west side of the Park, about even
with Powell, do NOT come up here at nighttime it is super sketchy in the dark,
but it’s alright in the daytime. Well that’s it for me. Thanks so much for watching! Thumbs up if you like the video. Comment below if you think I missed anything. Definitely subscribe because
I’m in Central Park all the time. So if you like the Park,
you’re gonna see a lot more of it. I also travel and do a new thing every single
day, so you will see a new video tomorrow and yeah. Hope you guys have a great day! This is the Oak Bridge. Check out this view! Another great path to run on. It’s well lit, it’s pretty.

Yvette Parker


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  32. This was awesome however there is one major secret that you missed! Underneath Central Park are miles of corridors with a bunch of our nations actual writing treasures! A lot of Abraham Lincolns papers pertaining to the civil war, a lot of treaties made with the native Americans (you know the ones the people running the government never lived up to) etc! An enormous treasure trove that so many people are unaware of! (Ask the lady with that clipboard!)


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