17 hour road trip to Florida with my bestfriends

guys come on this is a production did your head I film is intro literally eight times well I just deleted it hey guys what's up welcome or welcome back to my channel it is me Bailey and I'm also here with oh it's my brother's girlfriend so I do this often the title or the thumbnail we are driving to Florida which is 17 inch hours away from where I live we're about three hours into the drive right now and we still have a lot left so this is probably going to be a video get back to you guys later when something is like it's a little bit later and I forgot that I bought this edible cookie dough from a 7-eleven back where my brother lives and it's not focusing but I really want to try it Kelly tried it and she said it was good but just like chocolate chip cookie DOM and I really like cookie dough so I just thought I would give you a little taste test tastes like chalk bye hey right now we're in Chicago and we're at the Oasis getting Taco Bell because we're really hungry actually I'm not even hungry I guess my brother was hungry and always all these times we never eat what did you get nachos nachos I got cheesy fiesta potatoes and a baja blast when Taco Bell why is my hair doing this is huge yo he wants the case to be yeah I'm blogging on my phone right now because I kind of forgot about like that we were doing something different and I said I'd keep you guys updated but um you know we're just getting food and then we're gonna go continue to jive okay so this like station is chaos being talked about combined so you go and like order in the same place but like they gave us the KFC bag but Mike Taco Bell is inside and I have my talk about Jared called my mother Maci oh I got talking about and he's like inside the belt and I'm like no it's not this chicken my delicious dinner no it's delicious dinner Callie what did you get oh my god there's a McDonald's in the way guys we wanted to come out and see the pretty sky but it's kind of a yeah I'm popping myself up on the Jeep because I want to see the sky Howie you can't even see it oh okay well now I'm mad guys go subscribe to Callie's channel and watch her vlog it'll be in the description we just got back from eating and we're waiting for know which is now at the car have Jesus okay so we just got back from eating at the waist like I said we got Taco Bell there's really nothing else going on it's really like it's getting dark and I don't really know what we're gonna do when it's like completely dark cuz we're driving through the night like that's our plan I don't really know what to do with this video but the Sun will come up in the morning Shay bro tell you buddy good see that little girl was running cute pulled it was like hey like I said it's really dark so it's gonna be hard to get Clips like at the night during the night portion when we're driving we're probably gonna film a Q&A after we take with a five-hour boom like a Q&A with all four of us when the Sun comes up in the morning and I'll do as little nightly updates but like I want the Q&A part to be like not pitch-black so yeah that's what's going on you guys so it's only like a few minutes later for my last clip but I just like remember that I kind of want like tell you what time it is so that when I do updates you can see how long it was so right now it's 851 and the GPS says we're 13 hours and 38 minutes away but we still have to like we have to make stops for like going to the bathroom and getting food and stuff so our summation is about an hour and a half later than what the GPS says new GPS says 10:30 so yeah we're in like the heart of Chicago almost with all the lights and stuff you can't really see here because like this camera sucks in low light I don't know if you can even see that but it's cool okay so I just my phone because I do a little time-lapse of the city I'm really tired you okay you guys so it's about an hour later it's like one something a.m. and Kali finally decided to try and sleep and this is our sleeping arrangement she's laying on her stomach and her feet it this way and her butts right here and my legs are on her I don't know how she's sleeping like that idea that our hourly update Kentucky bridge it's like almost 3 a.m. just put on the screen right now we were driving through India Indiana is the longest state I've ever been in ok said it's doing and we're just getting into Kentucky and I feel like we've been indeed in Indiana for like eight hours even on something in like four hours and it just felt so long every time I woke up from my nap and we're still there and then I just kept going back to that and like waking up 40 minutes later I get back firefighters had to my god oh my god there was like part of that car there that's good good entrance to Kentucky do I we just stopped at a gas station and it's 432 and we just woke up to from like an hour nap I've been seeing this pattern happen every single time I tried to sleep tired of taking nap and I go to sleep I wake up like an hour later like I can't sleep for more than an hour we're gonna go inside this gas station and go pee and maybe get some food we've driven 700 miles and been in the car for how many hours jogging good morning it's 7:30 in the morning we are in see yah honkey donkey alabama yeah I get out of here yeah we just stopped um in Alabama you've been driving in Alabama for a while now but we shall go and really tired being in the car I really want to go to a ciri Martin Luther King Montgomery Montgomery bus boycott we're stupid that's like one of the biggest things in the stories I'm parked in the back of the parks you dumb bitch we're in the south that's where we live in the North Alabama ones they make fun of me all the time for the way I talk so you can't make fun of me for making fun of southern accents when all you guys do is roast me in my comment section for saying bag bag big I don't say bag that's so hard well if it's if you're saying big bagel bagel have any one tackle shopping you know a pillow hey Siri Wisconsin accent words what about Wisconsin how do you say hot dog yeah Wisconsin listen people say we steal it was dancing no that's how he felt like that's it was constant was dancin soda pop is like down south I think in my job is like Illinois and South because I always everybody else except for us says that it's whiskey like with Scott like a harder age like I feel like every end and I talked to that's from Wisconsin doesn't stay yeah it's like yes Scott it's almost like we're at a gas station currently and I'm going to go to the bathroom sorry yeah I tried to get out and I push this where in Luverne Alabama it's like humid her phone just shattered okay guys so you know when we stop to go to the bathroom yeah that was like 10 minutes ago but these dumb whores forgot to get gas you forgot to there's no more of us that could have contributed as I went inside before you guys so we didn't hey guys I'm in Florida now and I'm editing this video and it's 2:00 a.m. and I just want to say this QA is so rough it is so all over the place so if you don't want to stick through this skip to skip to this timestamp if you want to skip the Q&A okay so we're in the car now and I'm sorry if you can't really see us or hear us but my ex people on my Instagram story at accident it's hard to date you can see new questions that we can all answer what are your guys favorite stores I don't know either probably I'll take hard because I feel like a shopping everywhere in the shop like wherever favorite shoes everybody say that favorite pair of shoes pair of shoes are like Brian you could say pair or brand adidas I think all of my Birkin socks are my favorite yeah I agree my version sucks I wrote them the host and I don't think they've acutest at my shoes I think thing I just wear them the most I'd say they weren't I hate my feet why do I ever say those every day exactly it's the earth flat yes my bowl wha no I have like fake the document stating and someone said Balian where did you get your mindful 19-foot are you from thank you you know everybody always asks that like I got it from shields but you could easily just go to like a Nike store or like 19 website to get some 19 what is your top three on your summer bucket list it's like a few things that you really want to do okay but one of them was this trip brandy melville because I never find anything in front yeah but I don't have anything from crunch I like her I've been in their place I think the only time I've been in their specific stage how many piercings do you have no ahead zero oh maybe you have like ten but I never wear like I have a lot of ear piercings but I never really been in my belly button and your no oh yeah I might know how to get away with murder okay well no I always like watch the same show so like what's another really good okay obviously Grey's Anatomy and just like everything basic honestly every other teenager watches that's what I like I've seen extreme extreme dating I don't like saying insane resigned on God because I can't follow it what's my heart like all the kids are fast and deserts for getting save probably Jane the virgin which seems like my lovers I didn't like it that much I just really like what's her name it's Gina rock Degas I love Gina Rodriguez and I recently watched a new movie with her and I just loved it so that's why my favorite shows Jennifer I love all she wanted to do was watch especially I like it too it's just like you had an addiction I don't know if it's gonna be juniors in college what's your guy's celebrity crush I've never had a pretty much the only celebrity crush I've ever had was like Justin Bieber in like fifth grade do you consider athlete celebrities yes okay Bobo you're always so mean to me and you don't shake your head you would play me but you're so mean my first impression is Kelly the first time I ever saw her in person was at the mall and you look like a bitch first things that I remember I came to your house and you were like talking in the bathroom but you weren't talking to me you were just like it was just really awkward the first time we hung out look the first time I met you you looked really scary like even when we are in Duncan this morning you looked so mad okay now we know that you're not amines Oh actually my first impression ever was like way before those were actually officially dating and we're like I'm kind of hottie this girl yes such a great secret yes okay that's literally a bird I've done it I always get birthday was there too so that was my first okay my first impression of her was she was friends with one of my roommates and then I didn't really hang out there at all really but I always thought she was cute because he wouldn't hang out with me he would just hide in his room and I was always in Noah's room and I always wanted to hang out them and he would never clean this room so that's sort of what do do is this the fact that that's the most value okay what's your I don't know really like I was just like oh like Bailey's older brother and then I thought you were gonna be like really rude because you would like new life talent yeah I didn't do it about me like can I do a person question Bailey I was actually really nervous to meet her because now on her have such a good relationship and I like I'm an only child like I don't know how that feels and I thought Bailey was gonna be so mean to me like lo fight not like not like mean like words or anything I thought you were just gonna like not talk to me at all it was like slow part it was super important to me that like Bailey and I had a girl like had a good had a good relation or have a good relationship that's it for our Q&A thank you and we'll see you in a second you you you guys so we finally got to our condo but like you but um this was just to drive with me so I guess this is the end of it okay it's freaking hot bye subscribe watch Callie's video for the part two where we're actually like in Florida and vlogging Florida I'll be linked in the description when it goes ah I'm delusional

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  1. I’m going to Florida in three days but I only live like 6 hours away

  2. When I watch this vlog I think I am watching Emma Chamberlain 😂

  3. Wait, i think I’ve been to that exact station 😂😂 the oasis

  4. Wait do u live in Wisconsin? I live there tooooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Same Indiana takes sooo long to drive through I related soo much to u

  6. she looks like a blonde version of Annie Leblanc the girl in the blue

  7. we act like SOO the same if we was ever… side by side ppl couldn't tell us apart.

  8. omg i live in indiana i almost always go across the bridge bc my town is right across the bridge from indiana to kentucky !

  9. I’m from Kentucky lmao I am a country bell tho I get made fun of for my accent

  10. i love how her brother is so chill about her calling them wh*res😂😂

  11. I was legit on the same road trip Saturday! From Cincinnati to the same place

  12. My name is Callie every time she said Callie I looked at my phone who else??

  13. Bailey!!! I'm in Florida right now! Where are you going?? I'm in Siesta Key, Florida, and I'm kinda freaking outtt!!!

  14. I used to live in Wisconsin then I moved to the south and it was a big difference

  15. Wanna know what it's funny?
    That Bailey is coming here to Florida , and im the one here stuck in Florida xD
    i wish to see you girl! aaaa

  16. You’re making me miss Chicago🤧🥺 Gotta make summer plans now😂❤️

  17. Hey do u live in Michigan cuz that’s 17/18 hours away from Florida and Michigan is in the north

  18. noah and his girlfriend are goals, like she needs baileys approval and she wants a relationship with her too and that’s adorable

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