2020 Weight Loss Countdown | 3 Days OMAD or Snake Diet? | My Journey

hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and I am
almost done with my100 hour fast 100 hours of no food and I am dirty fasting
I’m gonna put in the in screen and in the comment below what dirty fasting is
to me I made a video about it okay so this is not my update video this is a
video for you to choose what I do next I want to lose 30 pounds in December and
I’m not playing around it’s December 5th today so you’re gonna
choose day 6 7 & 8 you’re gonna in the comment below tell
me what you want to see me do when I do my 12 o’clock refeed and do my weigh-in
video for later today I’m going to pick somebody’s name out of the bowler hat or
something and I’m gonna do what you say the only thing I’m not really willing to
do as far as fasting is dry fasting I don’t want to so this is for 72 hours
whatever you choose plus exercise you decide what you want me to eat or not
eat I could do keto carnivore nothing I could do dirty fasting I will only do
dirty fasting – I’m gonna just do snake juice I will do snake juice plus 30
facts and I will do 0 1 2 3 4 or 5 hours of exercise I go to the YMCA so choose
what you want to see and I’ll pick somebody okay I’ll do it egg fast egg
and cheese just you could be creative but keep in mind I want to lose 30
pounds in this month okay so that means and I’m gonna go 30 pounds from I want
to be 30 pounds from this even though this is December 1st is when the old man
Caroline challenge started that I started at noon after a large restaurant
meal so this is what I was that small that morning I was too embarrassed to
say what I was have to start but I’m gonna say the start in in today um I
just need to be 30 pounds down okay so that’s gonna be one 93.8 by January 1st
um so what should I do comment below and I’m gonna pick one
person and I’m gonna do it thank you for watching and share how you’re doing
stay tuned later for the win bye and subscribe like

Yvette Parker


  1. What I supplement with on a dirty fast video here https://youtu.be/JeB7Eu1umDo

  2. This is random. I am not picking the one I want. Just whatever name I draw.

  3. You always have me with perfect timing. That's my goal right now. Getting down thirty pounds. Today is the day! Thank you always for inspiring. Dry fast is rough. I like the omad plans. I would pick that.

  4. Ahhhhhhhh you are doing amazing on your 100 hour fast! I think i am going to push myself one more day.

  5. Hi, tolles Video 👌👍🔔, freue mich auf deinen Besuch und das wir uns gegenseitig unterstützen , wünsche dir eine schöne Woche und eine besinnliche Adventszeit. Liebe Grüße Siggi

  6. Mieka you’ve done OMAD now it’s time for the Snake diet. You’ll lose fast and that’s what you want! I don’t think you’ve done it before, so how’s the time! You go girl!!

  7. OMAD. You have goals regarding lifting weights and you need protein to do that.

  8. hi great video you are doing such a good job thumbs up you are definitely gonna reach your goal shoutout to you and also love the wrap on your head it is nice thanks for sharing this i really enjoyed it peace

  9. Good job girl. Intermediate fasting eat in a 5 hour window include protien shakes and eggs fruits and veggies. Treadmill 3 inclined speed 3.5 or higher an hr or elliptical challenging resistance an hr. Or dance a hr. Lift light weights.

  10. Snake diet 42 hours, 6 hour re-feed window sticking to keto and exercising daily. Dr Fung says it’s the most effective plan. You got this!

  11. I say 1 day Keto/low carb OMAD and 2 days dirty fasting with no less than 2hrs per day exercise ❤️😁

  12. You are strong you go girl!Hope you enjoy your refeed👏😊🧡💕Good luck on your goals❤

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