3 Workouts To Beat Your Friends | Sneaky Group Ride Tips

(whooshing) – Cycling is an
intrinsically social sport, I mean I love going riding with my friends because I get to share the fun and it helps me push
myself harder in training. – But cyclists are competitive beasts, it’s often been said that two cyclists or more is basically a race, as anyone who’s been on a group ride, ripped to shreds by inconsiderate
individuals will tell you. So here are three sessions
to help you not just keep up but also to drop your mates on your next group ride. (upbeat music) We all know that rider in a group ride that sits on and sprints
for every town sign or even worse, the cafe. This session will have you
surging past them in no time. To combat these riders you will need to do the following session. Ride at a high speed
for around 90 seconds. If you are using a power meter, around 50 watts above your
threshold would be ideal. If going on feel then you’ll want to be feeling uncomfortable by
the end of the effort. Once through this first part of the effort you will then need to stand up and sprint for at least 75 to 100 meters. This is a maximal effort. A technical and physical session, this is as much about working on sitting on the wheel and out of the wind as it is about raw power. In other words, trying to replicate being in a lead out. This is much easier to
practice on a group ride than it is in a real bunt
sprint on a road race because there are fewer people so positioning is much less stressful. Try to stay second or third wheel when in a group but
remember always stay safe. (upbeat music) This comes in handy at traffic lights or at corners of junctions so you can accelerate hard and fast
to get up the others. Before they know it
you’ve got a 10 meters gap and they’ve got to ride
really hard to catch back up. If this happens all ride it can totally destroy their morale. For this session you need to stay seated, start from a slow speed
in a relatively high gear. Talk it up with max power for 15 seconds, look ahead and not down,
try to keep good form and not rocking the bike. For this session you want to be going uphill or on the flat but
definitely not downhill. Recovery for one to five
minutes between the efforts, start out with five minutes recovery but as you adapt to the session, reduce the recovery time. This simulates lots of
corners on a group ride or in a criterium race. Ideally you want to train it so well that it starts to look effortless and you can stay seated and they simply won’t know what’s happening. (upbeat music) Have you ever been on a group ride where the pace becomes erratic
and inconsistent on climbs? This session will help you cope with those surges and better
your climbing ability. The principle is to do
a long, unsteady effort. Change pace from a bit below threshold to a bit over threshold. Don’t ease off too much between the surges or your mates will be able to recover. Remember, this is not a set of intervals, it’s more like a threshold effort with surges over threshold. So the time you’re not surging is not a recovery, even though it’s going to feel easier than when you are on the pedals. So yes, it is going to
hurt and if you do it wrong you’ll blow up and drop yourself which isn’t really the idea, obviously. So make sure you do
not start out too hard, you’ll need to be on a decent hill with at least 10 minutes
duration ahead of you. Start out with one minute surges alternating with one minute
slightly below threshold. You can base it on feel or go
20 watts over, 20 watts below. You can progress
gradually to 40 watts over threshold surges with 30 watts below. That is a real killer. You’re going well if you can do that for the entire climb. If your mates get wise to the regularity of your surges then it
might help them to hang on. In that case, it’s good to mix it up, for example, surge for
30 seconds or 90 seconds or even two minutes. To start with, keep the
easier below threshold time to the same length
as the surge you just did but as you get better at it, try reducing the easier off time to just 30 seconds. If you do these three sessions correctly it will help you combat your pesky mates who sprint for town signs
and surge on every hill. If you know anyone who is guilty of these annoying traits, make sure you share this video with them and give this video a big thumbs up if you’ve experienced
these on a group ride. You can find more training videos on screen now and check
out the January sale in the GCN shop, up to 50% off.

Yvette Parker


  1. Do you know anyone guilty of these annoying traits? Make sure to share this video with them…

  2. I agree that we are naturally aggressive, competitive animals. However, would it be possible to make a video on how we can train to help each other?

  3. Am I early?!!

  4. It must be hard to draft behind Emma when it gets fast, when you're a normal size man. Head down to the bars and elbows in….

  5. Just ride a bike with one gear so it's always too high or too low which forces you to push harder or pedal faster. Efficient riding makes you unfit.

  6. The city/county limit sign sprints are a long time standard for performance oriented group rides. Maybe annoying on a social ride, but if it’s a fast-paced group, they are to be expected from nearly anyone who also races his or her bike.

  7. No, I know nobody guilty of these annoying traits and do not wish to become guilty of them myself.

  8. I live in oman and really want a road nike for cheap do you guys now any bike that is cheap?

  9. In our club it's every rider for themselves until the top of the hill and then wait.. We're way too friendly for this!

  10. Sorry, what’s the point of showing this video to the guy who keeps smashing the group? If he follows this surely he’s going to blow the group apart even more effectively. I’ve found the best way to deal with guys like that is to let them go, then turn without shouting up the road to them. It’s always the guy who doesn’t know the route who shoots off the front regularly…

  11. I am a little confused Chris. I thought the idea of a group ride was not to smash your mates, however if we all do this every ride will become carnage. Surely better to let these certain individuals sprint off and as they do the rest of you take the first turning and head off somewhere else of it it was to the cafe just all ride past and watch them look on bemused. They will eventually get the message and knock it off. (Obviously give them the chance to not be d1”kh*%d5 after explaining group rides aren’t “races” before you do the above)

  12. Was Chris doing his version of “The Look” at Emma?

    One problem, Emma can climb! 🚵‍♀️

  13. Opie you need a new jersey and get rid of the one that you are wearing, it has holes.

  14. Build a time machine, ensure that Lance Armstrong and Jackie Joyner Kersee have a love child and let that love child be you.

  15. On most country roads in the US, at some distance before a red Stop sign is a yellow sign that reads "Stop Ahead". When I was much, much younger, my friends and I would always sprint for the Stop Ahead signs. It was fun, good training and you never wanted to be the one focused on your front wheel when that sign came into view. You learned to keep your eyes up. I don't see it as negative at all. PS: I always lost unless I saw the sign first and distracted my friends by pointing out something to the side. "Hey, look at that…"

  16. In my club you would be all alone in the A rider category if you pulled this. While everybody else had a fun ride in the C category.

  17. I unintentionally smash my group because I'm on a single speed : I can only go fast

  18. Our Sunday morning fast group ride is absolute carnage the bigger guys are attacking on the flat the climbers are sitting on and unleashing on the hills it’s awesome fun !!! No egos musts a bunch of guys and gals having a laugh and pushing each other’s limits

  19. Think I’m that guy on group rides, don’t mean to be but I’m kind of thinking Strava times! Didn’t realise I was being a dick, need to change lol

  20. I saw a guy cycling when it was -36 C or -33 F this week here in Minnesota. I heard some places made it to -50 F or -45 C in some places here due to windchill. I want to see you guys cycling in cold temps. Normally soft rubbery plastic has shattered in my hands like glass with the slightest touch.

  21. Just an idea, how about the presenters talking us out with their friends for a ride, it is the quintessential cycling experience!

  22. All well and good but pretty much EVERY club in the UK advertises as a virtue, no-drop rides. Anyone who rides off the front is NOT a group rider and frankly can go off on their own and good riddance. This stuff works for races but NOT group rides or you will not be very welcome at most clubs.

  23. The makers of your bikes will tell you NOT to sit on your top tube… set a better example to new riders that look up to you.

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