4 Signs You’ve Lost Sight Of Why You Ride | The GCN Show Ep. 310

– Let’s just say exactly
the same thing but faster. – (laughs) Yes. It’s time now we get to
the comments of the week which we really like doing. (laughing) – From Montreal, Quebec, Canada, welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show
(subdued music) which is brought to you by
our friends over at Wiggle. – This week, have you lost
sight of why you ride? Coming up we’ve got five warning signs that you need to be aware of. – We’ve also got the answer to Mamils and they’re called Spandads apparently. We’re gonna look at a
whole load of new kits in the Pro Peleton for 2019 and also look at possibly the best Giro d’Italia lineup ever. – Yeah, personally though, I’m looking forward to wonderful losers, coming up soon. See I’m looking forward to that, people are kinda use to it, aren’t they. Wonderful losers, watching the GCN Show. – I’m not sure we’re wonderful Si. (dynamic music) (logo whooshes) This week, in the world of cycling, we learned that Thomas De
Gent is the new Caleb Ewin. (subdued music) – [Simon] No mate, I don’t buy it. Not at that speed. – [Daniel] Well don’t forget that he can continue that
speed on for a good 230k– – [Simon] But even I could
out-sprint him at that speed. Most people that bikepack these would do. Speaking of which, actually, after our extreme bikepacking from Peru, we learned this week that French
mountain biker Kilian Bron has taken things up to a whole new level. Check out this on the Via Ferrata trails at the Dolomites. (energetic folk music) (groaning) – I don’t know why he’d wanna do that. To be fair,
– Yeah, no, not clear. we’ve been to the Dolomites regularly for the last three years. It’s a wonder we’ve not thought to go up and try those trails
out ourselves isn’t it? – Good point, yeah, very good point. – In all seriousness, I recommend watching the whole video if you’re not of the faint of heart. In fact, I dare you to
watch the whole video without having to look away in fright. – (chuckes) Yeah, right. Now we also learned this week that after the inaugural Shift Cycling culture Clunker Rides,
(upbeat music) that perhaps we really are
losing sight of why we ride. – If you missed last week’s GCN Show, the idea behind these Clunker Rides is to encourage people to use old kit, old bikes, old clothing and to remind them that bike riding is fun whether you’re using cutting
edge equipment or not. In fact, this, the first
ride over in Berlin was very well supported, wasn’t it, despite some wintry weather.
– Yeah. Some pretty cool bikes on
show there as well, I see, showing that Clunker doesn’t
necessarily mean crap. Although, sometimes it does. Anyway, cool or crap, what it showed was
really, really important. And I think that I’m probably guilty as many of you are of becoming a little bit obsessed
about bike tech sometimes to the point where actually, I will fixate on having the perfect bike for a certain type of ride. – Not necessarily something to be ashamed of Si,
– Well. – If fact, like you said, I think a lot of people
out there can empathize with that particular problem. – Yeah.
– That said, you are occasionally a bit too nerdy for your own good.
– (laughs) – But even I have to admit,
that there’s nothing wrong with loving new tech, or wanting new tech, or saving up your hard earned money to buy some new upgrades for your bike. But there can come a point at which lusting after this new tech stops you from riding the
bike that you’ve already got. – Yeah, and that would be the point at which you cross the line into starting to lose
sight of why you ride. Not wanting to ride at all because your bike’s not perfect. Actually, and on the
flip side of this as well you could also cross that line if you’re so proud of your bike that you don’t actually wanna ride it because maybe the road’s too bad or the weather might be bad or the weather might be about to be bad. – Yeah, we call those
house bikes here in the UK. That way they’re not
allowed to leave the house. – No, because the weather might always be about to be bad.
– (chuckles) Yes. – White bar tape does it for me you know. Makes me petrified about leaving the house with my bike.
– Does it? – Yeah, ’cause that moment
where it gets dirty, as do white shoes, until, weirdly, they get
dirty and then I love them. – What about white shorts? Would you leave the house in white shorts? – No, no I definitely
wouldn’t leave it while out. Unless of course I got paid, like you did for, yeah.
– Yeah. Got minimum wage for that.
– (laughs) It’s fine. Here’s another one. If you go for a ride but
you’re not gonna get any proof that you were riding, would you still go out the front door? – What we mean by this, is if you’re not able to upload a photo to Instagram of your ride, or upload your ride to Strava, is there any point of even
going out on your bike in the first place? Sounds like an extreme example, but it’s amazing how many riders out there are guilty of this now. – That’s right. Would you stop, interrupt
even, an amazing ride just to take a photo to show your mates that you were in the process of having an amazing ride
(camera clicking) that’s perhaps just slightly less amazing than it
was because you stopped. – On the flip side, you could say that in stopping to take that photo on a climb, you’ve actually soaked up more of the view than you would’ve done
had you carried on riding. Although, there’s another
dilemma isn’t there, because if that photo
opportunity arised on the climb in which you also want to set a fast time,
– Ooh. – What would you do then? Do you stop, still upload
your ride to Strava and face having quite
a slow time up there? – Well that is a dilemma, and if it’s one that you’ve faced, you’ve crossed the line.
– Yeah. – You’ve definitely lost
sight of why you ride. – And what about training too? Because there’s more and
more people out there that are trying to ditch
their heart rate straps, their power meters, or
their GPS head units to try and liberate themselves
whilst they go out riding. And that’s definitely one
I can sympathize with, looking at my head unit
more than the view. – Yeah. Imagine how many Instagram
opportunities you missed. – Well, yeah not many back in my day, Instagram wasn’t really about. But, I definitely got way
too obsessed with numbers, in fact, I took things so far that I have been known a
couple of occasion sides to have ridden descents with my brakes on in order to prevent my average
power going down too far. – That is not why you or
anybody got into cycling. I mean, when you break that down, if you pardon the pun, it’s kind of ridiculous isn’t it? Like, flying down descents is one of the best bits of cycling. It’s the reward for the
hard climb to the top. And so, not only are
you missing out on that, you’re making it deliberately hard on yourself.
– Yeah, you get– – And if you are really
proud of your wheels, you’d be wearing your rims
out and your break pads. – Well I was, there were no
disk brakes at the time so– – Exactly.
– I have realized the problem that I was having
now and I’ve solved it. – Good. – I no longer brake down descents. – (laughs)
– But you really know that you’ve lost sight of why you ride if you become quite irate and passionate during a debate about socks
over or under leg warmers. – Clearly they go underneath!
(winds howling) – Definitely under.
– Yeah. – Unbelievable that people
think any different. – That aside Dan, I mean
most of those things apart from (clears throat) socks, could also be the reason why
people choose to ride bikes. So, you know, there’s lots of different
reasons why you do like cycling and it might be that you
want to use your bike to get to a place where you
can take an amazing photo of an amazing view. And that’s okay. – Yeah, and also, you
might of got into cycling because you like the
performance aspect of things. And if that was the reason, you are going to need to
go out training sometimes probably on your own, and probably staring down
at your stem quite a bit. And if you get an
obsession with cycling tech and become more of a
collector than a rider, it’s probably okay too, isn’t it really?
– That’s okay too. – But I do think you need
to step back sometimes and take a look at whether you
have lost at least some sight of why you rode a bike in the first place. Maybe not all of it, but some. – Yeah, if nothing else, go and take a Clunker for a ride. It will thank you, and I think probably
you will also thank it. Definitely let us know
in the comments section what you think about all of this though. Have you ever lost sight of why you ride? And if so, what was it
that got you back on track? Have some of these resonated with you? Make sure you let us know in the comments. (upbeat music) – It’s time now for our GCN Inspiration, your chance to win
(subdued music) one of three Wiggle voucher amounts 50 pounds, 75 pounds or
100 pounds for first place. We’ve picked our three favorite photos from the last week haven’t we, but before we get on to them, I want to show you this
inspirational cycling photo from Toms Sckoint.
– Wow! – From day one of his
Trek-Segafredo camp over in Sicily. Unfortunately Si, I’m not
eligible to win any prizes this– – Is it ’cause it was taken by
a professional photographer? Or is it ’cause he’s a pro? – Neither actually, it’s
because he put it on Twitter or Instagram, didn’t use
the hashtag #GCNInspriation. Which is what you need to
do or use our uploader, a like to which is in
the description below. Right, on to third place then, and it comes in from Till. Look at that photo.
(cheering and applauding) – Ah, that’s fantastic. He’s saying this is total
silence in Vienna’s woods. So there we go, riding around
in Austria at the moment. That does look absolutely amazing. – It does.
– And very inspirational despite the fact that it’s cold and snowy. – Yeah, and getting in
the Christmas spirit as if these decorations hadn’t
already done exactly that. – Yeah. – Next up in second place and receiving 75 pounds
of Wiggle vouchers, it is Weston,
– Wow! – Who took this photo
(cheering and applauding) at the top of Mount Wilson over in L.A. And that is a view and a half, isn’t it? – Super cool, I love the riding in L.A. for those exact views. And what an amazing place to stop and take a photo down. Yeah, a worthy winner there of 75 pounds and then finally, the big prize is this one,
(drum roll) this is sent in by James again out
(crash cymbals) in California actually
(cheering and applauding) riding up Thurnwood to catch the sunrise. – Wow.
– In Malibu, California. Although, Dan, can I just say.
(subdued music) Technically, he’s having to
interrupt a perfect moment of his ride, put his brakes
on and go back to check to see with his photographer. – That’s true, although it’s worth it because even if that’s
a good couple of hours, that’s fifty quid an hour. It quite an hourly rate, isn’t it though? Anyway, well done to you James, we’ll get that voucher code
over to you as soon as possible. And don’t forget to
get yourselves involved for the next couple of weeks. Definitely didn’t take
a couple of hours, that, ’cause you’ve only got like a short period of time at
sunrise, so you’d need- – Well, I surmise he started practicing before the sun came up. – It’s more like four
hundred quid an hour that. – Well.
(trumpets blaring) (circus music)
(boinging) – It’s now time for Cycling Shorts. – We shall start Cycling
Shorts with a story of wonderful losers, which is a documentary that was shot at the Giro d’Italia in 2015 and has now just been
short-listed for an Oscar. – It has. Yeah, this is the work of Lithuanian film
director Arunas Matelis, the first film director in fact to be given race access at
the Giro for over 40 years. – Yeah, it’s such a shame that his access wasn’t
granted a bit earlier, like 2009 or 2010 ’cause
– Yeah okay. – You would’ve had a starring role. – Wow, what do you think
I’m a wonderful loser? – That’s a good point actually. How bout we just, not wonderful. Anyway, speaking of Giro d’Italia, they are in the process of revealing a very tasty looking lineup, one of the best, arguably,
since 2009 or 2010. Tom Dumoulin who’s just confirmed what will be his fourth
participation on the trot, Simon Yates will return
for unfinished business, Landa and Valverde heading
up the Movistar team, and the rumors are that
Bernal, Wiga for Sky, and perhaps Geraint Thomas too. – Really? Contrary to what
Geraint Thomas has said himself recently–
– They are rumors Dan. – They are rumors. – Well, would be amazing if we were right on that front wouldn’t we? We know more about Garaints’s
program than he does. But you can add to that
list Superman Lopez, Miguel Angel Lopez from Team Astana. Twice former winner Vicenzo
Nibali of Bahrain-Merida plus his compatriot Team
UAE Emirates’ Fabio Aru. And there, even before
you’ve got to the sprinters or the fact that Pete
Sagan might be doing it for the first time in history.
– Wow. – You’ve got a stellar
line up, haven’t you? Probably the best of any race
next year, I’d of thought. – Yeah, and just 144 days
to wait until the start. Brilliant, the countdown starts now. Right, sticking with racing news, briefly, we got to say a big
congratulations actually because the Zwift Academy winner
has just been crowned as Ella Harris, the 20
year old New Zealander. She wins not only the
process of the Zwift Academy but also of course, a
brand new pro contract with the Canyon-SRAM team. How cool is that? – Get some of the coolest
kit in cycling doesn’t she? – She does, yeah. – Well done to you. Sticking with kits actually, and sticking with pro-cycling
a little bit longer, do you want to see some
more new kits for 2019? – Go on it. – We’re gonna start with the all new 2019 kit for Team Astana. – [Simon] Eh. – [Daniel] Yeah, believe it or not, that is their brand new kit. – [Simon] Well. – [Daniel] Not much in the
way of changes I don’t think over the last couple of years. – [Simon] No. – But, there is a bit of
a change on the CCC front because they’ve released both their men’s and women’s team kits for 2019. And I think they are all
sorts of subtle differences between the two kits. If my eyes don’t deceive me.
– One being orange, and one being red? – [Daniel] Well, it depends
which video or photo you look at, so,
– (laughs) – But I think you’re right. What I do know is that it
is a definite improvement over the previous year’s CCC kit which was a luminous
orange color wasn’t it. – Yeah, to be fair, I still
don’t really like the men’s kit but I do like the women’s kit depending on which photo you look at. And now Team Sunweb have had
quite a significant change. They’ve kept the vertical stripes but gone from white to red which I like. What do you think Dan, hot or not? – I think that’s a hot from me, for that particular squad. Although also red are the
Trek Segafredo men’s team again next year. But they’re released a
whole load of new kits ’cause of course they’ve got the men’s and the women’s teams and for each of them
they’ve got a training kit and a racing kit. I would say they all look pretty good. – [Simon] Yeah. – [Daniel] Last week they also announced a new partnership with
Sram componentry too, which I imagine will last
– They did. – for a few years. Cyclocross news now. At the weekend Mathieu van der Poel won back to back races by
quite a comfortable margin over his arch-nemesis
– Oh my word Dan! – world champion Wout Van Aert. Yeah, not much news really there, however, he did air some annoyances,
Mathieu Van Der Poel over the way that Van Aert
conducted himself post-race because apparently, he goes
off and does a cool down on his rollers before he
attends the podium ceremony leaving Van Der Poel waiting. – Van Der Poel will be waiting, irrespective of what Van Aert does. – (laughs) That’s true. – Such is the margins of victory. Serves you right Mathieu for well, dropping Wout Van
Aert like a hot potato after four minutes
– Yeah. – of every race.
– Well, maybe if Van Der Poel did his cool downs towards the end, the margin of victory would be narrower and he wouldn’t be waiting
quite so long anyway. – (laughs) That’s probably
what he does anyway. – But he would’ve already
done his cool down. Anyway, the race
– Yeah. was much closer in the women’s event and therefore pretty more exciting too. Denise Betsema won it on Saturday, I don’t think I ever get her name right. But, that was a DVV trophy. And on Sunday, the world
champion Sanne Cant took her first win of the year in a super prestige series. – [Simon] So she can! – She can yes. Meanwhile, another example of dominance, in the women’s side of things over in the States on the weekend where we had the U.S.
National Championships. There, Katie Compton not only won the race by close to two and a half minutes, but that was also her 15th
national title in a row. – [Simon] Wow! – If that’s not dominance,
I don’t know what is. You like dominance? – Well, I dunno, it depends really. I don’t wanna get beaned for 15 years. – Well no.
– By the way. – It’s about which side of it you’re on. – Yeah, exactly. Right, sticking with
the States for a moment I really like this story it, well it harks back to the
Penny Farthing hour record which was set, you
remember, in the 1880’s. This refers to the
Minneapolis Grand Round trail that has been in the
planning for 140 years. So presumably, it was planned originally for Penny Farthings. Anyway, it might finally
get completed, but, the vote still hangs in the balance. They only need a five
mile section to make it, but anyway, so if that is relevant to you make sure you lobby your local authority, make your voice heard. In fact, lobby a local
authority wherever you live and just say, “Yay, go bikes!” – Yes, I’ll do exactly that.
– Probably important. – All right, let’s move on
to a really feel good story. – Oh yeah? – This is news from over in Canada, in the state of Victoria. A group of cycling dads who
call themselves Spandads. – Yeah, Spandex dads. If that doesn’t become the new Mamils, there’s no justice in this world. – I think it will won’t it?
– Yeah. – Anyways, they organized a bike drive and then they donated 100 fixed up bikes to the 1Up charity and
Bicycles for Humanity. – I think that is absolutely fantastic. Fair play to all involved, brilliant. (upbeat music) – It’s time now for Tech of the Week and so as always, we will hand over to people even more nerdy than Si believe it or not.
– (laughs) – It’s either John or it’s Ollie, or it’s a get rich jolly. – This week on the GCN Tech Show, we’ve got a foldable cargo bike which looks absolutely brilliant. Plus we’ve got a bike that
looks like it was painted by the very own hands of Vincent Van Gogh and it’s limited to just 250 pieces. – Plus we discuss the
bike that can be built from the oldest existing cycling brands. – This is gonna be a cracker as ever. Join us on Thursday. (upbeat music) – We’ve got a brand new
(subdued music) giveaway for you. This time curtesy of the
good folk over at Cycliq and I’m gonna let Si explain
all of the tech details because he’s too nerdy for his own good. – (laughs) Right, well there we go. Thank you Dan for that introduction. Right, so we have three sets of their front and rear
camera light units in there. So, if you don’t know about these yet, let me give you a quick rundown. This is the Fly12 CE
and this is the Fly6 CE and they combine both a powerful light and also an HD camera in there, the beauty of which is that soon as you switch the unit
on it starts recording. It will record continuously until you either press the save button, by which point it saves the
previous 15 minutes of footage or it goes into crash detection mode. So basically, this is kind
of like a dash cam for bikes. So, if something unfortunate happens to you out on the road, then hopefully you’ve got some
evidence at your fingertips. Or did something cool
– That’s really great. – happens to you on the road, like you kind of, I don’t know, an eagle swoops past or, yeah. – (laughs) As ever, you can find a link in
the description below which you can press on to go through to enter this giveaway and we wish you the best of luck. (electronic drilling)
(light playful music) – Hack forward slash bodge
(drilling) of the week and we’re going to start off with this one from Grzegorz. Using the uploader, he
sent this picture in of a rather large looking rear light, but the reason for this is that his wife lost his rear light.
– Oh no! – [Daniel] And so what he did was attached a rechargeable sight light and put warning flashing light on. So, would’ve done the job
wouldn’t it to keep him safe? – [Simon] You know what mate, I think that’s a hack isn’t it? (punch thudding) Fantastic, great work there. I mean, arguably you wouldn’t
even wanna replace it. Looks like a perfect fit. – [Daniel] Looks quite heavy. – Right then, Kevin T Lutz. My son added the tv at the
bottom of our pane cave setup so he could watch Youtube
while riding Zwift. Look at that. Unfortunately that looks like
an enormous Jon Cannings. – [Daniel] Oh my word. I think you’ve lost sight of
why you started riding a bike in the first place.
– Yeah. – [Daniel] It wasn’t
really to be sat indoors watching television. – [Simon] Watching Jon (laughs). Yeah, I dunno. I’d say that’s a bodge, wouldn’t you mate? – [Daniel] Well, if Cannings’ on there. – Exactly.
– We love him really, we’re only joking.
– (laughs) – Hack.
(punch thudding) Right, next up we have go this from Paul. I joined an epic mountain
bike race with my friend who didn’t want to get
lost and so he improvised. Well, that’s quite
– Wow! – an old school hack really isn’t it? Lots of people used to
do that on Randanise. – [Simon] That’s right, but I like the execution,
is that cellotape and twigs?
– Sticks. – Yeah.
– Yes. – [Simon] Nice work, there we go. That is the absolute antidote to over technology, technological. – That’s easy for you to say.
(boinging) – [Simon] Yeah. – [Daniel] Next up from Lucas, I went to go pick up my
bike up after a service and realized I’d forgotten
the bolt I needed to secure my front light on.
– Oh no! – [Daniel] So what he’s done is used the inside of a Byro pen, wrapped it in the hole, and
looped it back into place and it kept it there steady
for the whole ride home. – [Simon] Dan, what I’m concerned about is he’s used the phrase,
“to lock it in place”, but yet actually, what he’s
talking about is a Byro. So, I’m not entirely sure that
– (laughing) – that is a lock. Anyway, I’m glad that
(boinging) – you still have that light. Right, what about this, sent in by Jay. – His daughter wanted to
get into the festive spirit and share a little Christmas
joy on his commute. You could do with more
of that couldn’t you Dan. – Yeah.
– So here he is with 160 LED lights
– Oh my word. – attached to his bike.
– Oh wow. – [Simon] Now, fair play for
putting the battery packs in such places as your front spokes. – Oh yeah. – But if that works, then I say fair play, ’cause that is a festive bike. – Well, you wouldn’t like
that to get dislodged and wrap round the forks though would you? – No, but if his daughter’s happy, and he’s managing to ride
in safety, improved safety, improved visibility.
– Yeah. – Then yeah, fair play.
– Well, fair play. Right, oh we both said
“fair play” together and sounded like dads. – Hack.
(punch thudding) – Spandads basically.
– Spandads. – Right, Steve Bradburn sent this in, a bunjee cord and a big button, and voila a lid-lock from a Bronson bag. – That’s pretty cool. Did I say why, Dan?
(punch thudding) Not only is it neat, but also,
I’ve got a bit of a pet hate about people wearing their bike helmets when they’re not on their bikes. Like, there quite a few
people who do it on the train. – Yeah, and if you just attach
your helmet to your bag, you’re using the strap from the helmet, it goes all over the place, doesn’t it. – So there we go, yeah. ‘Cause I’m just like, why you know, come on, take your helmet off, we’ve been on the train for half an hour. But anyway,
– (laughs) I mean, your head’s an effective place to store your lid, but, equally I wonder whether
it’s a bit, I don’t know. – Weird. – Yeah, basically.
– Isn’t it? All right, we shall finish up with another very Christmasy hack.
– Aww. – This is from Finlay S. I presume that’s how it’s said. It’s beginning to look
a lot like Christmas. Well yes it is. Very festive looking.
– It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
– Green chain rings. – I’d say that’s a good job.
(punch thudding) Don’t forget to keep showing
your hacks and bodges with us, the hashtag is #GCNHack
(drilling) or you can use the uploader
in the description below. – You know what the next
line is for that track song? – No, everyday we … – Right, um … (upbeat music) – It’s caption competition now. Your chance to get your hands
(subdued music) on a GCN camelback water bottle. All you gotta do is
write an amusing caption to the photo we’re about to give you, but before we get there,
it’s results time. – Yes. Last week’s photo was
this one of Mark Cavendish playing football or soccer
if you’re over in the U.S.A. The winner this week is
Mathijs Van Den Berg, he put caption, “I don’t
think he’s a keeper” (drum roll and clash cymbals) – Aw, yeah.
– Play on words there, see what I mean? – Nice. – Yes, a keeper of course,
if you’re from the U.S. being somebody that stands in the goal, or alternatively someone
that you want to keep ’cause you like them so much.
– (laughs) – Sorry, just thought I’d
explain the caption there. – Yeah, because some of the humor’s lost in translation isn’t it.
– (laughing) – But anyway. – Yeah, often minus this.
– (chuckles) – Coming up you’ll see. This is this week’s caption photo it’s Jens Keukeleire
– Crimey. – over at the Lotto Soudal training camp. I’ll get you started. Jens wasn’t expecting
quite such a precise answer when he asked “Does my
bum look big in this?” – Not bad mate, not bad, yeah I like that. Good effort, if you’ve– – If you didn’t laugh, it’s
’cause it’s lost in translation. – Yes, yeah that’s one way of looking at it.
(subdued music) Now if you think you’ve
got a good caption, stick it in the comments
section down below and we will pick who we deem
to be the very best next week. And this in your bowl. (upbeat music) – We’re going to go through
(subdued music) a few of our favorite comments
before we let you know what’s coming up over the
next seven days here on GCN. First up, this one which came in under our Trendsetting video with Hank. Collin Latin not best pleased as many of you didn’t seem to be. N minus one! Wash your mouth out. Many wives, husbands and partners
may be listening to this. – Fear not, because actually
other people in the comments pointed out that in order
to get N minus one bike you would need to get plus one. So actually, you end up with net neutral. Just add, don’t you.
– Yeah, that’s like algebra really isn’t it? – So there we go, yeah, which
escapes myself and Hank, but anyway, lord is throwing it yeah? Now, some John Travolta news, turns out that not only
has he got great hair but also immense and rippling quadriceps which did not escape your notice on the “Why Cyclers Should Run” video. Chris is the only man who
can make running shorts fit like Lycra, according to KJ F there. That’s true enough. And then Clifford Romina said Chris, even if you’re running, people will identify you as a cyclist because of those tan lines. – Yes, they certainly can, can’t they? – Ironically, I’m one of the only people that can make Lycra shorts
look like running shorts. – (laughs) True that. Yeah, and now also, one thing
we didn’t put in that video which we should in hindsight is a warning, because poor old Dani Rowe who retired from
– Oh yeah. – professional cycling
just a couple of weeks back went for a jog to celebrate and she ended up with a stress fracture. So, get well soon Dani and that’ll be a lesson that
you should build up gradually to anyone who did watch that
– Yes – and thought that they should run. Please, go steady.
– Yeah. Yeah, we cyclers are not
particularly hardy are we when it comes to any kind
of contact sport even just– – With the ground? (laughs) – Tropsing along the floor (laughing). – Not many people call
running a contact sport but cyclists do (laughs)
– (laughing) Right, coming up on the channel this week, on Wednesday we’re going to, well it’s how to build
strength from the bike actually Si.
– Yay! – Ironically enough. – Yeah, could be a contact sport. – Not building strength, but general cycling conditioning strength. – Then it’s time
(subdued rock music) to start your efforts. Seated or standing, it
doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you start slow and give it absolutely everything. Aim to start just a little
faster than walking pace and at a really big gear. – Thursday we got
(subdued music) top ten most influential people, delayed from last week
after that Sky news. – It’s Top 18 as well,
would you believe that. Yeah.
– Is it up to 18? There are a lot of influential people in our sport aren’t there?
– There are. – And then Friday, as
ever, is Ask GCN Anything. – Yeah, we also have the
double header on Friday. We also answer that question about why some people can
ride harder on the flat and some people can ride
harder on the climbs. The sides were so extreme, we’ve been crunching through the data and getting lots of help. Saturday it’s one that
you’ve been waiting for very patiently, it’s 105 vs Dura-Ace, just how do those two groups stack up? Interesting to film, so hopefully
very interesting to watch. Then Sunday, quite a bit
of a presenter challenge. It’s the Alberto Contador Challenge. (dramatic music) – This is the most unnatural thing ever. (engine revs) I can’t feel my arms. – Find out on Sunday
what that is all about. – Yeah, make sure you tune in for that. Monday of course,
(subdued music) it’s the Racing News show. And then Tuesday, we’re
back here on the set for the GCN Show. – Hold on a minute mate,
Tuesday’s Christmas Day. And we’re back here? – Well yeah, the GCN Show fell
on Christmas Day this year. No, I can’t help that. (humming “Jingle Bells”) (dynamic rock music) – Can you guess what’s in my hand Si? – By the look of it Dan,
I’d say that’s probably the super lightweight improved jacket from the GCN winter fan kit.
– How did you guess that? I mean that is remarkably compact. We actually have got an entire
jacket in my hand there. Took me a long time
– There we go. to fold it up, I must admit. Anyway, this is part of
what is currently on sale on shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com with a full 40% off, so
this is among the range, of the winter fan kit too. – Yeah, importantly you
won’t need that jacket if you come to the GCN training
camp in Mallorca in March. Fingers crossed because the
weather’s normally pretty, pretty good then, isn’t it?
– Normally. Normally is. – Yeah, but anyway, so
both of those things make sure you check out the
GCN training camps, Mallorca. We are super excited about, and please, you are all invited. So head over to the
website and have a look. – Don’t forget the
inaugural Lloydy’s pub quiz. – That’s right and the
first ever GCN show live which we’re still bricking it about. – We are. – Good job we’re working
on Christmas Day isn’t it? ‘Cause we’ll need all the practice we can get, Dan.
– Yeah. We can start practicing pretty soon ’cause it’s almost the end of this show and as ever, we are gonna
finish it with Extreme Corner. – That’s right. We have got a little bit more
Dolamite Via Ferrata for you curtesy of Kiliom Bron. (heavy rock music) (wind blowing) – (groans) I had to look away. Oh you’ve had to look away too. – Are you finished?
– Unbelievable. – Slightly bonkers isn’t it?
– I wonder if Kilian has lost sight of why he started
cycling in the first place. I would imagine it was not to do death defying trails like that. – To be fair Dan, he’s
clearly taken a wrong turn at some point, hasn’t he really? But, anyway probably
got a great InstaBanger from halfway down.
– Where, didn’t see him stop on that video.
– (laughs) Yeah, no they cut that
bit outta the video. (camera shuttering) – Yeah, they probably wouldn’t
of put it in would they? All right well,
– No. – that is the end of
the GCN show this week. We very much hope you’ve enjoyed watching. We’ll be back on Christmas Day. – That’s right, if you haven’t checked out our retro versus modern
1986 versus 2018 video, then please do make sure
you check that one out. Just how have carbon bikes
changed in the last 32 years? (GCN jingle)

Yvette Parker


  1. Have you lost track in the past of why you ride, how did you fix it? Let us know. 👇

  2. I have been riding for some 30 years and every time I have ever gone out I land up pushing myself. That is just my makeup. I currently have the Garmin Fenix 5 and the 520, my Samsung galaxy and electronic gearing with wifi and bluetooth all communicating with each other. But the only information I ever really need is my speed. The rest of the data is for home consumption. I guess it helps that these days I can't really read the screens without my reading glasses :-).

  3. Little did Cervelo know, Dan Lloyd was to be their greatest investment of all time. Millions of views and regular brand showing associated to a charismatic presenter. He may be falling behind the lead for best hair due, but we still love him. What would GCN show be without having a mention of Dan and Cervelo 🙂

  4. I ride for the love of freedom, peace and quiet, scenery, unexpected encounters with nature (buzzards, deer, badgers!), challenge of big climbs, improved mental health.

    Yet I occasionally encounter such snobs (always roadies!)… Anti: team jerseys, straight handlebars, sportives, waving, smiling, off road, etc.

    THEY are missing the true beauty of our hobby: chill out and lighten up.

  5. caption competition: How much science does it take to demonstrate I can't touch my toes? Lotto've it.

  6. Before I returned to cycling after 10 years of abstinence this year and started using Strava (for planning, recording and storing my rides), I had only used my bike computer, my training log and a heart rate monitor, and still my fellow cyclists in my school and my uni clubs believed me, when I told them how many kilometres I had ridden … why shouldn't they.
    It's much weirder to see what lengths people go to in order to fake efforts and achievements – those guys definetely lost sight of their reasons to ride.
    When I forgot what I was riding for, I left my bike in the shed for a few years and now, having found that I felt the need for the ultimate hobby once more, I dusted it off and started to ride again – and I've made a plan! 😛

  7. Caption: "With a bit of resignation, he simply accepted that every team measures marginal gains differently."

  8. Wishing GCN and all fellow cyclists a Happy Sean Kelly Day! Get out and ride a few km or miles in honor of the great Irish champ!! Great show keep it up GCN!

  9. I have a 35 plus year old Carlton Kermesse in completely rebuilt condition. Re-enamelled more than ten years ago it was both a pleasure bike and a daily commute for eight years. Now pleasure only …

    I gave up on even having a speedo on it! I can time longer rides to give an idea if I am doing well, but these days cannot be bothered!

    The bike is mainly fitted with [1970s- '80s second hand] Campagnolo Record [two over five speed gears with C Record shifters on the down-tube] parts with a very well run in brown B17 Brooks, and a Nitto North Road bar. In Mid-Brunswick Green – now somewhat faded – it is something of a sleeper! I still enjoy managing 17 miles an hour on a longer run …

    Weighs in at ten Kilos.

    I have done nothing new on it apart from keeping the tyres good. Currently very good Michelins on Ambrosio rims.

    It is just about rough enough not to be precious with it, and lovely enough to make me happy just to amble along or "have a go!"

    The only trouble is that, aged 57, I can no longer go so fast as ten years ago!

    I own no lycra! As I weigh the same as I did at twenty-one, I could certainly get away with it though …

  10. #captioncontest No you do not measure up to Dan Lloyd while he is wearing his white shorts!

  11. I live 3 blocks from the Grand Rounds in Minneapolis and just 1 mile from the "missing link" that would close the loop. It is a beautiful bit of trails circling lakes, following the Mississippi River, and cutting through many wonderful neighborhoods. Minneapolis is regularly at the top of "best city for cycling" reports even with our long winters. With Park Tool located in neighboring St. Paul, we would be a wonderful destination for GCN to come check out.

  12. let's just say I'm glad I can't afford my "perfect bike" so I don't have to worry about that. but sometime I hope I can worry about that? what?

  13. Got into cycling because I fell in love with the look of the look kg 196. Funny thing is didn't really like cycling at first but kept at it cause the bike was sooooooo cool!

  14. Oak Bay is in the beautiful province, not state, of British Columbia. as is the city of Victoria.

    Also, I started cycling when I was 6 years old. Because it's goddam fun! Then when I turned 7 I realized it was all about the bling.

  15. Some club riders and organisers have lost the plot…more about the rules and control than fun.

  16. I ride alone at my own pace put the miles in enjoy the ride and that’s why I ride to many wanna be tour riders and high n mighty clubs out on the roads these days and ignorant don’t nod or wave back 💩👎

  17. Caption: Teams have finally found a way to quantify the benefits of the ass saver.

  18. If that's the James I think it is, the photo was taken by another rider who takes photos like that while riding. No interruption!

  19. Caption Contest: Lotto Soudal's marketing team using callipers to confirm Dan Lloyd's head is just too big to fit on Jens' butt.

  20. When I don’t want to cycle, I look at my bicycle, I get very stiff and after some time…I have cycled for 40 kms.
    🤔 Still a bit stiff.

  21. I raced from '99 to '05, when one Wednesday night as I was getting kitted up for a hill climbing session in the cold rain, I thought, "Man I wish I didn't have to do this." Thankfully it occurred to me I didn't have to, and I decided I wouldn't ride again until I really wanted to. I sold all my bikes and didn't ride again until 2014 when I bought an old 80s steel bike for cheap. I finally wanted to ride again, and 3 bikes later I'm still at it, though not in a competitive way. Yet.

  22. I ride cause of the fitness and the freedom of being out doors and enjoying the view around me , and I love my bike .🇦🇺🚵‍♀️

  23. my wife on the other side of the table usually laughs at GCN but this time she actually laughed at Dans Caption effort

  24. #captioncontest cycling shark doo doo doo doo doo doo, cycling shark doo doo doo doo doo doo…………..

  25. #CaptionContest – lotto in an attempt to reduce costs have found a novel way to store their bikes on flights. Plus point no additional expensive baggage costs, down side it doesn’t half sting getting the wheels in and out.

  26. Mountain biking keeps you from staring down constantly at: speed, watts, average speed, cadence etc, largely only paying attention to the trail! This from a 30 year roadie converted to mountain biker.

  27. I'd love to come along to the GCN training camp, but now you've given the weather the GCN curse, I might just give it a miss.

  28. Awesome show. On the merchandise will you'll ever add plus sizes for people that love cycling but are not skinny like you guys?

  29. 3:53 OH MY GOSH! My eyes about fell out of my head. Now I know why that is usually burred. HOLY COW.
    11:40 Hold up….what exactly was the purpose of the angle on that picture? I think these photographers are a bit…um…perverse?
    20:15 – That is well cool! I'd buy one of those!

  30. I always buy the very best bike that I can sensibly afford and then I ride that beauty into the ground. This is not to be taken for neglect I take very good care of my bikes, I clean after almost every ride, I lube the drivetrains and I avoid the potholes. But a bike is made to be ridden.

  31. Caption: Look the bottom line is that I know you’re bummed about this, butt so am I.

  32. Yes I have a problem stopping to take a photo, when I am out for a ride. Although I don't always tell anybody I am out for a ride. somebody always claims you should have been somewhere else instead of cycling.

  33. #captioncontest Jens, We need to get the measurement for the extra banana pocket that you requested.

  34. This has got to be one for the Xmas day programme: https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/latest-news/superb-santa-claus-strava-art-will-get-festive-spirit-402669?fbclid=IwAR0MDpJyaHbY5Rpb8xfU_HxfRbdO-H0HXEjTUyiY4HDzRoGkDsZLl_sxU6Y

  35. I certainly lost sight when I was competing so intensely in a local duathlon I collapsed with cardiac arrest. Luckily two great fellow competitors spent 25 mins doing cpr til the ambulance came. From now on it’s only cycling for fun, damm those strata segments!

  36. Caption of the week from the man doing the measuring ‘ok, so I’ve got the measurement and your on the cusp between standard and compact’ #captioncontest

  37. I have the social media problem a bit flipped. No proof of taking a ride because no time to check the scenery or plan a photograph. Also not a bif fan of mobile tech, so usually I just forget that I could record the ride. And on the other side, once I'm recording, it feels like I can't take it easy and have to constantly remind myself to keep the pace up. Maybe the latter one is not so bad, but sometimes it takes a bit of fun off my offroad rides. And because the trails here are mostly just short parts here and there, my normal 2-4 hour ride would show up super messy on the map 😀

  38. I 2015 I literally lost sight, in my left eye, when a car made a right turn in front of me and I hit it at 50 km/h. Now, although I can only use one eye, my vision of what cycling means to me couldn't be any clearer. I have bought 3 bikes since 2015, a hill climb light weight BMC, a BMC SLT-01 for flats and a 1991 Peugeot steel framed with down tube shifters. I love setting PR's on Strava on my BMC's with GPS and power data, but perhaps I like riding my Peugeot even more without any data or GPS, pure cycling just for fun. I must admit, I still have to Strava every ride even if it's on a phone in my pocket!

  39. Do you always take photos of your ride? You've forgotten why you ride your bike. And now, let's give away a bunch of money to people to took pictures of their rides.

  40. Hi. Any experience with this tube? https://www.tubolito.com/produkt/tubo-road-700c/

  41. Learned this lesson early on in my career, being SO FOCUSED on my computer that I was missing out on the ride itself. The second time that I did Ride the Rockies, a week-long supported tour in Colorado, I ditched the computer. Had absolutely no clue what my average speed was, maximum speed, time in the saddle, none of it — and had the time of my life.

  42. A “freedom ride” = no gps, no head unit, no heart rate monitor, no watch. It feels great to just ride!

  43. I have been riding for many years. I started it to commute, since retiring, I do it because I just have to. I can’t explain why. It keeps me fit but I also use weights and a cross trainer. I love to hate Strava and I’m a little competitive when I see that someone has beaten my time in some segments. I shouldn’t bother, because I’m reasonably sure that most riders are half my age. I’m 67

  44. What's going on with the wattage bazooka sign? It would seem as though half of it has disappeared behind the photo.

  45. Posting stuff on social media is borderline narcissistic, passive aggressive, or so I'm told.

  46. A solution to grabbing that photo up a climb and getting fast time: do it twice.

  47. When I am bored with one bike I switch to another there like Golf Clubs each one has its different stroke

  48. Caption contest: Alright, turn around. We have an important measurement to take in the front now.

  49. I took my 28 year old 'clunker' for a ride and got a KOM on Strava. Nothing slow about my clunkers!

  50. Was fortunate to be fit enough from cycling to survive a health scare. Unable to ride hard as I once did now but have gone back to steel and riding long slow distances. Once again its all about the journey rather than the destination..

  51. I did not realize that for a number of years I cycled only for the competitive aspects of group rides, tours, and occasional races. I had a bad hip that eventually stopped me from training, and I was getting dropped on rides that I would normally be in the lead group, or, first in, on.

    Anyway, I went from living for group rides to hating them. This was only because I was no longer a top A rider. I also found out that all my solo rides were to do well on group and tour rides. I stopped enjoying cycling.

    I got my hip repaired, and, discovered that I enjoy cycling 🚵‍♀️ for the right reasons! An intrinsic love of any activity is, to me, the best reason for enjoying it. I ride solo now, and rediscovered my love of this efficient conveyance.

  52. Caption: You know it's been a good off-season when they bring out the really big skin fold calipers.

  53. I was definitely guilty of some of these and staring at the head unit more than the road when training for races. After some injuries I'd give anything to be back on the bike relatively pain free. Amazing what we take for granted.

  54. Victoria is a city/island not a state. We don’t even have states we have provinces!

  55. People were laughing at wife's cycling tan lines one time when we went out for drinks at a local brewpub and she was wearing a summer dress – I have never loved her more in my life!!!

    P.S. she wears shorter "sugar" shorts now. 🙂

  56. “Move over to Canada and the state of Victoria”????? Canada has no States – it has Provinces. Last I heard Victoria was a fishing town/city on Vancouver Island which is in the Province of British Columbia

  57. Haha it's hilarious that I happened to watch this today, because I forgot to start my strava yesterday lmao.
    I always take a ride photo too… but strava is only for me, I don't follow anyone and no one follows me, I'm the only one who ever gets to see the stuff.

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