5 Tips for Stress-Free Travel with Kids

hey friends happy Sunday I'm Sarah Baldwin and I'm back with another Sunday with Sarah video for you summertime is here a lot of you are getting ready and making travel plans for travel this summer by plane train or automobile and today I'm here to give you five tips to make traveling with children less stressful but before I get into those tips I just want to thank you for your support and if you haven't already please subscribe to the Sunday with Sara youtube channel by clicking the link below and if you find this video helpful please be sure to give it a thumbs up at the end so the first tip I have for you is to allow plenty of time now if you're traveling by plane I would recommend planning to get to the airport a full two hours early you never know when you're gonna run into a long security line or their unexpected delays by leaving plenty of time and arriving early you're going to avoid a lot of last-minute stress worried about missing your flight if you're traveling by car plan your route ahead of time and plan on frequent stops to let children blow off steam and burn off energy so figure out how many hours your trip is going to be and and calculate every hour or two a 15 minute rest stop and that will tell you how much earlier you need to leave to get to your destination by time on time the more time you allow the less stress you're going to experience my second tip is to pack plenty of snacks and water especially high protein snacks peanut butter boiled eggs could be cold cuts nuts the more protein snacks that you have that's going to give your child energy for longer and a lot of crankiness along the way and especially if you are traveling by plane which are notoriously dry it's really easy for for children and adults to become dehydrated so pack plenty of water when you're offered water on a flight make sure you take it any chance you get number three is to play games if you are traveling by car one of my family's favorite games to play when my kids were little was the alphabet game where players would try to find each letter of the alphabet on either a road sign or on a license plate there's also 20 questions which can be played on a plane or a train and I'm thinking if something is an animal vegetable or mineral and players get to ask 20 yes-or-no questions to try to guess what that person is thinking of you can also bring some games along with you card games or other simple games to bring out at a time when children are starting to get restless or bored my fourth tip is to pack a tote with arts and crafts supplies paper colored pencils crayons colored pencils and paper can also allowed you and your child to play games like tic-tac-toe or hangman older children you could bring along knitting needles and yarn or crochet project to keep their hands occupied and my fifth tip is to also allow plenty of quiet time to relax I would not recommend keeping your child occupied the entire trip it's really important for kids to just sit quietly and observe the scenery nap and rest and that quiet time is going to be really regenerating for you too and allow you to get to your destination without much stress now all of these tips are designed to keep your child occupied without the use of Media it would be so easy to just hand a child and a cell phone or an iPad to play with but often this gets kids wound up even more and if they are passively just watching a movie yeah they'll be quiet for the length of that movie but when it's over they're gonna have excess energy to burn and they usually get cranky and in other videos and on my blog I've talked about some of the detrol detrimental effects of media on young children so these are media free tips that said the one exception I might make in terms of media are audio books and stories quality stories at Bella Luna toys we sell CDs audiobooks buy the storyteller jimweiss and he has stories from very young children animal tales and fairy tales two stories for older children stories of King Arthur and Greek myths that are not only educational but they're also very engaging and by listening to a story instead of watching a video it's really developing your child's imagination and inner picturing capabilities so I hope that helps I hope some of these tips make your family travel this summer a little easier and stress-free as always I invite your comments and questions and feedback thanks so much for watching and I'll see you again next time you

Yvette Parker


  1. Goodness….this takes me back! I remember Car Trips with my family. Apparently they were popular in the 50s and 60s. Mom and a much loved Auntie took 5 of us on a car trip from California to Wisconsin and back in 1957. Although I was 5, I've never forgotten it.
    I'm a grandma now; the car trip we took in 1989 from California to Washington state was made easier by doing a couple of things (including ones you mention) with three small children, ages 8, 4, and 3:
    1. We did a lot of driving in the wee hours. 
    We put the children to bed the night before in clean playclothes: rising at 4am, we bundled them into the car and made headway while traffic was light and the children slept. Pillows and 2 blankets are a must.
    We took a cooler with fruits, cheeses, and a couple of cartons of frozen milk, packed in ice. 
    We also had two or three study crates with dry foods (breakfast cereal, crackers, bread, etc.)
    I always had a gallon jug of water specifically for 'cleanups'. I know today, folks use wet wipes, but packing 2 towels, a few washcloths and some liquid soap made cleaning faces and hands easy, even if stopping on the road (not at a rest stop). Less trash was generated, too.
    By the time the children were awake, we found a park, ate breakfast & gave the kids time to run around and play.
    Back on the road, we travelled, listening to recorded stories and took another break for lunch. By 2 or 3 pm our travel for the day was finished. We gassed up the car, & checked into a motel (must have a POOL!) A swim, dinner, baths and bed followed. We repeated this and found we were in good temper throughout the trip. 
    Checking into a motel by 2 or 3pm meant we were not exhausted at the end of the day, and allowed us plenty of time to enjoy those swims together. Early dinners meant less waiting time for the last meal of the day. We relaxed our attitudes a LOT.
    We stayed with family in the Tri-Cities area and Seattle.
    2. we packed plenty of water for drinking. Everyone gets thirsty while driving. 
    The trip took us 3 days going north, 3 days going south in late August, from Southern California to Eastern Washington (Tri-Cities) to Seattle, and then south. 
    We enjoyed the slower pace and the stops. Life is not a race to the finish, lol! ; ) 
    One last hint; remember to pack a simple First Aid kit with bandaids and such. Little scrapes and cuts happen! Hope this helps.

  2. Can you link to the audiobooks / stories on cd you offer? Thank you

  3. Yes to the audio books! It keeps the entire car quiet listening, even the littlest toddlers! I don’t know how we would’ve survived without them 🙂
    And snacks, a beach ball to play with at rest stops (& deflated in between to save space) and art stuff.

  4. Thank you Sarah, you read my mind! I was about to ask for some good tips for traveling with kids:) Do you also have some recommendations for activities or toys to bring along for toddlers in the 1-2 years old range? Thanks again for your wonderful videos!

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