8 Hacks For Riding In The Rain And Wet Weather

– It’s inevitable as a
cyclist that at some point you’re going to end up riding in the rain. I mean look at it. But some people absolutely love it. They love getting wet, cold and dirty. And come back absolutely buzzing. So it’s not all bad then, and over the years we’ve
learned some brilliant tips and tricks to help
make riding in the cold and the wet that little bit more bearable. – Can it be more bearable? – Hope so. (heavy piano music) – Right let’s start off
with the obvious one, a rain cape. A thin waterproof layer
that folds up really nicely into your back pocket,
and is the perfect thing for an emergency when you get caught out when the Heavens start to open. – A bit like today then. Rain capes are probably the
quickest and easiest way to put an extra layer on, but
I was never a huge fan of them and I think this stems back
to when I started racing, they were literally a thick,
plastic see through bag that you would put on, they’d
flap around in the wind and slow you down. And you would nearly always
overheat when wearing them as well. – Yes but technology has come a long way. – That’s true. – And it is an essential item of clothing when heading out in the rain. – Yeah to be honest I’d be
lost without mine today. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – A similar idea to a rain
cape is wearing excess layers of clothing to stay warm
and dry when it’s raining. – Yeah, some kit offers
some protective qualities like for example a windproof layer. Now this will actually really help you when riding through the rain, because it will keep
the chill off your skin when ultimately you’re going to be riding through some colder air. – There can be a few downsides though. Right now I’m wearing
five layers of clothing and I can barely move my arms so I’m lacking a little bit of mobility. And also if I wasn’t
wearing this rain cape my clothes would become saturated meaning there’s nothing
else that I can do basically to warm up once they’re wet through. So it’s great for short
rides, but for longer rides probably not the best idea. – Yeah you have got a lot
of layers on there mate. (laughs) (upbeat music) – A large percentage of
our body heat is lost from our heads so therefore
it makes good sense to put on a thin hat underneath our helmet to try to keep the rain
out and the warmth in. If it’s a summer’s day
then maybe a thin casquette might be good enough. But if it’s really coming
down and it’s cold outside something with some sort
of thermal properties will keep you a lot warmer. If it does start to warm
up it’s also really easy just to slip it off and
put it in your back pocket. (upbeat music) No, this is not some sort
of weird cookery program. This is the ultimate
way to stay warm and dry in an emergency. This idea behind these suggestions is to create a protective
layer against the elements, but doing it directly on your skin you will lose breathability
through your pores so you really want to look
at this when it’s only five degrees or under. Vaseline and baby oil can be
used as a layer of windproof and waterproofing by smearing
it on any part of your body that is bearing the brunt of the elements. Think face, backs of hands and knees, all of these areas that are
hitting the wind and rain will benefit from a layer. Even over your chest. And then we have cling film, or saran wrap as you may know it. This can be used almost
anywhere that your muscles are not contracting and working hard. The reason is you don’t want
to restrict their movements as that can become uncomfortable. (upbeat music) One of my favorite ways to
stay warm, or to warm up on a cold day, is to
actually pre-heat my drinks and take them with me at
the start of the ride. – Yeah it can be a real treat
when you go to take a swig from your bidon and you’ve
got some nice hot tea in there just to warm you up. – Yeah, for about 30 to 35
minutes you’ll have a nice, warm drink, until the liquid cools. This is probably a best
method for halfway through the ride though isn’t it. If you’re feeling cold
you can warm yourself up with a little belly furnace. – Right I’m going to go
and fill up my bidon now. (pacing music) – You know what Hank, as good
as all of these ideas are, I don’t want to go out in the rain at all, and I think the ultimate
hack to riding in the rain is to not do it. – That’s a really good point though, because you could stay inside and do an indoor training session and get a really good quality session in, without getting wet and cold. And to be fair, it did take
you 25 minutes to get ready, so you’ll save some time too. (funky music) – So far we’ve mostly
focused on the clothing and the preparation side
of riding in the rain. But we’re missing out
one important detail. – And that is riding in the wet. When riding in the wet there
are loads of different hazards that present themselves
compared to riding in the dry. First off grip. You’ve got a lot less grip
when the surface is slippery and slimy, but also breaking. Your breaking distances
are far more increased when the surface is wet. – So no more pushing
it down those descents, watch out for drain covers,
watch out for leaves, and also watch out for
rainbow colored patches of oil on the tarmac. Be more progressive with
your inputs to the bike and just take it easy. – So be cautious. After all we want to stay
safe when riding in the wet. (upbeat music) While it’s on the subject of wet surfaces, a top tip is to let
some air out your tires. This will give you more grip
and it will let you feel a lot more comfortable when
riding through the wet corners. – Whether you’re getting wet
from above or from below, riding in the rain can be a
pretty miserable experience. But use these tips and
tricks to get it right, and it can be not nearly as bad. – And if you do get caught out, then use it as a good
opportunity to practice your wet weather
techniques, like cornering and that kind of stuff. – For more tips and
tricks click down here. – And if you did enjoy this video, then give it a big thumbs up.

Yvette Parker


  1. I know its nit picking but the amount of heat lost through the head is proportional to the size of the head. The head is about 7% of the bodies surface with a heat loss of about 7%.

  2. Lights are essential, mudguards help. If it's summer time, Lycra is enough – you'll be dry in about a minute after the rain stops… Riding in summer rain is an absolute hoot.

    (Riding in winter rain is "character building". 😉)

  3. Man, you're so lucky, we won't have rain until October here in California… 😀 😀

  4. "A large percentage of our body heat is lost through our heads" – Sigh… The science knowdlege really did leave with Emma didn't it.

  5. A tip given to me by a fellow rider is to put latex gloves on underneath your full finger gloves. Adds an extra layer of waterproofing and seals in a bit more warmth.

  6. What I really need on kold days is something to keep my STOMAC from getting cold.
    A jacket is to much and also a vest.
    In the old day a newspaper could be put inside the jersey.
    But who's got a newspaper in these day ?

  7. You clearly never ride in the rain. I was expecting a lot more, especially on the critical places like hands and feet, that get extremely cold with freezing temperatures. And yes, in Portugal you get rain with near freezing temperatures. I use mudguards, and Gore-Tex equipment. Perhaps i'm slower, but i can go slower without getting so wet as well.

  8. лайфхак один – не выезжать в погоду, когда мокро или идёт дождь (или скоро пойдёт)

  9. Central Europe in the middle of a heat wave. GCN publishes a video on riding in the rain. I wonder where they got that rain from. Guess we should talk about climate policies in the GCN office.

  10. Also: avoid riding through puddles of water at all cost, they may hide potholes big enough to cause a crash and/or serious damage to your bike.
    Always use gloves it improves your grip on the handlebars and saves your hands in a crash.
    Avoid metal sufaces (specially train tracks), they are slipery as hell.
    Do not go "flat out" while cornering, or while exiting a corner, you are looking for trouble. You can do a "burnout" and your rear wheel will slip out of control.
    Caution with the brakes while cornering, you may slip out as well, so, reduce your speed before the corner.

  11. For me waterproof overshoes are the best thing for riding in the rain. I hate puddles of water in my shoes

  12. 2:08 "A large percentage of our body heat is lost from our heads." No it isn't. People often say that half your heat loss is through your head but that's a misinterpretation of studies that showed that, *if you're wearing full winter gear except for a hat*, and the temperature is well below freezing, then (actually a little under) half of your heat loss is through your head. The point being, soldiers in the Arctic, wear your hats!

    If you're stark naked, you lose about 7-10% of your heat through your head, basically because your head is about 7-10% of your skin surface. Most cycling gear, especially Si's speedos, is way closer to being naked than to wearing full Arctic military gear and wearing a helmet means your head isn't uncovered even if you don't wear a hat under it. I doubt you lose more than 15% through your head.

  13. It's nice to see these two coming a long way in honing their presenting skills, very enjoyable to watch

  14. please, is this road bike best for $600 ?


  15. What a timing for this episode. Date 26th of June, Time 11:45 pm, Temperature 28 degrees Celcius in Germany. Well done GCN.^^

  16. I like a water proof vest, you mainly need to keep your core warm, and your feet,  hands and head. Also not a good idea to put hot beverages in a plastic water bottle, it allows leaching of chemicals, water bottles are made by heating plastic.  Stainless for the win!

  17. So, I guess no one is going bring up the soft core porno shot on that massive thing being oiled up accompanied by the porno musical score?!

  18. One other might be, avoid the local 5-10km climb. And wear gloves!!

  19. I was stuck in rain this spring on a cold 200+ km ride away from home. Stopped at a drugstore and got a disposable poncho I put between my jersey and underlayer and dishwashing gloves. Those saved the day! Plus, they are very classy 😀

  20. Absolutely vital for bad weather: high visibility clothing! Both of these dudes are wearing black, for goodness sake!

  21. Guys, I think you should have mentioned an ass saver". It does help keep the back side drier and less dirty, hence more comfort (such as it is on a wet ride).

  22. When the rain catches you unexpectedly, Plastic Bags over your socks > then slide your shoes on = keeps your feet warm & dry.

  23. what about fat guys that haven't turned into skinny little cyclists yet?

  24. I need help I've looked everywhere for answers so youtube it is, I bought tubes (700x25c) with 40mm presta valves but they were too short to pump air in them. I dont know much about bikes so I'm not sure what size valves I should get. my time are 45mm deep. whats the correct size I need ?

  25. I’m a self proclaimed riding in the rain pussy ….. up here in northern Canada the rain is never warm … I got caught in rain a few days ago and got a chill that I had to have a hot shower to rid

  26. Riding in the rain can be miserable, BUT I don't think anything feels better than ditching the wet clothes, having a nice hot shower, and putting on clean dry clothes. I get to do this several times a year as rain here seems to start at 15:50 and I leave work at 1600. The universe has a warped sense of humour.

  27. Don't purposely ride in the rain. But when I catch a shower, I feel like a badass! Keep in mind this in the summer . With temps of 80-90f. I'm really a wimp I guess.

  28. Was this videos release date delayed seems how it is summer in most places right about now

  29. Pacific Northwest Commuter – Long sleeve wool jersey then layer underneath if need. Works wonders in rainy cool rides into work

  30. That body heat out of your head is a big old myth. The us military did an experiment back in the day and tested how much heat was lost out of your head when it was the only thing uncovered. Of course the head lost most of the heat when it was the only thing exposed to the elements. Doesn't negate your advise and a hat is a great idea, just an interesting side note.

  31. I ain't afraid of no rain! If I was, I'd never be able to ride my bike.

  32. Hack for riding in rain: get over the fact you will get wet. Jackets, hats
    , shoe covers etc. if it’s raining hard enough, none of that stuff will matter!

  33. Is that GCN branded neck gaiter available for sale? The one shown at 1:20 and a few other points. Couldn't find it in the online store. Those gaiters are my preferred headgear – lightweight and very versatile! Would happily buy one and rep the fam.

  34. Move to Adelaide, Australia. Rest on the odd rain day, ride in the sun the rest of the time 😉

  35. worst thing about riding in rain is washing your bike after 😀

  36. You could try moving to Australia. I have forgotten the last time it rained here. One thing I can say. I use a double insulated water bottle to keep my drink cool in summer. But the same thing would keep your tea as hot as you want during a ride.

  37. For cold weather I wrap my feet in tin foil then put my shoes on. But as for riding in the rain there is no need for it.

  38. Great stuff chaps.. living near Rainchester.. I mean Manchester, we're quite used to the wet.. good tips though.. loving the cling film legs!

  39. So I've been caught in the rain last week with a dry lubed chain. When I got home I rinsed of the rain water and let the chain and drivetrain dry overnight. Sadly when I went to re-lube it, I had some rust on the chain and where it was sitting on the sprockets. Nothing major but still makes me worry. Can I clean of the corrosion in some way, or do I have to change the complete chain now?

  40. Big thumbs up to Hank & Chris going out in fine UK weather though the oil & cling film is "weird"

  41. So: bring a rain coat, layers, vaseline, tea… you need to tow a trailer by the time you are fully packed. Just toughen up, be a Flandrien! #hacked

  42. Don't even bother trying to stay dry. The important thing is to not get hypothermia. AS long as you are warm enough, dry doesn't matter, unless you're going to work.

  43. I'm seeing Dan, Si and Emma less and less these days. Am I missing something?

  44. Add in bike maintenance and bike wear. Bikes get dirtier, water ingresses into places you don't want it to, rims and rim brake pads wear out MUCH quicker. Showers and light rain are OK but full on torrential, typhoon season rains are not 'fun'.

  45. now, I want to point out that there are no scientific researches that has shown that we loose an larger amount of heat from our heads than anywhere else on the body.

  46. MUD GUARDS ARE COOL. Thousands think mud guards are not but I like them a lot. CYCLE COMMUTERS AND CYCLE COURIERS WILL JUST LOOK AT THE RAIN AND ADAPT, AND A GOOD MAJORITY OF THEM WILL NOT CARE ABOUT THE RAIN. Wet roads with oil. DANGEROUS. Metal drain covers. DANGEROUS. Leaves. DANGEROUS. BE CAUTIOUS AND ADAPT TO CONDITIONS FOR THE MOMENT and always have your brakes covered to emergency stop. Be safe people. Ride and enjoy.

  47. Zip tie a piece of fender ~25cm long to the downtube to catch wheel spray vs shooting it sideways, feet & shins far less spray, a seatpost clamp-on rear fender little windage, no back stripes well known.

    Then, clip-ons with a section of fender long enough to catch spray at speed off brake bolt, way warmer drier riding.

    Cheers, Pacific NW rides are a tad damp at times.

  48. The hack that I need: sell my house in Belgium and move to south of Spain!

  49. Poor Fizik R1's took a hammering this video. They'll never come up clean…

  50. The worst part of my riding in the rain is shoes that fill with water. Where were booties?

  51. Insulated water bottles not just for keeping drinks cold in the summer, but keeping drinks warm in the winter, too.

  52. From 2:30 to 3:30 I vomited due to the level of homo erotic stupidity. Why cantvyou just wear d*mn clothes? Just layer up. You dont have to smear body butter all over yourselves or put cucumbers over your eyes to ride your d*mn bicycle while its raining.

  53. A tip: put some waterproof spray on your clothes, specially on your socks and tights. It works amazing, it doesn't last long, but keeps you dry and maintains breathability

  54. How can mudguards not be mentioned…. These are crucial for comfort.

  55. A thin balaclava if it's also cold when raining isn't a bad idea either. Waterproof shoes probably aren't a bad idea, especially if you have an aversion to mudguards. And from a visability standpoint, rain usually means decreased viability for all road users, so maybe consider a raincoat that's got some reflective element to it, or maybe a colour that's a bit brighter than black. Also lights!!

  56. Avoid riding through the middle of puddles as much as possible as they can hide deep pot holes.

  57. Hydrophobic spray on your glasses to help move the water away from the lenses

  58. Also missed keeping off the painted lines on the road and slowing right down and not breaking on zebra crossings

  59. the biggest problem with riding in the rain is that you need to clean your bike every single time afterwards and that is just not my cup of tea

  60. Great that you picked welsh roads for your rain video anyone cycling on those particular roads you were on has to be a rain expert! I once did a long ride around Snowdon. After two hours constant rain and two punctures ended up hiding in a pub with a fire a pint waiting for a lift home. Since then rain holds no fear for me.

  61. I’m surprised that you forgot to talk about protecting your eyes 👀!!! Try riding in the rain without glasses it like getting hit with Little Rock’s!!! 😫Rain Blind Cyclist coming through!!!

  62. got involved in an accident on Thursday morning and watching this on Saturday. Wish I could turn back time and deflate tyre little bit and brake little bit earlier I could save my shoulder, chin, arm and my Bianchi…

  63. My tip is to take the hottest shower you can stand right before your ride. Heat up your body well and good and you'll avoid that cold at the start, and then your muscle activity will keep you warm.

    Also, wool.

  64. long time gcn fan , had to stop watching when the oil was getting rubbed on the body theres kids around !

  65. for legs and short rides: endura long trousers(?) hosen.
    upper body: any kind of waterproof rainjacket. idealy with a cap.

    i recomend water protectory for the tires/frame.

  66. Just rode last we the sellaronda bike day under the rain and with 5 deg celsius on the top of the mountains!!! My tip is: get some water proof overshoes!!! After feet are wet you start immediatly to freeze 🥶

  67. A pair of cycling glasses with clear lenses, they keep the rain from hitting you in the eyes.

  68. Its a jacket! Capes are what Superman, magicians, and Dracula wear.

  69. My hack is to not ride, just run! I try to run once a week anyway, why not choose the day of the week with the 2nd to worst weather! (worst weather day is rest day)

  70. I do miss the 'ass saver' or equivalent mudguard. Light, unobtrusive and effective.

  71. do you guys have any suggestions for water proof tights? looking to commute to work from fall through winter. i own some water proof pants but they're so ugly and bulky looking..i want something more form fitting.

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