A Disney Night Out – Sam and Jody Florida Vlogs – Part Twelve

We didn’t get up in time again. (Jody) We’re so bad at this. (Jody singing) It’s great to stay up late and then you don’t get up for Hagrid’s in the morning. Good morning. So, er… before we went to bed last night, we decided we were going to get up pretty early and go do Islands of Adventure again at Universal. So we could ride Hagrid’s one more time rather than do it tomorrow. Because we’ve got a Beaches & Cream reservation tonight and we also want to do Jellyrolls. So we’re probably gonna have a late one, so we didn’t want to get up early tomorrow morning. But then we didn’t get up early this morning
so, we’re going to Blizzard Beach. (Jody) Swimming. here we I’ve only been here once before as
well, so some quite excited to do it again. (Castmember) Right over here for me. Allset.
(Sam) Thank you very much. Gonna be doing that in a bit. (Jody) Oooh, that wasn’t nice. We got attacked. *Funky music plays* So we’ve done a few rides, we’re now gonna get some food. So this is where we’re checking out for lunch. They have a whole
vegetarian section, oh I like that. I’m gonna go for the burger. So, lunch wise, I have gone for a beyond vedgan bur-… that’s not how you say it. I’ve gone for a beyond
vegetarian burger, which comes a fries. Ooh they look good! A peppermint milkshake and a cup of water. I was gonna go for a Pina Colava but we’re going out tonight so I’ll do that then. *ticking clock sound* *thunder roars* Just found my ride photos from Summit
Plummet. Woooow. Oooooh. Yeeeaaaah… (Jody) Sexy… That was a very wet journey back, it has now dried up though. It’s still a little bit grey but fingers crossed, no rain for the rest of
the day. Erm, we really don’t want a storm again tonight because we are hoping to
catch Illuminations for a second time. Just in case it’s gone by the time we’re
next here, which I think will be the case. We did actually have a really weird
moment just now. So I was in the bathroom and Jody was changing and then there
was a knock at the door. And she was kind of like, decent enough but in like, swimming
costume stuff. And she was like “oh no thank you” thinking it was housekeeping cos erm… We did the thing where you opt out of
housekeeping. They said they were like testing electrics and were very very forceful about coming in. Here she is. So er, yeah it’s just a bit weird… it’s just a
bit weird and they like, she was like “well you can’t we, were showering, we’re
like changing, you can’t come in now” And they were like “but I have to, I have to come in” and it was just a bit weird. Not sure if anyone else has had
that but just a heads up. But… she’s just had a word at the front, just to make
sure it’s all legit and there’s not someone going around trying to get into
people’s rooms… I don’t know. Um… but yes! Shower and then we’ll be going out again. (Narrator Sam) So quick update; the head of housekeeping ended up coming up to our
room. Just to apologise, because although they do need to check the electrics
daily, they’re not allowed to force their way in when you’re half-naked. But she
was really nice and apologetic and… no-one was trying to break into our room.
Turns out we were… just being dramatic which… doesn’t sound like me. Okay, so. Update. It is still raining, so we’ve just kind of chilled in the room a bit. We’ve
got all dolled up. Look how great Jody looks in her fancy…. (Jody) In my dress under my poncho. Yep. Erm, and we just been
facetiming my boyfriend Charlie. Wave Charlie.
(Charlie) Hello! There you go, that’s my boyfriend. Mine. Not hers… just just so we’re clear. (Jody) I will fight you. Bring it bitch. But no, we are now gonna go to Epcot because we’ve got a faspass for Frozen Ever After. And then we wanna do Grand Fiesta and
we’re going to get some food and then go to Beaches and Cream and then Jellyrolls. (Jody) And breathe. Oh Jody, you’ve got that exhausting, queue absolutely exhausting. I’m gonna get through so much quicker. *magical ding* (Castmember) All set.
(Sam) Thank you very much. *Jody singing ‘come little children’ from Hocus Pocus* So we only have 20 minutes until our
frozen fastpass runs out, we took it a little bit to chill.
(Jody) Charlie’s fault! and then we hope to be off it within like five minutes because then Illuminations starts. I’m sorry Grand Fiesta. *magical ding* We made it! We did it. (Jody) Yaaaaaay. Wet. *let it go plays* So Frozen was cute, Jody’s just ran to
get a spot for Illuminations, it’s still raining erm… and we’re gonna go catch that. We made it in time, we didn’t have to worry but we did… I have no idea where she is. So Jody got us a space you’ve done a good’un. Rocking up just before,
we’ve got a tree here for shelter for me. You might be thinking… …aside from this. Erm… Sam, it’s like, it’s clearly the end of the day and you haven’t really filmed that much. Correct. It’s because this is our night out. So you’ll be brought along to some of that. This is…
(Jody) Unless he gets really wrecked. *gasp* (Jody) Is this when he goes… *blows* (Jody) Is this the one that he does that?
(Sam) I’m not sure. (Jody) Where, like, he goes “welcome to Illuminations” then he goes *blows* and then all the things go out. Oh! (Narrator) We hope you enjoy our story tonight. Reflections of Earth. *blows* (Sam) He did it… (Jody) I’m not gonna lie I cried. Oh that is, oh baby. Aww look how pretty it looks. (Jody) I don’t want it to go, I love it so much. (Sam) Same. This just dripped everything onto my back… the entire time. So that was good. So I know I said this last time but I think that’s the final time I’ll see Illuminations before it goes. No thank you. We’re gonna head around to
International Gateway to erm… Go to Beaches and Cream for our reservation. I’m hungry, I’m ready, you hungry? (Jody) STARVIN! Goodnight China. Goodnight Africa. Goodnight Germany. Goodnight Italy. Goodnight America… I think. Goodnight Japan. Goodnight Morocco. Goodnight France. You can wait till Wednesday. Good night Epcot. Hello Beaches and Cream. So… Ignore this. We’re er… Sat waiting for our Beaches and Cream reservation. (Jody) Did you say Peaches and Cream? Did I say peaches and cream?
Did I say peaches and cream? And just look how nice Yacht and Beach is… Like, imagine being able to stay here whenever you wanted. So just got our table, Jody’s having a ganders. This is what the menu looks like. Is there another side? Nope. This is so sweet. So I got the sock fries and Jody what did you get? (Jody) I got a chicken and bacon,
like, sandwich and a pickle. This is a family friendly chann- No it isn’t. I’m sorry but you look at that and tell me you don’t want that in your face. If anyone was wondering how hungry I am… That’s how much food Jody still has to eat.
(Jody) I am a slow eater though. Not that slow Jody, not that slow. So we’ve just had our desserts come, so I’ve gone for a very calm mint choc-chip ice cream with hot fudge and chocolate sauce
with the whipped cream, almonds and cherry. And Jody, you know, she’s kept it quite reserved, she’s gone for a mountain of ice cream. (Jody) I’m happy.
(Sam) She went for the, was it the fudge slide? Mudslide?
(Jody) Yeah, fudge mudslide. (Sam) Fudge mudslide.
(Jody) It’s like a brownie sundae. (Sam) Just for comparison. That’s my hand, that’s her face… can’t tell which is smaller. So good.
(Jody) Wanna oreo? I have three. She’s working her way through the cream. Jesus. (Castmember) You’ve heard about it, you’ve seen it on the menu, now you get to witness it. It’s the world-famous kitchen sink. Sherry and her friend, they came in and they said “James we’re gonna celebrate tonight. We’re gonna celebrate with 8 tubes of ice cream, all the toppings in the house and a whole can of whipped cream. (Everyone) A whole can?
(Sam simultaneously) whole can of whipp- oop. (Castmember) That’s right a whole can, they’re up for the challenge, they’re gonna try and finish it all. Let’s give them a round of applause you guys. (Everyone) Woooo! (Jody) What did I do? (Jody) Don’t expose me! Jody you can’t just compact the ice cream to make it look like you made more of a dent than you have. (Jody) … Sam! So we are defeated by Beaches and Cream… There were two really nice families that, like, asked if we were youtubers and I always feel really awkward.
(Jody) They saw the camera. Yeah they obviously saw the camera and I always feel really uncomfortable being, like, yeah I am because like… I’m a little one but. (Jody) It’s really weird how it’s like in the culture now. Like as soon as they see you with a proper camera they’re like “are you youtubers? Are you youtubers?”
(Sam) Yeah… It’s really bizarre. But it’s really sweet and they like followed and stuff so thank you and hi if you’re watching. Erm… We’re, we’re defeated and now we’re gonna. (Jody) I did so bad, I did so bad… I got such a big ice cream. I didn’t know it was gonna be that big until I saw them bring out some for someone else. I was like… oh no. I was like, what have I done? Yep. Erm, we’re supposed to be going to Jellyrolls and having drinks now, but I don’t wanna put anything else in my body. Oh look, bunny! Cute bunny is cute. Oh no! No! Bunny! …bunny… *sigh* Why does everything I love leave me? (Jody) It’s started. They’re singing ‘Breaking Free’ in Jellyrolls! We’re going! (Jody singing) Oh we’re breaking ooohhh.
(Sam ‘singing’) Oh we’re breaking free. The time has finally arrived for Jellyrolls. *You’re welcome from Moana plays*
(Sam) Oh my god! Oooh my god! Hey now, you’re a rock star, get your show on, get paid. All that glitters is gold, only shooting stars break the- *chorus repeats* Ooooh! *Basket case plays* *Sam attempts to sing along* *Jody is petrified* We’ve got two Purple Rains. Aaaaaaaaayyyyyy. *shape of you plays* They’ve just started playing Part of Your World and everyone has lost their god damn minds. Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat. Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? Flippin’ your fins you don’t get too far. Legs are required for jumopng, dancing. Walking along down that. What’s that word again? Street. Up where they walk, up where they run. Up where they stay all day in the sun! Wandering free, wish I could be. Part of that woooooorld. What would I give? If I could live, out of these waters. Take it away Jody. Part of that woooooooorld. Woooo! So we ended up- Wow I’m burnt. So ended up staying right until the end. I’ve lost my voice, probably not gonna
have it tomorrow. Erm… Jellyrolls is amazing, it turned out it was,
like, a cast member night… Oops. But we had a good time. What did you think of Jellyrolls? Yeah it was good, it was very busy and crazy and I don’t think it’s like that all the time cos obviously it’s a castmember night. Erm…
(Sam) Yeah. I- I quite liked the energy of that but. (Jody) Yeah, yeah.
(Sam) I think we needed to sort of… pre-drink. (Jody) And also get there a bit earlier maybe? Cos obviously we got there at like 11? Half 11? (Sam) Yeah.
(Jody) And so there wasn’t really, it went really quickly. (Sam) Yeah.
(Jody) But it’s open from 7 till 2 so… (Sam) Oh my god yeah. Yeah, definitely gonna do that again. I’m tired, I’ll see you back at the room. (Jody) Byyyyeeeee. *kooky music plays*

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  1. Oh noooo, almost to the end of the Sam and Jody series!? Well at least we can still look forward to the antics of (hopefully not urinating or otherwise relieving herself) Ellie!

    Always love the quotes I take away from your fun vlogs, today's gems:

    "I will fight you…" "Bring it bitch"

    "Why does everything I love leave me?" as a rabbit flees in mortal terror.

    Thanks for this!!!

  2. Highlight of the day… thanks for taking us along. Loved the Jellyrolls bit 🎤🎼 Super bummed that no Illuminations AND no Beaches & Cream for my next trip(s)

  3. I said it before, and I'll say it again…….YOUR VLOGS ARE THE BEST!!! You and Jody are a hoot together, but don't mess with her Charlie. She "will fight you"!!🤣🤣🤣

  4. Blizzard beach montage was a thing of beauty!
    That dessert was bigger than Jody’s head!

  5. It is always a hoot and love watching you guys. Jellyrolls looked like a lot of fun. I am just as sad with Illuminations leaving as you guys are. Thank you Sam as always for the great videos!

  6. Wow impressed at how packed Jellyrolls was! Never been before or even seen what it's like until this vlog, so thanks for sharing!

  7. THAT HAPPENED TO US!!! We had a guy come in when we were changing. We made a huge fuss, but they said they come in to your room even if you oped out for your safety. We were so angry. We don't want people in and out of our rooms when we don't know. People need to be made aware this happens. I get why it happens, but they need to tell people because you can 'schedule' these visits.

  8. Yeah I had a guy come into my room because there had been water through the ceiling of a room below and they wanted to see where it had come from.

    As for Jellyrolls, that settles it. I’m definitely going when I’m next there in February.

    My recommendation for Beaches and Cream is the No Way Jose. Love the peanut butter ice cream!

  9. Hi Sam! I absolutely love you and all your videos! Thanks for the Beaches and Cream review, I thought it was just ice cream! I may have to check it out on my trip in January.

  10. had a crappy day and I laughed thru this Vlog! Thank you both! Love Jellyrolls, definitely planning to go on my next trip.

  11. Did you go to Jellyrolls on a Tuesday night? That was Cast Member night when I worked there 🙂 It was always packed

  12. Sam and Jody what a great time! I'm really bummed we're almost to the end of this series but Sam I seem to recall you saying you were coming for HHN… Hopefully that's still happening.

  13. Officially adding Jellyrolls to my list. And those ice creams looked insane! Hope you are heading back soon for another trip.

  14. After the mass shooting in Las Vegas Disney implemented a new policy that they inspect rooms daily, sad to say they are looking for weapons.

  15. Okay Sam, Jody is fun, but we want to see more of Charley!! You both have too much fun.

  16. When we stayed at Coronado springs my dad stayed in the hotel all day once because he didn't feel well. When we came back from our trip out (mum and I) a lady (staff) was in our room.. and said she was checking to see if there was a leak or something..we found that excuse pretty poor haha.

  17. I love your vlogs Sam! I like how you focus on more of the fun and humour of situations and just document stuff instead of it being “oh here’s some merch” or “here’s a fact” we just get to know you and that’s great and I am here for it and I love my future husband…

  18. Never heard that one before “ checking electrical stuff “. Did the right thing by not letting them enter till check with front desk in person , you never know better safe than well who knows , don’t want to be on the six o’clock news 🙁🙁

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