A Ride through the MCU Action Vol.4

“Open your eye!” It’s not real. It’s not real. It’s not REAL! Prepare for a really bad landing! You need to wake up! Fight! Fight like your life depended on it! What kind of father would I be to let you make this choice?! Baby! Slow down just a second. Give me something else, something more powerful! I wanna kill some guys! I see you. I expected more. No! Take my hand! Rain fire! You might to pick up the pace!

Yvette Parker


  1. "you might want to pick up the pace"

    Love this video. Wayy better than expected. Awesome job!👏

  2. A_MAY_ZING transitions!!!! Thanos Stane at 1:45 and Thanos Dormammu at 2:05 ….. epic!

  3. This is something else! This shows the way to multiverse. I remembered something while watching, “im not a hero I'm just a messenger!” that's what you did you told the story of something so amazing by creating something such beautiful!

  4. Camera transitions are the best I've seen in forever, keep up the great work!

  5. If you showed this to someone after watching Iron Man in 2008 they would have pissed themselves

  6. You should make a compilation of all 4 volumes on a blu-ray and sell it. I'd like to have this is my collection to show future up and coming generations an introduction to the MCU. This would be the perfect introduction for future nephews and nieces and grandchildren. If somebody asked me what was the MCU like, I'd pop in my disc and say let me show you. You rock, Dude! 🤘😎🤘

  7. This is amazing! I absolutely love what you do with the colour on the transitions! How do you do that?

  8. These are always so smooth oh my gosh!!!!! They always make me so hyped too

  9. Absolutely stunning. That last shot of Iron Man flying from Iron Man to Endgame final act was the icing on the Cake. 🔥

  10. Dang it you've done it again now Im gonna be watching only this for the next few weeks

  11. It's 8 AM in India and you already made my day bro….Why does it has to end? 😌

  12. You did Halo 2, The Last Jedi style. It was awesome. Maybe try Halo 3, rise of skywalker style? It's just a thought. I really enjoy your Halo videos.

  13. How do I like it 3000 times?
    You are so talented! Marvel should hire you!
    Didn't they already?

  14. I watched vol 3 more then the views of the video
    Now Vol 4 I don't stop watching more then 100 Times for a single day
    Love gugga

  15. This.. does put a smile on my face.

    Like srsly bro, I've been waiting for this to come out since like 2 months and now it's finally out and I feel like, it was worth it. WOW Man! Simply WOW!

  16. YOU DID IT AGAIN!!! Every single time I watch your videos I get intense goosebumps. Freaking love it man!

  17. I really wanna meat the guy who pressed dislike , i gave a word to tell him 🙂. THESE VIDEOS ARE THE BEST , I didn't want it to finish ☹️💔

  18. If someone ever asks me what transitions are, Im going to show this video to them.

  19. At 1:40 Wanda's rage is taken out on Thanos and he is ordering to "RAIN FIRE!" These little details is what makes these edits just incredible!
    Also the father quote on 0:43 is referred to yondu's death. (0:47) 😭😭

  20. I'm not watched yet but there's my like already! I'm glad you had many life opportunities since your first edit, you deserve that and more!

  21. this is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!
    the transitions and the changes in tone/color grading are W I L D i can't

  22. I was expecting the Avengers Theme motif to blend with the score towards the end. Would've been the cherry on top of it was just a piano solo of the theme at the end. Amazing work.

  23. truly MARVELous, those transitions killed me, i'm with Mr. Tony Start right now and he says "I love this 3000"

  24. Can I borrow your brain? How much time do you take to work on these videos?

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