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Alright, what’s up? What’s up homies? How’s everything going? It’s chill So so tell us who you are where you’re from your your credentials, man My name is Alejandro Alejandro Alejandro and um I grew up Just like every other kid, but I was home-schooled picked up music later in life Started to play out in the street really so you taught yourself how to sing you have me? How do ya really self-taught the whole thing? It’s the whole thing. Yeah Wow. I was always been like super nervous about singing So I lay down the street and push myself. I play piano – Wow. Yeah It’s been pretty cool loving it. Yeah, man. What are you gonna play for us? It’s an original I wrote it’s called out loud out loud. Yeah, it’s uh It’s pow I really didn’t tell the truth and I was younger and later on in life that Took me a while to really speak the truth. Very good Mia cause or to your fantasy I can’t be Love I’m feeling you sort of like a burden Are you ready? I See the buds across her face Saving my last breath fleet Broken hearts Marta to her It’s hard to breathe No The truth Oh Oh That was the greatest Man Thanks, homie with that Thanks me this is gonna be the greatest this is gonna be the greatest show another level of Idol here boy You my friend are So talented I am so inspired Thanks I just want to hear a piano song just because I want to hear and play the piano. Is that okay? I haven’t played in a minute without you you want to try it. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, I’ll go for it. This guy is I don’t know if She’s drifting with each step So please don’t go away I’m begging you stay He decided up my I don’t reckon It’s up to you chew It up to you Thank you very much man Unbelievable. You are no joke and you are no kidding around I mean I just Feel like I’m in the presence of greatness I’ve just never seen somebody do what you just did with a guitar. I mean, I I’m in the presence of greatness I have nothing to tell you other than I am so glad you are here. Uh I just never seen anything like that It is totally Rock to my world It was like watching my favorite movie That I did not want to end Tara. It was like the first time I saw Forrest Gump I Didn’t want it Dan. Yeah Alejandro Do you think you’re the next American Idol? I don’t know There’s a lot of good singers. There’s a lot of amazing talent. Why do you think you’re special? Don’t I don’t really think I’m special. I think I’m just hard-working What kind of artists do you want to be? Like who’s your hero? Trent Reznor Chopin and Bach Those are my 3d inspirations, okay, Alejandro, I think you’re the winner I think you’re really special I think you’re an absolute genius Thank you. I don’t even want to see anybody Ah quit, we’re the lucky ones Hmm. We’re the lucky ones because the universe chose this time to bring you in front of America you have such a career and the fact that you don’t know it Makes it even more special There’s nothing like you my friends. I will not sleep until I watch him perform again. I Stay humble. Let’s do it. You’re going to Hollywood Oh my goodness You know you see you’re now Waiting in the wings is 24 year old Alejandro Aranda He wowed the judges with an original song at his first audition. That was the greatest Then his unique take on a Bieber song in the first round of Hollywood Burned him more praise And now with more on the line than ever he’s taking a huge risk For my solo rap performance. I’m singing an original song. It’s called ten years The reason why I’ve chosen it I feel like it’s a very personal song of me and I wrote it for someone that I really care about and I feel like the judges are gonna like it I’m in my Knees and counting dealing with your lives inside. I am – you know I’m dying Marina Be member all of the lies here all of the lies that you say we Remember We Remember all of the lies you all of the lies that you say Getting no feedback from the judges makes me feel very anxious But as far as waiting and all that like I’m willing to wait man. He stops traffic Really lucky to have that on this show I Don’t know if you can real answering my body will never be nothing chasing me Remember we need came. So we need to learn but time takes it’s over my farm away So please don’t go away I’m begging you start a fire To recognize. It’s up to you choose So Face You’re nervous We share I just I Just pray I pray that America truly Understands how challenging and tough it is to do and play the guitar like you just played it it is It’s just in your voice man This is the best you have sang in this competition your first performance and right then was amazing. Thank you. I Feel I I want you to understand something. It’s singing other folk songs. It’s great and you’ve done a great job in making that connection but Watching you sing your songs is Everything because it’s instant identity man. I know in the first two notes of everything it’s you and Your star if I may say so your star has already gone to the top as far as I’m concerned You’ve got a career for a very long time First of all, that was the best you have ever sang on this show Second of all, how Wonderfully Interesting. Will it be when you change American Idol by winning American Idol Me Oh Thanks for cyber for myself Waiting for her or me to find the broken pieces of my heart That was needed for my soul We’ll have to listen What America What America is watching? It’s funny on American Idol. We’re watching a phenomenon. We’re watching musical history this this guy right here is be Lethal, all right Stay humble, homie, I Mean we are not where I’m not worthy to be a judge judging you by the way You know what from here on out I’m just your champion buddy I will chip in you Alejandro is doing an original Millennial love what? We love about Alejandro He brings his own music his own style and he creates his very own special moments And if Alejandro does it again tonight? He can take this whole thing home and be the next American Idol Oh Men are dogs. They say he’s Gonna wear me come on straight, you know come back up you For you to laugh Tell your friends have nothing I will work in a sewer till I Break my back Here’s my hand in a conveyor belt and crying in a lunch by myself He’s smaller than you love a small any It’s many you love I would do Really Small neur Spoon any love any love You know You know It was it was am sure for all of us, but I’m gonna speak on my behalf it was Love at first sound for you Very few times in life when someone comes along I think I said it’s at the beginning of your career every once in a while Something comes along that captivates your imagination your your soul then you know that what you’re looking at is the next level of something amazing You my friend You’re on your journey, but this is for me From me from one songwriter to another from one artist to another We are so happy to have you join the ranks Homie Listen While I was listening to that song and I think while everyone was listening to that song they were truly Listening you could hear a pin drop. There is so much reverence and respect when you sing so never forget the reverence and respect for the gift that you’ve been given because a lot of people are going to Adorn You with so many greats Compliments and things like that so never let it get watered down by anything because you’re gonna be great because you are great. I Think I Think in life you have those moments, right? Where you remember the first time you met somebody or I saw somebody in back in October? I will never forget the first time I met Alejandro Like we have been spoiled by you week after week, and I want to thank you for that. We love you We love you from the bottom of our hearts. Great job, man Baby So How is you turn I Raucous entire route this entire parcel We have this entire part I bless you. We have watched you try to identify with a place Call home and after watching you return back to your hometown Welcome home to the business and welcome home to your heart my friend It’s been such a pleasure to live in the same lifetime as you I Know that sounds and tons, but I gotta say look I love being on American Idol, but of course some would say in the past American Idol, you know It’s been a bit of a karaoke show Not anymore anymore when people like you come on You bring original music you bring artistry and you make the stakes even higher, thank you What a what a beautiful moment watching you Man, we’ve thrown so many things at you That and watching you take them and then still stay who you are play your music your way it’s so tough to do and don’t ever change it you are truly something to behold and When you’re on the cover of The Rolling Stones, I will buy Music inside Man all of the lies all of the lies that you say Me to your friends Broken-hearts mother It’s Hundred Sometimes it’s best to let the fans talk, right? Thank you for the experience Thank you for the experience and one day will you just send me a little postcard from the planet that you come from? We love you buddy for changing our lives, you know, I’m going I’m going to say something to you that When I started out, there’s instant identity I keep saying it over and over again and I keep trying to let every artist know that when you walk out on stage, there’s something about before they see you in Four or five notes, you know, it’s you my friend you are instant Identity god bless you It’s just such an incredible honor to be given this opportunity to be able to Give you a little boost for you to find your wings. I mean I Think I can speak for all of us. We love what we do and we love when we see a person like yourself shine You

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  1. 1. out loud
    2. cholo love
    3. sorry by Justin Bieber
    4. remember
    5. cholo love
    6. your love
    7. a
    8. millennial love
    9. a
    10. remember me, Coco
    11. out loud

  2. Singelhanded the best song artist from every talent show in the world with no singing background.Alejandro sets his voice to the sound of the instruments he speaks.As a prof,he plays with the piano and guitar while the tones are gently dragged out of his mouth. 99% of others paticipants are doing the opposite,so Alejandro is ONE UNIQE TALENT!!

  3. Katy Perry (I mean) 😂advice : "STAY HUMBLE"

    Speaks everything!! Humility is everything in the end!!

  4. “I hav t played the piano in a minute” proceeds to slay the piano harder than anyone in the history of the world

  5. Alejandro is genius.. love his music and his voice.. can play guitar and piano 🥰🥰😁

  6. He lost because his music is too complex for the average American. He is not a pop artist. He is a musical genius.

  7. Is it bad that I've watched this audition about 50 times and have Cholo Love going through my mind all day? Alejandro is a force of nature. Truly a supernatural talent. And the humility…..unbelievable.

  8. Alejandro: I haven’t play in a minute

    Plays like fucking Beethoven 🤣

  9. I am a punk rocker but damn this is talent idk how I stumbled on this but thank u you tube algorithm

  10. Lionel Richie's comments are uplifting, Katy Perry is encouraging and Blake is just astounded by his performance and skill, as all the judges are. I hope one day they all get a chance to create music with him one day. His music changes your life and brings people together. Not many can do that. Most only care mainly about entertaining not the art that invokes change in others.
    -Ale Fan All Day!

  11. Man did America get this wrong. By far should have been the winner. The winner was great, but this guy is an instant superstar….. they got it wrong with Adam Lambert as well….

  12. The musicianship is clearly other-worldly amazing. The singing is great. But I must admit, he sings everything falsetto and perhaps he could benefit from some light and shade in his singing? But absolutely incredible

  13. Even though American Idol has no credibility whatsoever they gave Alejandro an incredible exposure… Alejandro was the winner American knows it

  14. Went to his show yesterday and he is nothing like this. He is god awful and tricks his fans to some punk rock show bullshit. He is a fake

  15. America idol is a white based show that doesn’t like Hispanic names 🥺💔😔

  16. Next "Bruno Mars" I'm telling ya..

    Not comparing them in essence… But for success.

  17. This is like if one of those super underrated and insanely talented street performers you see in big cities around the world became famous and started a profitable music career haha

  18. i have to confess this the best original……and i love the SCARYPOOLPARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  19. What a Super Star genius we are so privileged to be watching this man. Your a Super 🌟HOMIE!!!

  20. If he doesn’t blow up all around the word there is something very wrong with the music industry!
    Mans a legend already and deserves all the recognition he gets!!

  21. How did he not win?! Pure power and music genius with his own songs and lyrics that deep!

  22. Wow!! Just wow! I love you bro! Number one God bless. Thank you homie

  23. This dude better get the fattest record deal. I'd listen to any of his music over any of the trash on the Top 100. This man is genius!

  24. The Best Of The Best IDOL… Alejandro Aranda You Are FULL RESPECT TALENT 👍🙏

  25. Beauty FULL gift/talent/genuis/ sweet drink of water…soft and powerful, gentle strength …masterful creations Thank you.

  26. Even after all this time I can't believe or understand HOW THE HELL HE CAME IN 2ND PLACE

  27. I wonder what people think when they pressed that unlike button..like..whats not to like here🤨🤨

  28. This show wont ever be the same without him….and ive never thought id say this but…THATS ON PERIOD

  29. its like when you go day after day jerking off and masturbating until you find the perfect ejaculation …the most incredible pulsating eruption ever spine tingling.thats what i got from watching this genius…….i think lionel richie came in his shorts…..lionel doesnt know if he ejaculated he had to stand up to shake it ..

  30. Alejandro you make that guitar sing bruh……….you should get a signature guitar named after you……the guitar you playing /the guitar company brand you using on acoustic….im trying to see what guitar is it you using………. tell me what guitar you are playing i wanna buy same guitar .will the guitar make my fingers play like yours….

  31. This guy is a fuckin genius….he deserves to win …haven't watched it live….did he win…someone let me know please

  32. When the video ended it broke my heart.

    ❤️🎶 I want to see more of his amazing journey! 🎶❤️

  33. Alejandro , I gotta give it to you…a single tear had not dropped out in years, an honest tear, I was overcome with emotions by hearing you play Blesser, it made me cry 'cause the beauty of that piece made me feel tears again out of pure joy and blissfullnes for what my ears where listening to, thank you, thank you, thank you from a new fan. So eagerly waiting to get your 1st album.

  34. Luke Bryan’s expression at auditions was the expression of America for all of Alejandro’s performances

  35. Music phenomenon that shows one every 100 years… when his album out, it's gonna be like crazy…salut!

  36. i love the scandinavian metal music, i love country music i love rock music,the whole package. Damn his music is so good. Stay Humble homie

  37. Hmmm.. he is very unique and a very talented guitarist/instrumentalist/musician, no doubt about that. But I must say I think both his voice and songwriting is below par in terms of becoming a big name in the business. Im aware that I probably gonna get alot of hate from saying this lol.

  38. once he releases that song "Poison" str8 to number one it goes. this dude is amazing

  39. Sorry….I don’t get it. It all sounds the same. All raspy and monotone. I guess everyone had forgotten about John Mayer because this has already been done

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