Best Friends Style Each Other for New York – Outfits Under $50

– What’s up you guys!. Welcome back to Clevver Style!
– Hi! You guys we have really exciting news. You wanna tell them together? – On three. – Okay. – [Together] One, two, three, Clevver’s going to New York! (upbeat rock music) – Made it.
– We’re in New York! (upbeat rock music) – Wooh!
– Come on! – We’re great New Yorkers! – Where we going? – We’re going to New
York for an entire week but first we have to prep
our fashion for the trip because it’s very important. – It’s like almost the
most important thing in the entire world so we’re
here shopping right now at the mall. We’re gonna style each other for New York. Exciting. – Very exciting.
– And we’re gonna buy three outfits for each other. – But all under $150 so we
cannot exceed that amount today with all three outfits. – Yeah, which seems a little
daunting but it is possible, you know, to shop frugally. – Yeah, we can do it. And this is the thing, we
also have the specific outfits we’re picking out for
are travel, for Instagram and for a night look. – Yeah, which is a lot of possibility. Yeah, oh also we need to
really make sure we’re not shopping for ourselves. – I know. – I have to keep in mind, what
would Sinead like, you know? – That’s right because
we both love fashion but we dress so differently. – Very differently. – If you had to sum up my
style, what would you say? – I would say sporty, chic and edgy. – Yeah I like that actually. I appreciate you saying chic, sometimes I don’t feel that chic. – I was actually gonna say chic for you, that was my number one thing that came up. I also thought adventurous, right? – Okay, I like that. – And bright, like a very bright text. And not just in color,
but like in patterns and– – Like loud? – Yeah, like loud. – But we’re not gonna be
doing this as a tag team. – No.
– We have to split up and find our looks separately
because later we’re going to be revealing the looks to each other. Let’s do it! – [Sinead] All right I
think I’m gonna start at H&M ’cause I think it’s a good place to start. – Wait excuse me, excuse
me get out of here. – We’re supposed to split up. – Then go on the other side of the store, I’ll be on the other side of the store. – Okay you go to the left.
– Just trying and cramp my style.
– I’m gonna go to the right. Okay keeping in mind that
I have three outfits, I think the best place to start
is the sales section, right? It makes the most sense ’cause
I’m getting a little nervous just looking around. I’m like three outfits for $150? So yeah I’m gonna start
on the lower end of things and then work my way up. – Found a complete outfit for her, Instagram outfit, in H&M. Let me show you a little
bit of the things I got. First of all, she’s gonna
look so cute in this. And I know what you’re
thinking, you’re like, “Drew, that’s a shirt.” You know I’m gonna make it a dress also Sinead’s body is bomb
and she can pull off anything. – Okay I feel like it’s
not the smartest thing to go for accessories
first, but like tell me that this doesn’t scream Drew Dorsey. Like, let’s be real, right? So maybe I’ll just use this
as inspiration but like, I haven’t gotten any
clothes in my bag yet. – Trying to find three outfits
for $150 is really hard. Like really hard. I don’t know if LA’s just expensive. No this is just hard. – I realized very quickly
that I had all Gram outfits and no going out outfits
and no travel outfits. So I had to like put
a bunch of stuff down. But I think I got the Gram outfit down. – You guys, I’m very excited because I found Sinead’s
complete Instagram look in H&M. $30 for a full outfit! She’s gonna look fly, I’m very excited. – I came across this. I don’t know where this is
going yet but it’s going. Okay so I went into Cotton
On because I know the clothes are so comfortable there and I was like, okay this is perfect for a travel outfit. But I quickly came to the realization that Drew’s travel outfit needs to be like super matchy matchy
because I totally know her like comfy cute style
and I love it so much. But what I was gonna
say is that Drew and I are actually the same person
when it comes to traveling. We are freezing, we freeze on airplanes, and also we don’t wanna touch the seat because we’re both germaphobes. – Okay you guys, I’m in Macy’s. Sinead is somewhere. I found her Instagram look but now I need to find her night time
look or travel outfit. I feel like Macy’s has
a lot of good sales, I feel like I can find
some good stuff in here. We’ll see what happens. It’s like some designer
stuff but it’s too expensive for our budget so on to the next. – So I’m trying this again in
Nordstrom for a travel outfit but I’m also gonna look
for a going out outfit since everything’s a little
bit more chic-er here. Also a little bit more expensive but I actually did pretty
good with my first Gram outfit so I think I might be able
to pull it off in Nordstrom but I don’t know, fingers
crossed because everything is looking a little pricey. – I’m in Nordstrom right
now in the BP section and I found these pants
for Sinead that I think would be so cute for her night time look. But they’re $99! I only spent $30 so far but
I’m not willing to bust 99 on those pants, I feel like
I can find something else. Okay guys, we have now
traveled to another mall. We found each other. Hey girl. – Hey, it was time to
like just switch malls just because we still have
a couple of things we need to get and we want to stay under budget as much as we love the other mall, this is a little bit more in line with our budget.
– More affordable. Like Forever 21, they
also have an H&M here. – That’s right.
– A few other like, random stores, so we’ll
see what we can find here. – I feel a lot more faith all of a sudden. So I’m ready, I’m ready to go, round two! – Let’s do it! Guys, Sinead might kill me
but I really wanna put her in this sexy lingerie number,
like and pair it with cute, like jeans or something
for her night time look. It’s not her usual thing
but I think she’ll look so good in it. – All right so we did it. This was such a good
idea coming to this mall because I feel so much better
about my entire selection now.
– Yeah me too. I think you’re really gonna like these looks.
– I’m so excited. I think you’re really gonna like my look! – I’m excited to see you in them. – Now we have to go back to the studio and show each other what we got! (squeeling) We’re back in the office. I have my bags of stuff for Drew. And now I’m just gonna
prep these all for her. This is a dress I found at Forever 21. This is gonna be Drew’s going out dress. New York’s having like a heat wave so I knew we had to go
like, light on the fabric because aint nobody got time
to be sweating their butts off in New York City. This body chain, which is all tangled but that’s okay ’cause we’re gonna fix it, will go kind of underneath this. – One, I was really nervous about it. I hope she likes it, it’s a bright color and Sinead doesn’t really
like bright colors. But it’s sporty and I really like it and I feel like our styles
are similar in this regard. – I had to keep it super
simple because I wanted the hat to be the star. So I went for a nice matching ensemble. – The Instagram look is my favorite. But you won’t understand
it until it’s all together. (relaxed guitar music) I’m so excited for you to wear these! – I know I’m excited too. – Okay should we turn around
on the count of three? – Yes. – [Together] One, two, three. – Ooh. – Okay we gotta like
actually look through ’em. I’m excited, I like what I see so far. – Okay so this is your travel look. – Ooh, I like it, I like it. – This is your night look. – Ooh, that is interesting, all right. – And then this, I know it looks small, is your Instagram look. – Where’s the thing that
goes underneath this? – These, so this is your
little, for your boobies. – Whoa. First impressions,
little scared about this but other than that
everything looks great. Your travel outfit, I kept it super simple because I really was obsessed
– Love. – with this beanie. – I love that! I love a beanie! Wait you know that a beanie is
the only hat that I can wear ’cause my head’s so big. – I know, you’ve told me that.
– Thank you for taking that into consideration.
– So, well, you’re going out outfit is a little
silky and leopard number and then your Gram outfit,
I actually did get you the tube top that you got
me except it’s in red, with these black cargo pants.
– I love that. I almost got you those cargo pants! – Yes, this is like, I literally
in that section in H&M I was like, dude, like, we would
wear all of these clothes. – I got some earrings.
– Cute! Oh my gosh, Sinead! – And a little bag! Wait, you got really
lucky with the accessories and you did a really good job of it. I feel like I didn’t
– Thanks man. – accessorize you at all. – I want you to look good as
much as I wanna look good! – Thanks, thanks. Okay, I guess we’ll start
with our travel outfit and put it on! – Yay, excited!
– Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – Oh my god. I’m obsessed, I love this so much. This is what I was going for with this. Like if you’re walking into
the airport someone’s like, “Oh my god, is that Sinead de Vries. “I think that’s Sinead de Vries.” And it’s like, “Oh my god, that’s Sinead. “I don’t wanna go up to her,
she looks so cool.” (laughs) – Oh my god that’s so funny. I love it so much. It’s so, like I’m so blessed
in this outfit, you know? But I love this so much. It’s really cute, it’s
very much like my style. Just a little bit like, with
more of your vibe to it. But I actually really dig it a lot. So how do you feel? – I love this. Honestly, you did such a good job. I feel super comfortable
and like really cute. I love my beanie. And my matching little bag. (laughs) I can put like, my lip gloss
in there, my phone in there, my charger, like all
the essentials you know? Just feel like I could do a marathon. – I know, and like that
was my biggest thing. Like these leggings, only $6! – $6! – Yeah, they were $5.99 and they came in so many different
colors so I picked them up. They’re really good.
– And they make my butt look good and that’s hard to do. Like, with certain leggings,
– They really do. – you have to buy expensive
ones, but these are $6. I love this Sinead, honestly. – Okay good, but you feel comfortable? You feel like you could, you know, get through a six hour flight in this outfit?
– Extremely, I forgot it was six hours.
– Six hours. – Oh, also, fun fact,
this is the Men’s section. – I was wondering you know, ’cause I went into the Forever Men’s
section and I was like, this, some of these clothes are better than the woman’s section. There’s a couple of different things. – Cool stuff in there. – Yeah, that was really cool. – It’s kind of a tiny one. – Okay, let’s go to our night looks. – Okay I’m ready. (sultry upbeat music) – Look a the back, look at the back. I’m so happy about this.
– Yeah this really nice. I like this a lot. – I’m very happy about this. – Yeah, it’s super comfy, it’s super cute. It’s not too revealing actually. Just like looking at it on
the hanger I was like, ah! But not that it’s on, I’m like, ah! You know? Also this like butt lifter
jeans, like what is this about? – Listen, it’s lifting right? – Yeah but like what is
the science behind that? – I don’t know it’s like
the material of it all. – I think it’s like the
way that they line it because the label is
literally like, “Put these on “and your ass will look amazing.” And I was like, oh okay. – Saw that and I was like,
she has to get those. – Yeah it’s really nice. – Also, if you haven’t seen
them yet but there’s just hoops with your Instagram
outfit that I wanted you to wear with these. – Yeah, this is perfect. This dress looks so good on you. I actually really like it. I’m a little bit nervous
about the length. (laughs) I’m sorry.
– Make that short. – Yeah I mean like, just as
long as there’s no like wind or somebody doesn’t like – I can’t move too fast.
– sneeze too hard near you. – Right, right. – You’re gonna be fine, you know? But I really like the body chain a lot. – The body chain under the dress. – Yeah and I know that you
had a body chain before and it was damaged. – It was damaged during
an act of love. (laughing) – Small sunglasses because
I wanted the outfit as really busy, there’s a
lot of like things going on. So I felt like a little
small, like, you know something a little chic.
– A little cute little. – I got you a scrunchy. – To go on my head. – That’ll eventually go on your head. But yeah, how do you feel? – I feel comfy. You know, I normally would not have put these pieces together for an outfit, but I’m not mad at it. And it’s because like having
someone else’s perspective, dressing you, like it makes
you think of things together that you never would’ve
put together before. Night look, should we go on to Instagram? – Yeah, I’m so excited! (excited hip hop music) – Okay, I knew something had to go wrong but let’s just talk about mine first. – Okay, first of all, I know
this is like different for you. It’s revealing and it’s very small. – You know I’m a three
year old but it’s fine. It is revealing but I
wear revealing clothes for the most part. But it’s really short, I
think that’s the only thing. ‘Cause I actually really like a sheer top. I have a lot of sheer tops. It’s like part of my style because I like wearing things underneath. And I also like being
able to change things underneath the top ’cause I feel like you get multiple outfits out of one thing. The only thing that makes
me a little like, ah! Is like knowing I’d be
walking down the street like in public with this too. ‘Cause this I’m just like… – But they’re like,
yeah this is the thing. I wanted this to be longer. – Right, and you knew,
you honestly thought it was gonna be longer. – I wanted it to be longer. – If anything, I would just
be like, maybe wear this, you know like pin it up or something. Or maybe like tie it and wear it with like some jean shorts.
– Cute, okay. – Or something like that. At least I can wear my top,
you can’t even wear yours. – Sinead. As soon as I picked it up,
I was like, uh… (laughs) – I knew it. Yeah but how do you feel
about the rest of the outfit? – I love the rest of it. I love the earrings, I
love how it matches the top and the purse, it’s all very 90’s. I’m happy about the rest of it. (excited upbeat music) – Okay so do you wanna
know our grand totals? – Of what we spent? – Yes, by the end of the entire journey. – Okay, to be fair, I
know that it was like, I think it was like $11 over $150. – Oh you do, do you?
– Yours. – Oh really? – Yeah. – Oh really?
– How much was it? – Okay so our budget was
$150, you came in at $181. – No I didn’t! – Yeah you did.
– I did not spend $30 over! – Listen, the receipts don’t lie! – Can I just not do math? I thought I was only $11 over, and I even said that at the register. I was like, “Oh, only $11!” She probably like didn’t say
anything, probably like… – You also told me you were $11 over too. Multiple times. I came in just a little
bit less than that. – What did you do? What did you do?
– With $120.14. – Of course, there’s a, okay so it kind of weighed out the difference. – Yeah I guess you’re right, it did. – Three outfits for under $200 is not bad.
– Yeah, honestly like considering like all of
the stuff that we got and– – Right! – And like if I really pay
attention like these earrings were $3, this bag was $6. – Insane. – And I just took a little
bit extra time to like go and actually pay attention
to the sale section. So, yeah, it can be done you guys. – Okay you guys, I had so much fun doing this, Sinead,
– Yeah it was really fun. – did you like it too?
– Yeah I loved it. – Okay you guys let us know
if you like this type of video because we’ve never really done this whole styling each
other thing before. Let us know, conversation below, if you want to see us try more
things styling each other. – Yeah what should we
style each other for next? – So many things: weddings, parties– – I know, we should get new
friends ’cause we need to find weddings and parties to go to.
– Pajamas. And all those things. – But you guys seriously though. Clevver is heading to New York City, it’s our destination content week and it’s all coming to
you starting Saturday and honestly, it’s gonna be amazing. I mean, we haven’t been
there yet so we don’t know what our new videos are like. – I have a feeling it’s gonna be amazing. – But I have a really good feeling too. – And there’s so many videos. – So many videos.
– I’m so excited. – So you in the future are about
to get all of that content. (excited upbeat music)

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