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CC: TELEMUNDO NETWORK Who sent you all this? Joaquin. I don’t want you at V&M. Relax, I’m not going
to your office. I’m going to mine. I’ve moved my headquarters
to this building. You not only brought him to V&M
so everyone can see you, you also brought him home. I know I deserve this, but you
have no idea how I feel. -I’m going to call her.
-No, don’t do it! You can’t stop me! Yes, I can! You’re going
to keep hurting her! I love her, Nicolas! It was nice to realize something I didn’t want to realize. Armando loves you. I’m the only idiot here. For not appreciating
the woman by my side. Well, I’m right here. I made love like never before. With who? Armando! I realized I’ve been so dumb to not see everything
you do for me. I want to take a chance on us. You don’t know how happy
that makes me. Why are you kissing that guy? You can’t keep doing this to me. The only thing I’m trying to do
is start my life over, just like you. Or will you deny
spending the night with Marcela? Tell them I sent you. They’ll give you
the best service. -Okay.
-You’ll thank me. Hi. Hey, Maria Lucia. Mr. Ricardo, I’m here
to inform you of what’s going to happen
to your apartment as well as to discuss
the decisions I made. I’ll go so you can talk. No, you’re not going anywhere. You work here too.
Plus, you’re a shareholder. Continue, Beatriz. What are your
brilliant decisions? Of course. Since you never turned in
that report about your area, I restructured the whole thing. Here it is. So tell me
what your findings are. I’m dying to know. Of course. Since we’re changing
our target audience, we also have to change
our business plan. We decided to open new markets
in Central America. -Yay.
-Where? No. I don’t agree with that. V&M is an exclusive brand
based in New York. We’re not selling anywhere
in Central America. The thing is, I’m not asking
you. I’m telling you
what you’re going to do. Oh yeah? Well, I won’t do it. I’m VP of Commerce. Yes, that’s great,
but I’m President of V&M, so if you don’t like it,
quit whenever you like. By the way,
if you decide to say, Sandra will be managing
your new agenda. Excuse me. I thought of two dresses
so you’d have two options. I was thinking of six. Six by six. You’re my muse, my Gaby Espino,
my goddess. Oh, goodness. And you’re one of
my favorite designers. One of them? The divine Hugo must be
the only one. You are the only one.
I just don’t tell anyone. Well, tell them. Fine, I won’t say that
to the rest. You’re my favorite designer,
but you’re also my friend. I know something
is going on with you. Can I help? Hugo, Hugo! You don’t know
what just happened! This is an emergency. What? You’re Gaby Espino. Yes. Picture, picture! I’m not a photographer. No, not you. Lombardi girls, who has a phone? Take a picture. No, this isn’t my good side. All set. Go on. Stop wasting my time.
Bye. Lombardi girls,
escort her to the exit. You look so good! Thank you. Don’t be mean. She’s crazy. What’s going on? Tell me.
I’m hanging by a thread here. Remember the wedding
you couldn’t attend because you were… Sorry, Betty, but I don’t like what you just did with Ricardo. Respect is earned. It’s not imposed on your
employees through fear. Miss, I’m not trying
to impose fear on anyone. I just need our
employees’ support to get the company
back to where it was. By disrespecting a shareholder? Is that how you plan to do it? What I witnessed
wasn’t just a conversation between a president
and an employee. Sorry to tell you, but I don’t
think Ricardo is to blame for what Armando did to you. You don’t? Sit down, please, miss. Watch this video. What’s up with you?
Everything okay? It just gets to me how much
Tommy likes Giovas. He doesn’t just like him,
he loves him. The three of you would make
a beautiful family. You know he loves you a lot. You just have to make up
your mind already. After that, the two of us
can take the leap. You think? Obviously. You and I are a wonder duo. This marks the beginning of
Operation Saving Private Giovas. -Deal?
-Deal. What do you think now? I’m beyond shocked. This was very… Ugly? Dishonest?
Unethical? How can you look them
in the face? I didn’t tell you this to make myself
out to be a victim. I’m also to blame. I was wrong. I knew Mr. Armando
was in a serious relationship with your sister,
but I fell in love. I believed in him
and in his business plan. I’m here to make things right
with you. I’m here because I made
a commitment to my father and to Mr. Roberto. But I need help. I don’t know what to say, Betty. I’ve never seen anything
like this. Mr. Ricardo has to
commercialize our products in other countries,
in new markets. If he doesn’t,
I’ll have to let him go. No, Betty. I know you have every reason to,
but please don’t. I’m sorry about earlier. I only have one favor to ask. Don’t tell anyone
about this conversation. I never saw that video. Oh, Ricardo. What’s going on with Beatriz? Did she say anything? You were right. Betty’s power is getting
to her head and she shouldn’t have
treated you that way. I think she went overboard. I told you. Beatriz is a greedy woman who
just wants to keep the company. That’s why she
wants me out. I’m the only one that gives her
any pushback. Yeah, you’re right. I’m going to take your word
more seriously. How about we go out tonight? Let me thank you for everything
you’ve done for me. Sure.
Sounds good. I have to finish up some e-mails and then I’ll catch up to you. How pretty! Thank you so much for coming. Here are your gift bags. We love having you here. Thank you, Ms. Catalina, for
inviting us to the inauguration. How elegant, how exquisite! Just like Betty’s boyfriend.
He’s so handsome. Come on, girl.
Hands off Betty’s man. That’s not it. The pregnancy hormones
have me all worked up. Not here.
There are too many people. -I’m shy.
-You’re right. Why don’t we go somewhere
more private? Want to have dinner
at my hotel? No. Soon, though. I’ll go get my things. Ugh…
my Lord. Now what? Oh! What happened to you? Shocked? Look at what your lover
did to me! I’m going to need a fake tooth and I’ll only be able
to eat soft foods so it doesn’t fall out. Oh. Poor you. Oh, you’re laughing? Fine. We’ll see how funny
you think it is when your concubine gets
arrested for deforming my face. Don’t exaggerate. It was just a fight
between two guys. I think I even did you a favor. You needed some volume
in your top lip. Are you done cracking jokes? Yeah. Then now I’ll go report him
to the police. No, no, no.
Wait. Don’t overdo it. Why? Let’s make a deal. I won’t press charges
against him if you call off your wedding
to that traitor. Betty, the suites in this hotel
are beautiful. Want to see mine? Weren’t we going to get dinner? You don’t have to be
suspicious of me. I’m not. Well, yes.
A little. If you’re not sure,
we don’t have to go up. We’ll something here
and that’s that. I won’t be upset
if plans change. Okay. I have to get this.
It’s important. I’ll be back in one second. -Okay?
-Okay. All set. Shall we? Let’s go to the room. Are you sure? Yes. I’m positive. Let’s go.

Yvette Parker


  1. Sufreeee, Armandooooooooo. Espero cambien el final y que se quede con Joaquín.

  2. No me gusta usas a Joaquin para darle celos a la rata de Armando. Joaquin siempre se comporto como un caballero Betty no me gusta como lo tratas☹️

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  4. Y esta ridicules ya se termina y la nido de cabeza de pajaros nunca le hicieron un alasiado de pelo,la historia original le dieron dos cambio de looks a betty.sera que la van a dejar en continuidad

  5. Ese Ricardo como lo detestó, se cree la ultima Coca-Cola del desierto, lo bueno es que Lucia ya se está dando cuenta que clase de hombre es ….

  6. No se esta novela en su parte final he sentido que ha perdido bastante la gracia y se supone que es el final y debería tener como más emoción no se al menos pensaba eso yo

  7. Muy aburridos los últimos 5 o 6 capítulos…como que solo están "rellenando" espacios , y eso que están en capítulos finales…

  8. Yo pienso, que cuándo una persona se siente enamorada de verdad de verdad,No pide a nadie más en matrimonio, por que si lo hace para olvidar al ser amado, se está engañando él mismo, y se está siendo mezquino en hacer sufrir a la otra persona pidiendole matrimonio ,"Eso no se hace" de mi parte armando no está actuando bién, eso no me gusta…..
    Respecto a la mamá de Bethy una madre protege, pero debe dejar a su hija que elija es su libre albeldrío, debe apollarla y dejar que camine sola por su propia experiencia, lo que sea que haga la hija estar ahí para ella, Su mamá pienso, no debe continuar inmiscuyéndose en su vida personal amorosa? Tampoco me gusta.

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