Yvette Parker


  1. I just listened to Nat King Cole before this. Which is better? I will have to sleep on it. Give me a week or two.

  2. my mama used to sing this one… so sweetly… it was magic really … my brother and sister remember too.

  3. I adore this song by Billie, today it popped up on my Alexa thank you Alexa for bringing it back into my life..

  4. Bellas palabras que llegan al alma" musica real la simpleza mantiene balance

  5. On my last leg to Tunis need some good music as i draw near near to my final stop yay

  6. I like to think I am a pretty tough guy. But this song always brings a melancholy tear to my eye…

  7. I've got one good condition vinyl of Billie! I love that record, I play it all the time! Something about her voice that makes you wanna sway in the summer breeze with a good friend in hand with a sweet long island tea in the other…

  8. Forever Young with Mel Gibson actor 1992 🙂 The best film in this time, with one sentiment 🙂

  9. hermosa en todo sus sentidos , tan pacifica , tranquila y antigua super buena

  10. I dedicate this song to you Mr. P.
    3/17/2019 Saturday @12:33 PM EST

  11. Thee quintessential jazz voice that set all standards. Absolutely brilliant voice

  12. It stuns me that there are 177 dislikes this version. Who are these people? Young or tone deaf is my guess.

  13. Thank you Billie.  I hope you're singing with the angels theses days. 🙂

  14. I get chills every time i hear this song…her voice comes through this recording like a trumpet and its hauntingly beautiful.

  15. My father introduced me to her through her recordings. Thanks Daddy.

  16. One of my many songs to my wife..we listen to this on my 1936 zenith in the living room..I hold her a dance with her with dim lights…

  17. It’ s a shame seing how talented she was and the time she had to live. Living thru segregation and all that prejudice that she and others had to go thru

  18. This song is just amazing. Her voice at this time before she got to screwed up, was really just something else. Just try to keep up with her phrasing. So much mood and feeling. They just don't make music like this anymore

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