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  1. It's over smartphone or desktop/laptop electronic chipset working in global internet grid.

    USA CISA.Gov
    The Internet grid/pool in USA must design to track the alien invador working IP- internet protocol and picking the threads/patches of the software/harware programs/algorithms which are binary data machine language. Optical fiber has it's environment defined and USA must construct it's hack proof/invasion proof environment. USA is advanced in world and this way USA makes it's American Propreitory Information secured and locked in safe!
    Electronic muscle power💪🏻👊🏻

  2. Seems a bit odd considering an airline just debuted a facial recognition platform in an airport in America to identify travelers passports.

  3. Let me guess Russia was involved, I wonder why?! What a f**** joke.

  4. "this happens all the time". Yeah, we totally got this under control

  5. Thank you fox " news " for normalizing that people's information that's constantly being hacked and normalizing it so that people more readily accept it

  6. Get a clue they have everything about you already you dumb donkey😂

  7. This "hacking* is going to be the new norm??? Disgusting and Disgraceful!!

  8. This information could be sold to terrorists to make it easier to cross into the US. We need to up our game…

  9. May I suggest it's the Crooked border patrol agents? Like the ones who locked the gate open on our new beautiful privately owned wall. Like the ones that used to brag how they let the illegals in for a burrito dinner? They think we don't see, they think we're not looking. We are. The problem is the people that are supposed to be protecting us, are once again selling us out. We are not even allowed to protect our own borders. Our own families, our own property, our very lives. We have a right to protect ourselves from enemies both foreign and domestic it's written into the Constitution. Except for when the traitor Democrats want to let these foreign combatants into the state. Then we can't do anything about the traitors, we can't do anything about the foreigners, we can't do anything to anybody and our security forces are so weak they let the Mexican police come onto the American side and take their guns away while they let immigrants pile out of vehicles and our security agents just stand there like stun deer not knowing what they're allowed to do, and the crooked ones let people break the law for burrito dinners. How freaking pathetic.

  10. the trump border patrol is in shambles.
    under trump they simply can't do their job.
    fire them all in 2020 and let president Biden reorganize the organization

  11. The Local police use Facebook, Google and other things. Prove me wrong

  12. We need to put israel in charge of all cyber security and censorship. They are a beautiful people and can be totally trusted.

  13. Trump inherited a strong economy. 
    Americans in 2016 were the most privileged, living in the most prosperous, secure time in human history and yet right wing media was telling viewers that America was facing its darkest moment, on the brink of disaster.
    FOX convinced their viewers that Obama, Hillary and in fact, all Democrats are evil, anti Americans, out to ruin the USA.
    The proudly deplorable, misinformed Trump supporters wear their ignorance as a badge of honor. They claim President Trump has turned around the economy and is making America Great Again. And now, Trump has claimed victory.

    What is the score? Trump economy vs Obama Economy.

    US Stock Market:
    Obama market gained 235%. Small Cap funds went up 330%.
    Trumps market is up 23%. Small Caps are up 18%.

    Obama cut unemployment from 10.6% down to 4.6%. 6 points.
    Trump cut unemployment from 4.6% down to 3.6%. 1 point.

    Obama averaged 217,000 jobs per month.
    Trump is averaging 203,000 jobs per month.

    Budget Deficit:
    Obama cut the deficit by 68%.
    Trump doubled the deficit by 100%.

    National Debt:
    Obama increased the national debt by $6.85 trillion. 
    Trump is projected to increase it $10 trillion.

    In essence, since the great recession 2008, Obama carried the football 80 yards, then handed off to Trump at the 20 yard line. Trump is now doing the victory dance in the end zone. "LOOK AT ME" "BEST PRESIDENT EVER!" "BEST ECONOMY EVER!" 
    Right wing media is playing along with the hoax. Fake news as it were. The stock market has gone nowhere since January 2018.

    Somethings very wrong when a media ecosystem is able to intentionally keep more than a quarter of Americans siloed. 
    A country depends on people who understand the worth and the ways of democracy.

     America is in big trouble.

  14. You're seriously blaming China?!?! Come on!!! Pathetic!!! Please tell me your viewers are not that dumb!!!!

  15. We the people have to join together no matter the nationality, race, creed, gender, age and unite and make this country livable.
    (This is ignorant at this point were being robbed every day)
    We have to stand together today now then show the government that
    "Hey, we can handle things on our own".
    (I am —Not Anti-Government Not_ at all by any means. I have to obey the authoritative or elders always and my children unless we can do this ourselves)

    Only call on them when we need them….?
    We have to love one another again or for the first time of all the times.
    This is non=sense of 0 at this point
    Were all educated enough to comprehend that we really are lazy when it comes to politics and were spoiled when it comes to losing. We are setting one another up because these people want their team to win so they can cheat the system? WTF in our faces…..They are literally stealing people information and lying on those people to take the fall for income tax fraud or welfare fraud building houses off this money buying cars these are employee's do you hear me!
    We are wanting others to work and school then when they do they are downgraded it's time to end those ways and begin the new grown man and women ways in real life. We all love the same artist and felt the pain of that artist that passed away that right there were our signs to listen stop love respect and become real human beings to cater to and love one another I am ready for the love of America and it's people for the first time we have to lose the virginity people

  16. Maybe they should have used a private server, they are always more secure. All of the .Gov servers a far out of date.

  17. Illegal Invaders, have been using stolen IDs from deceased, for several decades. 50+ million already here and hundreds coming daily.

  18. It’s still hacked. Why is he so nonchalant about this happening “all the time”?

  19. WTF is wrong with this guy treating this as Its a sip of water!! It's like it's legal to do that. No matter what the situation you shouldn't be talking like this on National TV!

  20. I'm against anyone who collects my personal information and sells for profit

  21. interesting. what kinda hackers would want photos specifically? maybe a state government making a sophisticated face tracking monitoring system?

  22. It's ok, Trump's Tariffs worked. Wait, what? There was no deal with Mexico and Trump made the whole thing up? He never was going to use tariffs? Stop making excuses for him and impeach the liar already.

  23. Hmm, why would BP be keeping data on "legal" travellers? Mass data collection used to be illegal. This is what happens when big brother is given a little leeway for our "protection".

  24. I don't think China is spying on us to see where they can find the best place to open a Chinese Buffet

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