Bungee Jumping off the Bridge to Nowhere as Spiderman!!!

Alright it’s six in the morning, I’m with Jewels and Ryan and we’re gonna go BUNGEE JUMPING!!! Whoo!! Yeah!!! Craziness. We’re not really thinking about…it…right yet We made it. Gotta step on the scale before the hike. All these crazies getting ready to jump off a bridge… And we’re off! Alright we are hiking the first quarter mile on the Bridge to Nowhere How are you feeling Jewels? Uh…a little nervous. A little nervous??? No I’m fine! I’m fine Oh yeah yeah yeah I’m just not thinking about it…so… First break… How many rivers have we gone through? Four… Well it’s the same one but we’ve crossed it so many times. Finally arrived at the Bridge to Nowhere! You excited about this one? Here we go! Gonna jump off. Oh man that is high. I’m freaking out. You think you can do it? I don’t know, man. We made it! Almost… Welcome to the Bridge to Nowhere. Yeah! What are we gonna do when we get there Jewels? Look at the view… Here we are! Here it is. What’re we gonna do? Look down first? Oh wow. Oh. This is gonna be freaking scary! Okay this is way scarier than skydiving. Huh? *squeal* Jump school about to start. 5…4…3…2…1… Mary Jane!!! So I’ve already gone, and it was a blast!! But somebody hasn’t gone yet. And she’s way back in line… Somebody’s getting closer in line! Yeah she is! How was it Jewels? That was so scary! *laughter* Ryan: Baby good job! Oh my god! Whoo! What’re you doing for your second jump? Backwards? I don’t wanna do it! Do it backwards! Do it backwards! Or give me your second jump. Okay so what’s going on Jewels? You just taking a break? I don’t think I want to do the second one. Oh yes you do!! No. But the backwards though! No. No. Ryan: That woulda scared the shit outta me…so… I did one. I think I’m fine. I think I’m good. Do you think I could take your second jump? You wanna ask em? Yeah. In 5…4…3…2…1…Spiderman! Alright coming up! Whoo!! Yeah Jonathan!!

Yvette Parker

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