Can I Travel to Puerto Rico During My 90 Day Fiance Visa?

(upbeat rock music) – Can I go to Puerto Rico with
the K-1 visa of my fiance? I guess that’s fiance. – (male voice) And the 90. – And in the 90 days period. – (male voice) Oh, so you
want to travel to Puerto Rico. – Oh. – You know, of course,
I mean, Puerto Rico is – Part of the – Yeah, it’s U.S. territory.
– Territory. – So, technically, you
shouldn’t have any problem. I can’t say that I know
anybody who’s tried. You know, our. I would be careful
about traveling anywhere when you’re only on the K-1 visa, just because the
increased scrutiny now on, you know, immigration. I mean, it’s in the news, and
everybody’s talkin’ about it, and I just read a story where a school kid apparently lives on the border, but he’s a U.S. citizen born in the U.S., was goin’ to school or comin’ home and he got picked up and
detained and he was a kid, and for suspicion of being illegal. So with all the pressure right now I’d be careful about it, you know, if you can hold off until you get your EAD from your AOS application. But technically there’s
no reason you couldn’t. I mean, it’s a U.S.
territory, you should be able to travel there fine on your K-1. Now, you still need your passport. The thing to understand,
until you become a citizen you’re going to retain the
passport of your country, which doesn’t say what country, but (murmurs while reading) – It doesn’t say what country. – I saw France there real quick, but that was a typo for fiance. You still need to keep,
whether you travel or not, you do want to keep your passport current from whatever country it is from because until you naturalize, which you can’t do for three years, you’re still a citizen of that country and your only passport is
going to be from that country, whatever it is. So definitely take that passport with you, any other IDs you have, technically it should be okay. If you could put it off, you know, it might make your life slightly easier. – If you found this video useful, it would mean a lot to us if
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Yvette Parker

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  1. Law States in order to be in USA Puerto Rico you must have a visa as well as a Visa to Puerto Rico Google you will all see the facts

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