[CC ENGSUB] ASTRO in Taipei, Dallas and New York for ASTROAD 2019 – ASTRO DDOCA (Part 1/2)

[In the flight to Taiwan] MB: Where are we heading to?
EW: We’re on the way to Taipei! MB: Taipei!
EW: Taipei~ MB: We’re in the flight to Taipei for our world tour now! [Looking around] EW: You have nothing to say, right?
MB: Yes… EW: What’re you doing, Moonbin?
MB: Me? MB: I’m reading the script. Eunwoo will do a great job, right?
EW: Of course. MB: Goo Haeryung~
(T/N: Eunwoo’s latest drama which is “Rookie Historian, Goo Haeryung”) MB: This is a historical drama script, right? The actions and intonations should be matched to make it smooth, That’s so far I saw, am I doing a great job? EW: Yeah, you are~ MB: How do you do the calligraphy? EW: That’s right, I’m the most popular novelist in the Joseon Dynasty.
MB: A novelist? EW: A writer. EW: I did this with one hand, it was hard. MB: Isn’t that when you did it for a long time, your hand will cramp? EW: No, it won’t. You did it wrong then.
MB: (flustered) I didn’t do it! MB: I cramped once in when I was in elementary school,
EW: Seems like you did the same mistake back then! MB: Doing like this–
EW: Yeah, with the brush, EW: Next is–
MB: I used to have a nice set (of brushes) back then, EW: Did you buy it at a stationary shop? MB: I bought at a very expensive place,
EW: Where was that? MB: I also don’t know, my mom bought it for the high price! EW: Your mom bought an expensive stationary then? MB: I think it’s expensive because it has dragon painting on it, EW: Ouh… EW: It wouldn’t be that expensive, then? EW: It has the method (to write)! EW: You need to do this a bit–
MB: What kind of method? MB: ‘Gothic’ ?
EW: No…that’s a font name, MB: Oh, it’s the method how to write it! EW: You need to place your other hand beneath other, to make it stable, MB: A standard history drama, sometimes do put in a middle of modernism. Will there be any modern artifacts? MB: Is it possible for them to develop it? MB: There’s a scene that came out was a pencil, yet looks like a steel pen. EW: I’m not sure, maybe will come out at “Moment At Eighteen” then, MB: Say something short like a Prince, EW: Just back off, EW: Back off more. Oho! Won’t you back off now? MB: Bye bye~ [Taipei’s hall during rehearsal] [Jinjin’s birthday surprise] [Jinjin in confusion] EW: Quick guys, we need to do our rehearsal here! [#PlayingAroundIsFun(?) #Jinjin’sDay] JJ: Thank you! SH: Let’s do next track then~ [LOL] [Sleeping] [What…?] RC: What’re you doing? [Shy] RC: It’s muk-bang time! Taiwan’s mixed rice (bibimbap) is so delicious! [Yum yum] RC: I’ll eat dimsum too~ RC: Dimsums~ x3 MJ: I’ll eat this, can I have it? [Suddenly MJ’s rapping haha unbothered Rocky tho] RC: Sanha, come here~ RC: This dish is delicious, for real! RC: The sauce is delicious too! RC: We eat this to gain energy later~ RC: We can’t missed out Ramyun! RC: The rice was good! How’s the stir-fried chicken? RC: A Korean of course should eat rice, [Suddenly becomes a silent Muk-bang time] RC: The Ramyun is too hot, RC: Bye bye! MB: Hyung…
MJ: Yeah? MB: Are you a ‘Hyung’? (older brother) MJ: I am~
MB: Why you’re a ‘Hyung’? MJ: My blood type is O~
(T/N: ‘Hyung’ word also used for blood type) (WHAT NONSENSE IS THAT DUHH) MB: What’s with that?? I’m O type~ MB: For me…I love you, Hyung~!
(T/N: MB did a word play/pun with ‘Hyung’) MJ: OHOHOO MJ: That’s pretty cool! MB: “I love you, Hyung”
MJ: I fell for it!
MB: You did?? MJ: I fell for you, Bin~ MB: When we did color rendering, you chose this (hair) color for our first stage, what’s the reason behind it? MJ: Because the action to take has a limit, MB: Suddenly feels like I’m filming a documentary, MJ: There’s a limit of this, so it looks little of color. I hope there’s more. Well, MJ: To get more impact, I just dyed it like this. MB: What will you think of our upcoming performance? MJ: I think Bin knows more about today’s concert!
MB: Then, I’ll invite Bin to come here~ MB: aH, yeah…Hello, everyone. MJ: We asked how much you know about our concert which will start less than 40 minutes from now? MJ: Did you do well at rehearsal? MB: Firstly, it’s the best concert ever~ MB: Why are you laughing?
MJ: Why do you think like that for this concert? MB: It’s because we came to Taiwan last year. MB: A year later, we could see our changing patterns. MJ: Then??
MB: Like that, MB: We could see there’s a lot of our Taiwan AROHA now. MB: That’s why I think this is the best concert~ MJ: I will think like that too then!
MB: It has deeper impression, right? MJ: We also are at the same place as last year’s,
MB: Also same stage! MJ: Next up, we also missed–
MB: There’s perfume we used too. MJ: Yeah, at that moment, we smelt a lot. The sweat smell. I imagined how worked hard on this stage, MJ: So, we’ll do a new memories on the stage again. MJ: In a short amount of time, we’ll work extra hard to shake the stage today. MB: For me, I’m anticipating your stage!
MJ: Eiyahh?? MB: Your stage will be cool, right?
MJ: (flustered) Yeah! Of course! MB: I’m really lookin forward it! MB: I’m serious!
MJ: Hey, don’t lie about it~ MB: I believe in you, please say something for yourself~ MJ: MJ, MJ: I believe you can do it~ MB: Bin, I believe in you~ MJ&MB: ASTRO, we believe in you! Fighting! [HAHAHAHHA MJ CRINGED HARD] SH: Hello, I’m Sanha which my hairstyle is showing my forehead.
MB: Showing forehead~ EW: That much?
SH: Yes!
MB: Showing forehead~ MB: Wow, you do look great showing forehead! It was weird when you did it last time! MB: Why?? Can’t I be honest?
SH: O.k.a.y. MB: However, you look good. MB: But, I do love his bangs more!
EW: Yeah, you thought the same as me!
(T/N: Well Binu u r meant to each other) Both: You looked fine at AAF! SH: I think there’s more before,
MB: After a year, I think your face does look mature more. SH: Did it change that much?
MB: Well, as I said~ MB: Sanha-sshi, Eunwoo-sshi, how do you think of today’s concert? EW: For today’s event?
SH: We’ll sweat like 5L later on stage! EW: Other than sweat, I’d thought of find my place and do it. MJ: You somewhat said what MJ spoke earlier, MB: Please say “I believe in you” once,
EW: “I believe in you”? EW: For me, I think I need those words now.
MB: You need it?? EW: Truthfully, I believe in you!
SH: (interrupts) That’s chocolate?! MB: Okay~
EW: I believe! SH: I-I libelieve…(HAHA) [Awkward laugh of his own mess] SH: There’s rice in this! Rice!
EW: There’s rice? EW: I didn’t eat yet, I’ll eat food later. SH: Good bye!
EW: Bye~ [On the plane to New York] MJ: We’re now on plane on our way to U.S.A~ SH: Eii so cute~ MJ: Right now, it’s US Plane~ SH: Wow, look at his vibe HAHA MJ: Hi there~
SH: Why you did intro again?? MJ: This guy here is… MJ: …only I know~ MJ: I’ll say my greetings when we arrived in USA for DDOCA, MJ: In the meantime, I hope AROHA will be anticipate us a lot. Okay? (?) MJ: Bye! MJ: Let’s meet soon! [Arrived in New York]
MJ: Hello!
SH: Hi! MJ: Look at my dark circles! SH: What?
MJ: “Circle”~ MJ: Do you know this song? It titled “Tomorrow”,
SH: Really? MJ: It’s musical song,
MB: Let’s start again! [Suddenly sing the song] SH: Oh, that’s right haha SH: Okay I got you, please quiet! [#Embarrassing] MJ: Hello, we’ve arrived in L.A.(?)~ AST: It’s New York, bro! AST: It’s New York!
AST: What’s wrong with you?! MB&SH: (suddenly singing, random kids)
MJ: Look outside, it’s New York, everyone! MB: This is America! MJ: THIS IS AMERICA!!!!
SH: Wow, it’s really pretty! MB: Very pretty! [In Dallas waiting room]
SH: Yo~ Right now, we’re in Dallas’s stage waiting room. SH: We’ve finished our concert here. Our first concert in USA has finished. SH: As I came to America, my face acne does appear alot. So, I can’t take picture that much. SH: The fans also congratulate me a lot for my birthday~ RC: It somewhat different~ SH: It’s more powerful, making us to work extra hard for them. SH: Dallas fans are no joke, right? MB: It’s really no joke, Dallas is different(Dalla)~ EW: Today is so tiring, EW: Woah, Dallas, Dallas~ MB: If it’s not hurt, you’re healthy.
SH: That’s right~ MB: It’s not hurt?
EW: Yeah, EW: Wow, that hurts! MB: I’ll do it lightly then, SH: WHAT’S WITH DA FACE HAHA MB: How’s it? SH: Bin-hyung seems doing good at massaging, right? EW: You don’t seem to do it well~ MB: Is it relaxing? SH: See, that wasn’t very good either! That’s why I asked! SH: We’ll go now!
EW: Hi-Ddo!
MB: Bye-Ddo! [After Hi-touch event]
SH: We’ll back to our hotel… SH: Before that, we’ll eat out to eat American food. SH: Thank you for AROHA who came by today! SH: I hope we’re in good conditions when we’re in LA too, SH: Please say something,
RC: It was such a good concert, even it was tiring. SH: I saw you did many eye-contacts today (on stage)~ RC: I think I feel like it wasn’t me today~
SH: That’s right, RC: Something different~ SH: Something different~
RC: Let’s get it!
SH: Okay, bye bye! JJ&RC: It’s Sanha’s birthday prank once again, [Sanha’s birthday surprise party!] JJ: Where’s Sanha? [#Finding_Sanha_Who’s_Hiding(?)] [Nervous] AST: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! JJ: COME OUT HERE, QUICKLY~! AST: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! AST: OUR LOVABLE SANHA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~~ [They legit imitating candles’ fire HAHA] SH: I was in the waiting room, “Why these hyungs didn’t come in?” AST: Congrats~
MB: Since it’s your birthday… SH: NO NO NO! MJ: Don’t make him run away!
SH: Why me…~ MB: We’ll make it easily for you,
SH: (laughs) Please~ SH: (only can laugh) AH… SH: AHHHH OH MY GODDDDD SH: Why you’re like this–
JJ: Then, eat this! SH: Nyum, thanks!
MB: Happy birthday! AST: Finally, you’re an adult~ MJ: Since it’s your birthday, come with me for a sec– MJ: Sanha, come inside. MJ: Come inside the room as I give you a proper lesson, MJ: Come inside, wait a bit– MJ: WHY YOU’RE LIKE THIS– [WHY THEY’RE LIKE THIS] EW: Sanha, come in! MJ: Go in there! RC: (punching HAHAH) SH: Thank you… MB: Sanha, say something. SH: Now I’m officially an adult– MB: ONE WORD. SH: THANK YOU. AST: That’s it.
SH: Thank you! JJ: Yeah, happy birthday Sanha! MB: Happy birthday!
JJ: (nah ur cake) EW: Have a smell of it, SH: Why do I…?
EW: Just do it–
SH: (runs off) MB: He’s indeed fast! EW: Hey, come back~ RC: Congrats, Sanha~ [Next day at the airport] SH: We’re now in Dallas airport eating out. SH: We suddenly remembered to film DDOCA. SH: I’m eating out with Eunwoo-hyung and Bin-hyung, look at these huge onion rings! SH: It’s as big as your face! SH: I’ll take a selfie~ EW: You look at here, 1, 2, 3… [#Fatherly_Smile] EW: It came out pretty~ SH: The oil though, SH: Give it to me~ [In the waiting room, before rehearsal time for LA Concert]
MJ: Sooo!! Hello, DDOCA! MJ: I am, LA MJ now~ LA and MJ~ Oh~ EW: I actually want to see how MJ filmed DDOCA~ MJ: I’ll show you how well I shoot DDOCA~ MJ: I’ll talk about our condition first, our condition for today is…so “fighting” right now, MJ: Do y’all know that?
JJ: M-hyung, shut up~ SH: I don’t know–
EW: Just focus on filming DDOCA! MJ: I think I ruined this,
EW: No, just don’t worry about it much. MJ: Okay, got it. MJ: So!
AST: Don’t shoot us! AST: We’re shy– MJ: Now–
EW: You can only hear us mumbling even something happened out here, (?) Just focus on your job~ MJ: Got it~ MJ: I’ll warm up my body and will go up the stage! MB: There’s still time left, about 3 to 10 minutes more–
MJ: I know it, I heard it already! MJ: You said earlier we have 30 minutes more?!
MB: It passed already! MJ: The members always like this! EW: Why you filming me?
MJ: (laughs hysterically)
EW: Hello! EW: It’s a must to visit Universal and Six Flags here, MJ: A “coward”! He’s a total coward~! MB: Me? MJ: For you, I’ll think later– MB: “Strong heart”–
MJ: He’s the “Strong heart”~ MB: But he has two hearts?! MJ: You did this on purpose! MJ: Can this heart jumps?!
EW: What–no! MJ: We’re strong-willed~ MJ: For real~ MB: It does look artsy~ EW: You’re an art person, then?
MJ: That’s right (?) [Just happy] MB: We’re having our resting time in America, MB: We’re all friends! MB: Hi~ (unaudible) MJ: No! I’m a Korean! MB: This is AmErICa! MJ: NO!
MB: Now is American time~ EW: Yes?
MB: We’re like friends in America? EW: Oh! / MB: How’s that? EW: Mr. M~? MB: HAKHAKHAKHAK
EW: (suddenly scared) EW: Mr. M? MB: That’s scary…
MJ: I’M KOREAN! EW: Really, but here’s America! MB: Yeah, I agree x2 EW: We need to be friends~
MJ: So what? MJ: SPEAK KOREAN! EW: ..Calm down x2…
MJ: Speak ENGLISH, NO! EW: Calm down–
MJ: KOREA! EW: You know, You and Me… MB: You & Me HAHA
EW: You & Me, friends…
MJ: “YOU&ME”?! [Proceeds singing You&Me while screaming] MJ: I SAID STOP IT WILL YA MB: It’s a failure here, but there’s a person left! MB: Here! EW: Knock knock knock! JJ: What’s up? MB: Oh, he’s already started~ EW: Hello!
JJ: What’s up? EW: This is LA, you know?
JJ: I know~ EW: So… EW: You and Me, friends? JJ: Ohoh You&Me? [Sings You&Me] (WHY WTH HAHA) MB: THIS ONE WAS GREAT, IT WAS WELL-MADE MB: Hyung, can I have one ramyun? MJ: “Bin-ie wants one”~
MB: Show how much you want to eat ramyun, MJ: “I’ll eat for you”~ MJ: What you say?
MB: Do you think you’ll do a good job today? MJ: I want to do great job again! MJ: I want to do that, MB: Oh, hey~ This is America~ JJ: Hey hey hey~ MB: Your friend! JJ: How old are you?
EW: I’m… MB: Just lie, lie~ EW: 35! / JJ: I’m 36! MB: Your age difference is only 1 year! EW: I’m 35 in Korea so, I’m 37 in America,
(T/N: WHAT NONSENSE IS THIS) JJ: I’m 36 in Korea…so, this is not it… MB: “That’s not it”, what’s that?!! EW: Your birthday already passed, but mine not yet~ MB: ohhhh~ MB: Close school friend?
JJ: Yeah~
EW: Oh, friend? Same (school)? JJ: (This is) melon!
EW: Melon? EW: You like it?
JJ: Now? MB: We can hear the song from here~ SH: Please have!
EW: But, I don’t want to eat now… JJ: You like (to) sing?
EW: of course! MB: (singing)
JJ: (suddenly dANCING HAHAHAHHA) MB: I think you might don’t recognize your friend, at this state… JJ: AAHHHHhhhhh (T/N: eunwoo laughed so hARD) MB: Like that, they become close friends! MB: Like that, we’re going to start our LA concert~
(T/N: I LOVE HOW UNBOTHERED OTHERS ARE) [After LA Concert, let’s go home]
JJ: Ey ey ey ey LA~ MB: We’re on our way to our hotel now, MB: You worked hard, bro~
AST: Thank you! AST: 1, 2, 3! MB: Thank you! Bye x2! MB: Bye bye!
[Subs and timing by Kang Kohie]

Yvette Parker


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