Cereal Plays: Octopath Traveler | part 2

[Laughter] I've been talking this whole time and I'm just like huh oh hey sleepy welcome welcome to the stream okay we're rounding off our trifecta of stream games if you guys remember on the stream changes several streams octopus acre sounds am ia joke to you why does everyone remember saving stones I don't even remember half of you guys being on the sacred stone stream yeah you're all calling for its return very fishy very fishy indeed press F huh anyway yeah so we're gonna play a part two from forever ago Primrose is just gonna stand there and look cool if she does I completely forgot where I am or what we're doing so we're just gonna have to play this classic RPG JRPG style and just ask somebody one day cereal finish Effie for distant elitist noises no you know what the worst part about playing Effie for is all those elitist come out of the woodwork and they just start telling you how you're playing how you're supposed to play it that was my least favorite part honestly Fe force probably like one of like if not the best firearm like definitely in the top 5 of firearm games but their fans are like garbage tier like not gonna lie like most of most of the FE for fans that I've met personally or talked to personally are really cool but the ones that I don't know that I just run into here and there have been just garbage like it's unfortunate give us a recap of the last autopass stream we fought this really giant evil dude who's pretty much a metaphor for like a pimp or not a metaphor sorry but oh he's literally one um it was an annoying boss fight I died a couple times I had to restart a few times rest in peace Fe warriors I can I can do a few warriors someday this game is so pretty yes it is it is it's lovely the problem is that my only co-op partner is mrs. cereal that game who would want to play it on stream and she can't see anything on the screen ever it's a guess way too stressful yeah so there's definitely no if I find another person for fe4 who's willing to do this one straight oh dang why is this guy like knock the heck out village headman says bird sir you're supposed to play with one eye open no hands and the Godzilla costume yeah I can give you guys a recap of F of EFI warriors literal hell there you go that game is fun AF but there are some maps that are just like really annoying and if the person you're co-op and can't really see what's right in front of them then it's pretty bad pretty bad press F for missus – oh gosh okay so we're doing a hectare sorry not hectare oberek I think this story line sir can you guys hear the game I hope you can I'll turn it up a little bit hopefully you guys can hear something like 27.5 yeah let me know if the audio from the game is okay every warriors easy mode to spam Camilla time for a new adventure yeah um you can't really spam Camilla in Effie Warriors because she's weak to bows like a bow unit we'll just shoot her down that's very sad like wyverns or am I probably I like wyverns better than Pegasus nights but wyverns are just like they have like every weakness so weak two bows or weak to magic whereas Pegasus nice a weak two bows with a pretty decent against magic so I'll take that over the rest of it you guys can barely hear the audio let me know how that is that each of two pools refresh clone bottom of page two Skycam music is so delicious it's so good is it better but not quite there yet like don't raise it up too high like in the medium range or something if I need to raise it up higher guys please let me know how's that if you guys listen closer you'll hear the copyright you know the funny thing is that this is the one game that they don't copyright me for BAE Castle music the most boring soundtrack do you think of speak up put my volume game balls okay alright I guess I can't hear anything now oh god okay try that okay okay okay okay alright let me know if it gets too crazy guys oh I don't even know what Ulrich does that's so messed up part I have no clue what he does drink natty ice makes the game sound better one invincible Camilla Getae oats from Minerva Minerva is DLC though I only have one booth that sucks we're only willing have one sucks this rap monster it's a Nephi for a fan oh my god I can't believe they're in octopack you guys they watching this all right if I if I'm making an idiot of myself please tell me you played this before have you done all viryx thanks all right there's a treasure chest over there so we're gonna go ahead and try to get that real quick starter valleys coming summer 2019 if you guys remember the image let me show you just add image add source not that one oh no no no the Renee is Oh God nevermind just sort of you guys remember the little stream update that I sent out a while ago it had George Ollie lost octo path and magically lost octa path and what's the other game camera murder the game oh and smash so we had smash then we had regalia and now it's off to pattern so we're finishing the three and then we'll start a new wave once I figure out what what next couple games I want to stream I'll create a new graphic and I'll update you guys on that shadow – eg brophy and mrs. cereal is chest for @fv for elitist I don't know if I'd call him that anymore he's definitely trying to branch out more from what I see but probably I don't know okay this background looks so nice it looks like I can walk everywhere but I guess I can write Primrose let's go and all your 16-bit glory all random encounters oh no not this again god I love this music though the music makes the random encounters like not matter at all so nice okay shout out to Brophy shout outs a Brophy who couldn't be here with us maybe maybe good ok rat is vulnerable against dagger so we're gonna hit him with dagger oh we broke him that's kind of cool right shots of Brophy oh that's pretty good thank you for a fancy us thank you thank you can only to actually you know we'll do it yes this is primrose path um yeah I guess so next wave of variety seems not sacred stones let it go all my little birds let it go sacred stones will show up again probably sacred stones will show up on the same batch with son of AB this thing gets broken really easily take that Fe for fan I love calling these things that before oh just call him elitist I guess take the stones when we get spider yes if we ever get spider for choose your legends I will definitely I will definitely bring out a sacred stone stream that's sleepy kitty put rat alright let me save real fast I was hoping Li ji could catch this but I guess she went to bed sleep Wally G take ourselves when puh-puh-puh back something good sacred stones will come after the fire moon for Ironman run well yeah I'll definitely do that I think everyone's playing genealogy Earth Razia right now – it's very funny Onis round thank you thank you fancy ish fancy is out here with all the donations today thank you thank you man alright let's break this rat oh he broken I only do one not worth it so Hector go yeah everyone wants spider and Gabe but we keep forgetting about alms wife who of shadows of Valencia orange oranges yeah we got to have those oranges dude okay for the heck are we going the right way okay hold on no we just came from here dang it we're gonna walk two steps rest in peace grumpycat no that's excellent grumpy cat that's a messed up stuff man you hate to see that there's two rats rip two rats and no grumpy cat life is a life that's pretty messed up one ally syczyk we'll tackle them stronger deals dark damage I don't know if this is gonna be strong and start damage let me try Knight ode that doesn't do anything though and broken hekia photo seen in 'martha online with my young Tiki me and one Tiki is the best sword Lord that's where to get a tiki for bridal banner oh please no I mean I want her to be unbridled an everyman I can't really summon for anything right now I'm still trying to get the other Tiki all right well good we're good so far and drop this a little bit oh my god that's pretty bad rats – rats and that before and every five Aleta's Tiki best everything Tiki for no banner o-ring bear Niles yikes time to get a sponsor she was toe first Oh God okay let's try 24 maybe a little bit louder let's try a 22-9 2.0 and then I'll raise my ball I'm a little bit 220 okay hopefully you're asking here the audio we need red armor zelgius yes we do yes we freaking do Oh Niles not Mills Lowell okay it's gotta be somewhere else to go maybe we're so slow down here down the scary path that makes perfect sense what the Frick is that at the risk of being demonetised that looks like a prehistoric like a fossilized testicle oh it's a rocket Dillo just get it armadillo plus rock rock adil oh oh my goodness it's vulnerable against art just gonna use lion dance we don't have a let's not use our boost wait oh sorry moonlight waltz sleepy kitty says you yeah but it's actually a rock Adil OH which I think it's just as gross actually he's not broken first a minute okay he's ook against sword we can use we can spam our sword sword and dark attacks dang 500 all right good that be for elite a second for freaking Martin Myers gets me every time dude I don't know it must be a blessing and a curse to be that funny man all right here we go that's what we wanted to get light soulstone I don't even know what that does what does the soul stone do soul stone doll Frick where is it shilling plum and sorry inspiriting plum olive life oh that's right that light soul stone deals light damage to all those oh crap we're probably gonna need that hello got so close it Martin Meyer says blurs existence staying almost level 145 interdolly law so nice so our armours obvious could be mythic or legendary I think more legendary just called me coy – okay cool so you got to give a soul for that soul stone where dannis is gonna come for you we already lost Yousefi I think that counts for something Yousefi is the dancer primroses dancer friend who Primrose didn't really care about until she realized that she cared a lot about her kind of a little bit of a plot contrivance there it's not to quiet all right oh it's her turn again you know what hit him what's that see what the rocket billow does my life a soul for a soul I fight for my Franz No ladies a oberek went up one level level five very nice sharing appreciate what she had until it was gone a dance of friendship a song of sorrows oof yo V what's yo V Primrose it's just older Lynne she really is he even uses like dark magic to that part cracks me up the most we even classic gaiden died in guide in the fire home game my campus is having a dog therapy day on the 22nd so guess who's on guess who's on that day not you I'm not sure what you OB is echoes of plenty shadows of Valencia shadows yeah I would love to play that on stream I'd be pretty fun ed was a Valencia's a fan game oh I don't know if I want to play the fan games just letting you guys know right now all right finally made it to the safe safe Bart yes wait what happened with that other saw okay whatever Oh what's our SPF 1943 yeah we need some SPL real quick restores SP dissing my life all right luckily those encounters didn't hurt us that much probably oberek will need to be a little bit higher level but we'll see what happens brigands there's brigands in this game – I know what's definitely on the variety stream three houses will probably take over that hero stream more than likely have you lost something hedge Knight was fired before I cut you in two you have that just who are you anyway never seen no heads not suing a blade the way you did indeed he's just here for Liu Leena he'll step aside if you know what's good for you here are our line now has tonight we'll give the orders here a little pose you have skill of your man like any other and you'll bleed is red damn it they give no F's brigands brigands Mario maker to be like Mario my cool concept Mauro just bring all your things back ok that's interesting yeah I'll probably do echos for sure or sorry not it goes three houses ok they're all vulnerable against sword I'm just gonna see if my knight owed it might not be strong against them but it might do at least it'll do like AoE damage nope they're not weak against well we broke two of them that's good hey Ober it doesn't take that much damage thankfully I don't like twice a Primrose sighs I don't know that part's actually pretty funny okay NATO isn't doing too much to them but it's our only AoE attack so we got to do it and those dudes are broken so we need to take them out dan to whom just evaporated damn dude he was already dead you need to a little more gentleman that's true but only weakness is natty i oh god I didn't think I'd have so much fun blindness again it's actually really really enjoyable of an RPG like they take the best of these kind of classic II RPGs they just make them kind of fun which is really cool how come nobody told me the viewer account was over the gameplay a people moving up in the world alrighty oh man let's hope that kids still alive I'll be rough messed up if he find some like lalala oh this is treasure chest sorry I know we're on a rescue mission but leaner we need that old coin brigands den brigands are there more brigands inside oh shoot yeah there are a primrose has a little little lantern that's pretty cool oh there's a shredder just straight ahead let's get that first ah it's it's actually not straight ahead it's like around a suit at first there's the one that won't straight ahead healing grape not really what I'm about to go clap everyone's shoulder on discord not being here it's all good not everyone wants to tune in for non firearm stuff but it's important to showcase more stuff than just fire on them I love fire on them but if I only play that game but finally showcase that game here I'm just gonna like oh man I'm gonna lose it alright we already know the dark damage doesn't really work on these guys oh they were weak against oh wow I had no idea victory shall be mine Tata Tata Tata well that gets a look treasure TMZ isn't a one-trick pony I really don't want to be I don't want to be want to make sure that things are just spreading out I want to also make sure my main goal is to make sure that you guys are having a good time and that I am as well if I'm a content creator for something that I don't enjoy all that much then why am I like I think about some of the people who do really well on this platform and then some of the stuff they put out and I'm just like they can't be enjoying this there's like a channel right now that I actually watch for some information but they just Jesus man okay just connecting my mic there for a second oh well I'm glad you have fun sleepy they're not negative it's just that they put out like essentially videos that are 40 minute stills there's just like 40 minutes slideshows and it's just crazy luigi says greetings Cyril I'm was accepted for funding so I'll be going to school the September where you guys still love me when I'm a broke unique city also JK also ought to path lead you will always adore you here you're always welcome you've been our most stout supporter and it's pretty amazing thank you so much by the way liji the lamb thank you so much Lee G van you're pretty awesome and congratulations on going to school I can't wait to see how you do there Ouija says what's up I just woke up oh snap Nietzsche what degree are you going for oof it's hard answer our question VG will also be loved the goat the RAM all right I wish oberek was getting a little bit more levels up but I guess he's not Bachelor of Arts Na Li Jie Li Gino lychee go into stem there's no money in the arts it's such a sort you're signing yourself up for a hard time oh my god it's I don't know even knowing what I do now I don't think I'd go back on it but it's just such a struggle man it is one hell of a struggle when you major in arts but if you really are gonna major in a an art of some kind you have our support and I used to be a tutor in college so if you need help with something let me get you can always let me know I'm sorry cereal there was no other way interesting all right we just took care of that Fe for elitists real quick I'm not smart enough for anything else uh I want to say me too I got an engineering scholarship once though so I probably probably should have done that but you know it's all good oh shoot gotta be Picasso or Beethoven you don't even have to be good you just have to have when you're in the arts and all the fine arts you have to have a patron and it doesn't matter how good or bad your art is if you have people willing to pay then that's what sells that's how modern art is most of the art is pretty terrible but um patrons liji fancy is starting the bidding war but I think she's jumped ahead a little their fancy says liji goat Ram goat ram ram goat ramp fancy ish p.m. Tony 84 elite is four out of ten Kotaku oh god another one another well this may be this will get over at some levels yeah or what Billy do alright Primrose level up again is it is the person that you pick at the beginning of the game do they level up in priority to the people you pick up later cuz I thought that he would like gain experience over time he hasn't I don't think he's leveled up at all this is weird almost at 6,000 words of my fanfic well that's kind of Liddy man alright where the heck do we go up here oh god oh god wait wait what's my ability just like how do you use your ability like the allure ability and stuff or the fight ability you press why that's an inventory menu let me see what know where I'm stills hold on sorry no exit becomes more readily targeted foes become more readily targeted by clothes for three turns well he becomes a tank unleashes sword strike money at that one yes okay you unlock all abilities for drinking natty ice ability is to eat pickles pleasee has a good head on her shoulders I don't doubt that thank you for that fancy ish I think yeah I had too much natty ice earlier and I think that's what's up area my judgement no it's not why oh wait maybe it is come on I want to recruit this guy aren't you amazed by my femme fatale charms aw goddamn it Oh more elitist man I don't think natty ice is I don't know I'm not too sure oh wait he's up against tighter yeah I get broken dude can I have since I'm not old enough for natty ice what can I have you can have Tiki special blend that artwork with the Tiki at the tiki bar was hilarious man she wasn't evil she was just drunk on her own supply I was perfect dirty water please don't this is the wannabe at before elitist Oh over it finally leveled thank goodness I was getting worried their first I can maybe just say the word all right on hand thirteen all of life five hundred I have a thousand one hundred eleven man I'm broken the game – that sucks okay um let's get the two plums and I'll hit some of the fruit god oh this is enough I usually overdo it in RPGs let's get more of these I don't want to lose over 100 points mm-hmm I don't plan to die so okay I think we have enough boy oh wait can we sell himself okay we have stuff to sell what about this old coin whoa that's awesome okay heavy coin pouch wait am I supposed to sell the heavy coin pouch I have no idea get these Fe four litre Sally over it oh yeah I got experience from fights I forgot I think we need all this our cane knife do I need this thing I think they're meant to be sold right whatever shoutouts to Brophy doing for everyone in Japan this is the one thing about RPGs that you kinda have to go into your equipment see what everybody has okay she has our cane knife Brown she a leather okay well ol Burak he has iron sword spear Brown shield other arm Oh primrose has it a bit okay um I guess we can buy some more stuff now I don't know how much I really need sell oberek no please no money mansion is my favorite RPG feature I love being pro oh gosh soul the soul stone no Danis we need to keep it away from Thanos okay he only has like basic stuff though like this stuff um okay like one more of this and one more of this I'll get two more actually cuz it's only 50 how about that I will get one more olive of life alright alright we're cool now oh yeah oh wait save spot let's do that Oh God so Gomorrah please no I'm looking forward to the next guardians of the galaxy that'll be pretty cool man there's more brigands look at these guys picking on that poor awakening fan do you tell me do tell me about this friend of yours knows how to fight does he he's stronger than all of you put together he won't stand a chance danos would like to know your location while playing RPGs even if I'm bad at games I'm pretty bad at them too but it's ok there are a lot of fun I think octopod is pretty forgiving sort of sort of not in the DLC I heard damn these guys suck surberg but boss eating away the edge that'll follow us here unless he's mad and all look at all the treasures we have to say from the elitist why is that kid in the dark cave my chair a little bit okay cool why indeed things could get interesting though if he does show uh-oh always had a soft spot for men with more courage and sense care to join our little family we're always looking for more men with interesting he's gonna bring a brave warrior like surberg dang I think you're the only one who feels that way let me tell you something oh shoot here we go go Hector turn that up a little bit sir burger no why being in the flesh dang ol Burak they all backed up I love that everyone took a step back see now I'm doing that for dank quality voice I think justice you are no common drink like it to you hey just so happens to be a present uh-oh let's go steeper than this Reinhart oh man Hector and Reinhardt Hector and Reinhardt man oh my god no matter what I do I'm still playing fire just hates Reinhardt almost as much as I do Albrecht looks blazed all right that Reinhardt magic is everything but if you're looking to ask questions oh man Jesus he's gigantic oh all right Johnny we'll see you back I love this song why is this game soundtracks so freaking fire dude like I didn't have to be this good what the heck all right oh my gosh I only have night oh that sucks where does Li G go she lurking maybe a little weak against dark I don't know hmm no not weak against it oh God I did a lot that did kind of a lot it's gonna boost up over it hope this how least takes out the bryggen in the back shoots did not oh god that's all that's way too much damage man oh okay you got a heal 100% power for Meletis it's the iron man it's the efi for iron man oh my god the legendary enemy not only will he tell you that the only good game is fe 4 but he'll tell you exactly how to play it and the only way to play it go super over at Kerlin just needs to die first over a test on he does i didn't teach it to him launched on him cross cross blade or whatever Tom would have been really good here though cuz Primrose is taking all the hits probably should have taught him the other skill okay let me hit them all with a cross strike again it's got to be enough to sorry level sloshed dang it none of these are enough stop hitting Primrose shoot he has one hope this is enough both broken again Oh God oh man that did a lot I did a lot the way to turn healing that thug all right we get one one boosted Oh at least and they're broken so maybe this is enough yes we got them now we just have the big boy that's not gonna be it's bad broken purple smoke fallen elitist he will tell you that playing awakening it means you aren't a real fireman fan oh man yep that sounds about right we are completely out of SP mm he's broken this sucks I will hit him a little harder this is all we can do right now get a little bit more back here oh dang okay oh my gosh that's not good that's that's really not good how do I bring her back or she's stuck like that for three turns Wow Wow because they'll seem antiquey best girl yeah broken healers this regalia now oh god okay maybe if I hit him with one of these maybe we'll do something I didn't do anything guys DPS healer for the win this isn't doing anything it's gonna defend for now he really went for Primrose all this fight has literally been me healing Primrose okay you went for her old work and said this time okay she's got like a ton of boost though well we need to break him first not broken yet Rick do you even eat this is gonna be a huge gamble but I'm just gonna swing at him with everything I got broken what if I'd yeah what's on I hit him with that tell us 400 I didn't do anything oh my god primroses your tank Natha Oh God top 10 anime battles how do you fight brave all Musa bow breaker I actually know he can nullify that huh he just got to take him out on player face he can really you can tank him but you have to like do it carefully and then you have to take him out immediately after all right that was the wrong item oh my god it was supposed it was supposed to be the healing one oh man all right Oh what he knows it too this Punk is dang it it's going for that break but it didn't work I'll sue abide [Applause] I'm ready we should be okay bleh Tomi no where's the old pee oh man oh yeah you can summon people oh my god Thank You Lee gee I completely forgot you could do that oh man I was gonna straight-up forget it that did nothing no it's not letting me summon anybody though oh man okay well big rip time all right broken broken boys two-forty the girl looks like lid yeah old Erlin oh we did it we did it boys whoo oh man oh God you know selling myself like because we're normally stream do golly on Fridays and said this is like a turn-based JRPG I was telling myself oh this isn't a stressful Astor Dahlia because I don't have to like do anything but man and you still have to kind of think out your moves and stuff God knows if this is a harder game I would have probably take it out Chaz wants access to the check and he be allowed can he be allowed in so he stops bothering us I don't know man you got you got to ask him if he can stop being a dumbass for two seconds I don't think it's possible personally she's a chill dude but he doesn't know wanna knock it off is the treasure safe we fought alongside each other is all served together in a band of mercenaries he was already an old hand when I sent up helping me out showed me the ropes how's this guy still alive a cell sword and where's he now Reinhardt is now a cell sort that happens man damned if we know when our group disbanded we won our separate ways pika power nice Tiki PFP by the way I feel that I drifted from one town to the next heart tried one trade than another but swinging the blades the only thing that's ever come natural time to lean and a man's gotta make a living rib oh no sword takes more voice in the gods saw fit to bless me with Reinhardt uses the kid as a shield thanks a gamer no problem never meant to do any harm but life doesn't always give us a choice in the matter does it who really doesn't George to know you must answer for your crimes boy live by the sword and die by the sword dang well this is the honorable bandit it's kind of weird Oh shoo where's Reinhardt Gustaf's his name sir Gustav someone call him the black knight black knight oh my god yes you guys heard it here first right we have Hector voicing oberek then you got Primrose who looks like Lynde then you got our heart or who sounds like Reinhardt now we have the Black Knight this is it I'm back did you beat the huge guy yeah we did jazz could sift these immense streams with no pants gotta get those clicks somehow her heart taught us how to use a sword back in the mercenary band whoo you should find them in Victor's Hollow Victor's Hollow this man will tell me where Reinhardt is Lynn Hector Reinhardt Burger King you can't escape fire on me I really can't know there's a Black Knight in here – good lord so if you want to find that much I reckon it's worth trying who Sage's is mythology videos gonna be up soon I can't wait to see that it's been working on it for a while should be good I saw her eyes hedge Knight they were dead like a fish but the moment you aside my blade they came to life have I truly been what does a common thief know men's souls bird thing the gods are safe that's right round up the thieves and lost him in the village Eisenberg oh oh we went breaking bad oh my goodness sir oberek Eisenberg the unbending blade oh man everyone's just freaking out doc Murph says primrose could pass for Layla the linnaeus replacement oh that's interesting yeah she also kind of looks like older Lindh uses dark magic to fancy come here they said the Black Knight I mean right after the fake crossover ended to Galia put up a Leon alt ooh the unbending blade the said he was slain when Homburg fell i heard he lived but scarce believed it till today the true sir are you a real Knight all we need is a scene antiquey this is a 20 out of 10 game pretty much I saw the cat somewhere off she's right here ow I say what do you want he's tiny what time is it it's almost time for the beam rip Eisenberg eysan eysan this is all according to Isis plan oof I have been summoned all nice and summon fanciest 4-star fancy ish rosy five-star exclusive Li Jie's here – she says rip why she say rip all right was this this whole art this can't be it I guess it is oh snap oh I gotta find the frame this frame that looks cool sometime later sometime later 12:46 p.m. est is best time ah if only man I shall find her heart so that I might find the reason at wheels dis blade to find a man named Gustave and Godzilla Reinhard himself pictures hollow the man said that sort of my I must go I had stopped believing that her one day down these clothes again the journey will be long and I have no more reason to tarry all right let – huntin beginning I did you put fancies as a forest are but then again he'll be easier to plus ten plus ten fancies getting one someday someday we do the brigands are gone but the way things are these days we can't afford to let our guard down they kind of lure him can we challenge him captain of the Ralphie must be level 7 or higher to challenge this person are we level 7 R I don't actually know level 6 red okay alright let's the old man has a 1 bar let's go Hulu Plus and Johnny one star on a full 10 p.m. dude I'm the I'm the pity unit I what is it the GHB rotation unit so you don't have to worry you just use your Grails and you're all good he's got to hit that subscribe button a we have to go to hell no God the 1 star meta Johnny's character is holding undone papers when he's summoned yeah cool all right we just dang he he got to say it was a fine fight now he's just passed out sorry all dude we shouldn't have knocked you all like that alright can we challenge her feeling thirsty oh this timer is the best in the Midlands we can allure her oh snap attempt to allure this individual literature says Mary I've seen wild bores light on the feet more graceful to know Wow our reputation just went down that sucks what reputation ha ha ha well met traveller what can I do you for you can buy equipment at a tavern what ok so here's I'm blemish ok I was dumped all over this girl oh my we failed cereals holding a pickle unsummon I just found out the fruit I've been eating for like an hour huh that's interesting well what about this guy watchman can challenge them I challenge you pots and pans okay hey say 'la get away from my mug dude you cannot have natty ice it's only for humans wait oh yeah yeah aren't they making your food right now okay oh here we go well let's try to lure this guy I'll follow you to the ends of the earth and jump off them – that's your well we got him boys yeah three-person team three-person team all right that guy was really easy oh we the bad guy no I guess so we're just going around beating up the townspeople cheating tikis – he cheats it's too good you know cereal trying to lure everyone forget all you've done for us captain in the watch this town is ready to take them on well this aside you have to leave alive didn't want you to seem crying whose life I understand tell the boy I'm counting on to look after whatever it is you must do big things gonna go bum around for a while dang Philip the Frick it's alright I'm going to keep training be even stronger you can I like I'll get stronger too and we'll see each other again no guys no why are we crying in the I feel old man's body Oh God why am i crying in the club right now this is too sad of a scene and thus oberek the night set on a new journey he could find his former comrade Reinhardt and ask him what he did what he did and mayhap he would discover that which he had lost Sayla is messing with my legato say what come here you just eat ya shiny no you just a but you gotta get the heck out she says runs away imagine Linda's voice at just in this game wasn't this game ye alright he would find his former comrade well well fates awaiting only time can assure us of that all right mm-hmm little lazy on the rising action there but okay where are we now I'll save cool what time it be and that's overwritten on a journey to escape them all town folk yeah pretty much wait how do we get out of this town I don't actually know how to get out oh we can buy more equipment at the general store um 7,000 likes see what that's all yeah we don't have enough for that that's crazy RPG money man making you feel broke in you're in a game since the mid 80s we're trapped in the town your HP and SP is low oh shoot you're right I'm surprised it didn't do the thing where it auto heals you I need to go find like an inn or something I guess I could just use my items the town of people over at polite because like eat you can't challenge or use the Lord I guess that makes sense Oh what's this guy want melancholy youth my sweet wherefore art thou Laurie you know the solution for my Laurie but she's already left okay hmm they're about the same but let's make him pleased not sad anymore ah rip okay okay okay let's challenge him then he just rejected Primrose so let's beat him up you got to get in with the locals night Oh philia is best girl all right charlie he's kind of strong what the heck you gotta take this cross right broken shout-out to Brophy not so sad now a melancholy youth rhythm piece town full fine fight that was you have my thinks he's just now knocked out alright have fun dude yeah yeah oh sorry guys my cow wants to be Betty right now yeah alright go ahead and say it I don't know where we are mountain paths oh that sounds like a good time okay sure you're also my microphone cord it's okay don't worry Joe Galia X octopus make it happen oh please yes hand it let the huntin begin and lettin the huntin begin and I haven't played the game all the way through but I mrs. serial went with the hunter Wow Saila that hurts dude the game is fun though there's some unbalanced stuff like kind of a break the boss when you can do it yeah it's just a fun game dude the whole point of playing a game is to have fun so I don't know ah dang she bumped her head on my my hand I'm trying to block or do cuz I don't want her over here right now she wants to lay here but she also doesn't want me to move or anything she's crazy my knees like kind of bleeding right now I think that's the way to the Bandit cave oh yeah actually I'm going the wrong way rest in peace circles me pretty much man he says the line will move a lot of height for the boss I don't know about that if you're into that kind of thing I just fight I just play the game man all right we got a look at the map or something say those trying to save the Townsville all right let's take out this guy at least well we have to all right they're both dongs yes yeah we're level seven pretty nice okay so I'm going back to the yeah we find a different way is there an exit south of the zone or north of the tone Oh what's this girl doing what's her deal when I started seeking traces of the legendary King Beowulf the great some colleagues showed my nameless with our sake my working bill was just a myth okay seeker of knowledge 100 man there's so many side quests a friend came back from a long journey wait twill to be ashamed upon so I'm thinking of clearing the land I'm making a new field but you need it you need manure to prepare for a soil would you mind fetching me something all right we just have to bring that guy a pile of manure bring him a languorous sir he's got the off stall flow syndrome Elias andrew.galea lost as a boy oh yeah he he is that's interesting I I'm gonna be honest I didn't even get Elias didn't get him at all just didn't raise his friendship or anything I didn't like that whole event at all okay this is the way back to the bandit cave but there's got to be a way to get out of here nightmares Sabbath is a big poopoo by the way he's not too bad but she gotta be like 20k plus if you guys want I can run it with you guys oh I haven't done mine for the day yet I have maybe I did I can seal the room at 22 K though so I'm probably gonna do that real quick so I can get it but if you're at 20 K I can probably help you just gotta have scull prep dragon prep and one DPS or you're pretty much good to go roasted and toasted Alliance is gonna need to talk oh please stop I hate how this whole storyline is about puberty like what what in the world oh here we go sunshade north cobblestone gap to ripple tide I guess I saw we're going ooh treasure Liddy more fruit and didn't read the story it's easier to get some prep now because you can buy it yeah you have all you need is three kings continents and your your good continents level / boom only one of them got broken what the frig oh my god they're actually attacking what oh my gosh I was not expecting them to actually attack we got both of them Liddy he just needs some natty ice I'll be good trust me Oh natty I solves all puberty problems Oh God Rico in the right place I don't even know what's ripple tide is that the next town god this game this beautiful holy cow it's got that iconic like old-school RPG feel but then everything else I rounded it's just like pretty awesome like a little pop-up book or something hey there Cyril it's me I'm here oh my god is it's ji flush and the li ji flush all Frick man everybody run this is the ultimate form the Li Jie flush the Lord of lightning most problem can you sell the nuttiest duct tape or a hammer too easy drink your natty ice or no college freak you oh my god please don't have natty ice ever if you can avoid it and in all seriousness it is a drink of regret from what I've heard actually yes vt if it's d fleiss's evil twin Nami oh yeah a treasure at some plum where the heck are we supposed to go we're supposed to go south oh shoot look goose LeAnn the King guy and nay sala rip you guys didn't tell me that we're losing this game oh man all right night ode to see if they're weak against dart and they are weak against dark oh that's perfect now we have like no let's see something wrong a flying elitist one day we will get a serial stream sponsored by ice cold refreshing natty ice dude if they do if any one friend that that company actually wants to do that please do so I don't actually drink it myself I don't drink anything like that but you know what still be cool got em all natty ice has a rating of one-star I'm dying yeah it's pretty horrible natty is God's elixir mortals can't comprehend its power who are ere we go south cobblestone gap to cobblestone Stone guard ripple tide so I go to stone garden too I go to ripple tide and once it gets a theorem he's my favorite unit aside from prince or prim is he the fief I'll be pretty cool stone guard danger level 17 all right I think it's pretty obvious that I'm not supposed to be here I'm gonna roll back I think we've got up to go to ripple tide first arrabal ties where are you hello oh yeah aside from Prince my bad my bad I really like Prince man what can I say oh shoot the rocket Dillo and the giant Falcon that was pretty uninspired named rocket Dillo that took some creativity I took like two seconds of like how do I make it a pun okay other both weak against dark nice ode oh there we got sword to level slash they're stunned Liddy hit him again boys dang the guy who's weak against sword didn't die what Prince Prince Prince daily reminder her treasure greater than same kid you reviews on natty ice has me crying one says it tastes like weights water from an old pump could easily drink 23 more though oh please don't alright hey no don't jump up here you just women the litter come up here you watch her please just you just need a watcher she's in the litter if you didn't just wipe her paws I'd be better than whatever the heck that was okay I think we're getting close to ripple time it's getting real life poopoo puzzle ma out pretty much all right we're in the East Ripple type Coast what character are we gonna get here Winstone ah um oh my goodness the Fricker these things see bird Ian seabird Ian one and they have crossbows what the Frick alright man well I doubt it is they are not weak against ours oh my god oh no it's ballistas I really can't escape fire on them can I level slosh maybe they're losing swords they are weak against sword thank goodness do you need to do the nightmare level it resets in 50 minutes um I think I do need to do it for today but it's all good I don't care about it too much plus the pubs are pretty awful unless I said like the might really high um alright Primrose is kind of useless in this one now you're gonna focus our attacks on one of them take out this guy is your wiper boss thank you you can buy other oh okay that was overkill sunbae sama you missed up a little first part of ulbrich story the exposition no cobblestone gap not again oh my god oh god why Martin Meyers one day I was walking down the hot summer streets no one was around I was dying of a random heart attack and then I saw fall from the heavens cold refreshing natty ice it saved my life five hundred out of ten what's the deal with a hundred dollar donation that's just Li ji being Li ji man she just does what she does she's cool she also got into college so that's pretty nice where are my little plum thing might as well take this time to get some power back here what that guy's just ran you just dis your boys you totally dissed your boys what the Frick your see verdiant's oh it's an experienced cat I had no freaking idea want another one JK well I do not oppose I'm not a post some more but you don't have to take this e VAR d in long liji cry cry the goat the RAM RAM RAM goat goat hard eyes gonna do it for fanciest dang so much love in the chat they flee on the first turn oh I don't think I would have been able to KO it on the press look at that water oh my god good lord I'll be it I'll admit I kind of skip like all these other generational like consoles and stuff I've been playing like all the handheld Nintendo games took forever but playing something like this is just pretty freakin stunning like holy cow look at that you know I'm just gonna stare at the water for a little while just nice that's natty ice right there it's not a beach that's just natty ice from the coast look at a glimmer glimmer with elixir of life remember the G stands for natty I experienced that before elite is hiding behind the harvest BBQ means pretty much he changed animation sound to G flesh saying whoo-whoo I would like to but I think you know if G flash ever starts streaming I think that should be his thing you know it's very it's very unique to him I think it would be really cool for G flash – how about on his channel palm tree back there what the Frick oh my god liji what fancy ish is here and that is a blessing as well whoo Thank You G is just donation goals there's a running joke that Lee G is mr. beast but I don't I don't think so I think that's true I think Lee G is just really freaking cool thank you for supporting the channel e G flex mode enabled on us oh my goodness thank you so much ah I feel like these donations are small pity – because I'm terrible I ought to pass around more but that has yet to be determined okay we pass this natty ice whom is mr. beast it's okay I don't know who he was either he's that guy who donates the people randomly I was actually trying to say bonus round with a deep voice effect okay um fancy ish retaliating with the baby flex baby flex oh my god what the Frick is that hermit conch bonus round mr. beast is that guy that didn't I see youtubers loss of money to look good flex yeah any flex is a good flex right uh and a fish that can fly are they weak too dark I have no idea I can't even summon my like character that's rough it's a shut-in elitist they're closed off from the other game all right that guy's weak against our so just gonna focus on this little shell guy that shelter just boosted himself like Pekka oh my goodness maybe a few boosted hits will help but I didn't do anything now we're at the fish okay we got the conch a little gotta say but primroses best waifu while Tressa is a cinnamon roll Godzilla comes on two weeks I'm pretty high for that too actually I don't know how good it'll be but I know the wheat popcorn that's my favorite part of going to see a movie that's all detective Pikachu I thought that I was amazing like it wasn't the perfect movie and it wasn't groundbreaking but it was a competent video game to film adaptation was so freakin good and Cyrus is husbando can't forget about the house Bondo's I kind of forgot about them in my video recently if you guys haven't seen it I highly recommend it it's kind of funny remind me of Who Framed Roger Rabbit yeah exactly it was like a film noir not really but kind of we're letting these guys hate us because I forgot to restore SB so my bad I actually didn't need primroses special attacks of this fight whoops oof please stop hitting us with that stuff level /yi wait is that a different kind of seat bird Ian leave G flush is killing me Martin mood Saros just an excuse for me to eat popcorn with butter and Maddie ice I also saw a decide to beat you I loved it also Pokemon with people like cartoons of people yeah it was pretty good you're gonna see detective Pikachu this weekend that's what's up kitty you actually really liked it it's a surprisingly competent film for you know for what it is the you know the cringy is part as they played the sonic they played the sonic trailer during the Pikachu one it was just really cringey see because you're there to watch the good video game adaptation and you get the you get to see the bad one play right before head can we just see the Pokemon movie I'm gonna wash it after I'm all for it to celebrate hey that's what's up it's pretty good surprisingly well I think what they did best is that they they balance it out between like their audience like they have stuff that kids will enjoy the abscess that older Pokemon fans will enjoy and they have stuff that people who aren't into this stuff at all can actually get out of a movie so it's pretty cool I'm now a big movie fan yeah it's kind of nice gonna to see that you completed Rock path travel the game if so did you play the post game I have not beaten autobot traveller this is my first place that are still on stream i had a save file before I started the stream but it's it's like 30 minutes or an hour so it's like two hours behind this playthrough I never got very far in octa path and so I'm playing in learning it the first time with you guys so that'll be pretty awesome so yeah no spoilers please the least Sonic Team Racing is getting decent reviews yeah that's good Dark Phoenix I'm probably gonna wait for Dark Phoenix to come out on DVD honestly or blu-ray I mean I haven't been to the movie since the Pokemon movie last year oh my god I choose you one what is that the one where Pikachu like talks it speaks in English but like kind of like cringy ish English when does lava show up and onto path I don't know that is purple code to Atlas dam ripple tide Gold Shore sure where I'm supposed to go let's go ahead and go up yes I wanna be the very blue I can't save the whole thing the whole their art I'm Sayla you're very adorable they're very fluffy I know you're here that's all I need to play the game you're in front of the screen no you can't we can't just know you can just become a loaf there okay you can but just don't okay she hates that oh oh my god okay yeah it's just don't spook her if she just sits right there that's fine all right coastlands ripple tide who am i picking up on this one I got rid of overwrite the first chance I could move but why he's actor is he not good yellow purple tide isn't the largest port in the realm but it sure is lively I challenged this guy I don't like what he had to say about ripple tide do you think this town is better than ours victory shall be mine the law wills is from Chrono Trigger ah man I never got to play it I heard so many good things about Chrono Trigger still never got to play it god okay this is kind of strong oh my god please stop okay actually you know what I want to wait to boost until we can break them tank okay this is gonna be the villager that finishes us off oh my god sorry Hector because some is the real test precious Tressa okay this is getting really bad no everyone's doing the fucking one song in the all right here we go oh I don't have enough SP for that alright I got to do it anyway why didn't I check his SP far start at this fight all right here we go watch my dance got it a lot but I think this guy has a ton of HP this Tector booth old Erica Lucy sounds like Hector nut pretty much Marta Myers also ruined the Pokemon song stream Chrono Trigger please I would love to I have to find a totally legit physical copy so not the way for that probably Oh fancy you've started again he will travel across the land searching oh wait I'm not part of this one I just got to read it as it shows up okay 210 that's pretty freaking risky you know we're saying hit him with a well hit him with a regular store break please for the love of God break you refuses to break oh my god yeah we're done when the heck did this villager becomes stronger than a boss fight what the Frick oh my god okay 200 I didn't do anything I think we should give up I'll send you a totally legit link to Matt it was often I think sorry Lucas and Ike oh man I think we're done for guys power that's inside liji and fancy ish – and johnny is saying poo poo pub do galeão loss no I'm just kidding Oh Oh terrible rendition alright – resounding rendition oh I think I do just burn through all my items whoo gotta catch him okay fine fight that was oh go ahead and catch some Z's dude that's a treasure chest virus home bottle of poison does so there's no end in this game marina if you're looking for something just say the word oh no we're not gonna try to lure marina she's not gonna go with us welcome one and all the cold cozy own family provisions yes we gotta buy stuff get a feel those bunch of these oh man they cost a lot okay like one of these well you know what we have seven we're okay yeah three more of these these are actually pretty cheap in comparison anyway there's no way in just an out Oh cereals Johnny impression is lit cereal it's time to stop release that on iTunes bliss Sara JK I'm oh god I do need to sing something eventually for you guys oh you're my best friend that stresses mother don't you dare fight her oh okay that makes sense fight her in a world we must defend fight her okay the people have spoken yeah she's kind of strong oh my god she has Lin magic what the Frick no what oh we're freakin doomed 25 ha ha take that Oh [Applause] well increase our strength too oh man nope she ended me holy crap that was terrible eg says I hope she kicks your butt and she did cereal make a diss track on it I don't hate Fe for I don't even hate the FE for fans I just don't like the lead ISM that comes from that game from the fans of that game I want to try one more time you teach me and I'll teach you dad alright we'll throw it one more time for steady spaghetti oh we're out one HP alright I'll try to play the smarter Opie win magic center around trust as parents of soapy isn't it the mobile game isn't that a prequel I don't know if has their parents or then again I thought but that'd be cool alright we're both sharpening our skills oh god I got a ways to turn healing 400 take that do the song fair there's so much damage okay hold on we don't have any SP on HP that's pretty low as well break oh my god she won't break jury she'll be my victory shall be mine how about this those important started everybody wants to be a master oh no not the Johto league Oh God all right prepare yourself tresses along here God that wind magic is insane about this bang Oh God man she hits hard when she hits what do we get if we beat her do we even get anything [Applause] how much whoa we did it okay okay I don't know she could hit for like 300 HP every turn like holy cat you get nothing but the skirt Oh have a nice nap tresses mom Primrose is looking at her like look if she's still alive check her pulse yeah she's still alive just seeing some stars real fast shoutout to Super Mario Galaxy alright once we beat up the co-owner of the store then we're gonna go ahead and buy some items good job we beat the game oh god you guys are hilarious and we did it twitch we did it alright um was this guy what the heck this kid doesn't react to anything alright whatever why did we pick up anything good bottle of poison dust hmm it wouldn't have anything to like well we can buy some wolf spoke quartz fraud you probably pick up a new character in this level so I'm gonna wait until we get them to buy anything else I know how's business beverage vendor hmm oh yeah this has got a week we all live in a brophy world brophy would be proud Congrats sir he's an old one lil hey she was a strong old lady okay we don't discriminate based on age or gender equality although I don't know I wouldn't call that equality she had like wind magic and like bows I was scary man so he's broken he broken son very nice Brophy for choose at Legends for I'd vote for Brophy alright sleep well sleepy Katie take care thank you for coming by have a good night the point she was stronger than you cereal I mean yeah she was I'm not gonna debate that she was way stronger man the Frick the only reason I got out of that alive I had all those uh fruits to heal that was old lady Bowie big hurry lightning oh these guys do anything what the heck are they just props are they not even people hey look I'm a dancer come on react poor Primrose she's getting dissed everywhere I guess when we're in the desert and there's no other girls around it's a little bit easier but these guys just like look like they're into each other that's cool I don't judge all right what's this person doing those stinkin pirates I can't forgive him for this I mean everything everybody's things back no matter what it takes oh here we go danseuses wait are you just roasting and toasting the villagers pretty much that's what this game is about man either a Laura more you take him out her name is Tressa she's a merchant a tiny port town on the coastlines is the only home she's ever known here and ripple tide she cuts deals and stocks shelves doing all she can to help her family shop afloat and from the quays she's walked a thousand times she looks out upon the endless seas and dreams of a wider world once she is robbed by a band of thieving pirates one day her pride as a merchant will allow her to back down and so she vows to set off for the Pirates den she will need daring allies on the past year's chosen I think we're daring allies oh wait what if we get bridle Renea I have a feeling she's gonna be one of the units we're serial just follow the trail of knockdown villagers pretty much Tressa is cinnamon Anna this world is brimming with treasures and I know that what I'm searching for is waiting for me out there somewhere so I'll set sail for the horizon in the great big world that lies beyond good job cereal make Tressa orphan before you recruit her she's not dead she's just sleeping well shopping gonna stock itself okay guys we'll get the last little bit of trusses storyline and then we'll stop for me but thank you so much guys I've been wanting to play octa path again for forever on stream and I finally got to so it feels good and I like this rotation on the Friday stream where we got to play drag awliya for like three weeks smash for like two three weeks now we're playing octopus for probably for the rest of this month and maybe a little bit into next month sleeping forever you mean what if bridal became bridal Oliver is yes I have no idea sent by sama yeah I have a feeling that broad awareness was kind of an obvious choice no Bridal Lucena or Bridal Tiki though because I don't have that many orbs guys looks our number one employee is ready for another day of work a little nod oh man her voice actress is so pleasant sexually I'll Bowl you forever to play octa bath yeah it was on my stream changes it was on the list with jag alia Lawson smash I do deliver I just sometimes need a reminder Ouija bully confirmed O'Brien's give us groom's place ring bearer Nils money Smyly manually and early you're too clever for me Tressa this Hector's voice actor I'm still confused no bully hair all those pirates have been causing trouble around the tavern hey see guys she's still alive I'm upset about what a terrible pun that was ripple tied to ripples of the tide oh boy very tuned is one of the best VA s don't at me Sam grace for Best VA our trip is selfish the story is so pleasant it's gonna take a turn now why can't I just stay like this no there's gonna be pirates and stuff crazy girl she's a zombie now oh I get to move around oh oh we get to start at her next time what does she have skills skill wills restores one own HP and SB and cure status ailments that's kind of cool dodged a single physical combat with a hundred percent success rate deal wind damage to all foes we need that wind damage trade Tempest hmm okay what do I need to go I don't even remember anymore Oh phonate the hardest-working merchant in town I even beat some fishermen to the pier day okay so she's gonna go pick up some fish the catch of the morning zero should have aim for the head fana ah a big one to lots of good meat on its bones big trestles trying to lowball them for the fish dang all right dang she really did that that's crazy depends Johnny who are you using oh boy this expositional dialogue yeah yeah I can run it with you in a little bit Johnny just hang tight utilize unique characters the Trece can purchase items from townspeople oh that's pretty cool alright I gotta save guys I got tacos waiting for me save one more time just in case okay guys thank you so much for coming by to the jiggly lost room consuming for the next two hours in this casual Friday stream I want to thank Lee G for showing up and for her awesome donations that's girl confirmed I want to thank fancy ish for flexing as much as he can and natty ice for not sponsoring us I want to thank all you guys for showing up I'll try to stream a little bit earlier next Friday I always have a bunch of dumb stuff to do on Friday so that's always why I started a little bit later but we'll do a little bit or next time I want to talk of cereal give me some maybe next time I'm in Canada I'll make you something I'll be cool cereal is eating Takumi no okay and I'll hit you guys up on the jiggly lost chat and in a little bit too I think depends on how quick those tacos are ready anyway thank you guys so much again I am loving this game playing it again on stream has been awesome really a nice reminder of how nice the game was like I forgot how fun this was and how nostalgic it makes me for the old score RPGs social that Golden Sun I could see this being a golden sunlight game anyway guys thank you guys so much I'll see you guys for the Fire Emblem hero stream tomorrow if you guys can make it and yeah thanks again shout out to Brophy take care guys

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  1. UwU. Its been a while since the last Primrose stream. Can't wait to watch this!

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