Ciclogreen – The app that rewards sustainable mobility (HD)

Every day, the way we travel
increases CO2 and noxious gases. Pollution is suffocating our cities and affecting climate change. As a researcher, I realised that my scientific papers
were taking too long. They didn’t transform
into the real impact I wanted. I had to do something. I’m Gregorio,
founder of Ciclogreen, the mobile app
that rewards sustainable mobility. You simply download the app and earn rewards for each
sustainable kilometre you travel, whether you are cycling, walking or even skating. Our rewards range from a free coffee to a ticket to a gig. And every day
more and more businesses join, offering new rewards. With Android, we’ve been able
to connect with thousands of users. We’re building a community involving citizens,
universities, businesses and city councils. Each individual
can make a difference, but together
we can build a better future.

Yvette Parker

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