Crazy Storm STRIKES While Fishing MYSTERY Lake (Never Stop Tour Pt. 5)

previously either never stopped or two presented by Carl's bait tackle looking at actually I got a good idea Oh big wake big weight big wake he's got it I'm on another one small mouth oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh second cast after never stop to me is more of a reminder go and do something new never stop exploring never stops fishing never stop going to the unknown we don't have any idea what we're getting ourselves into two high school buddies drop some rods to promote hop in a car and travel to places neither of us have ever ventured I just got a feeling it's gonna get worse not this again you guys will be in a different state please oh my god oh look never stopped or two this is weird John's flyrod just rigged up next to his boat he's nowhere to be seen there's a couple different options you had to take a poop he got hungry and left he's had problems dad see my buddy John my buddy John no yeah I lost them who know it's my buddy he just wandered off trying to find him thank you John John John John John John John John we've really lost him this time buckle off for safety kids well you should we get food might as well get some food maybe he's eating food who knows really there's a restaurant over here you want to go there what do we do I don't know John God have you seen my buddy John [Applause] John John the chart what the hell did you guys go which Creek were you guys fishing this morning why are you laughing where did you go where did you go what dude you said you're fishing the creek all I remember is I turn around and you guys are gone I don't know where my fly rods at Oh Mike I've been walking for miles what is the deal what are we doing I think I blacked out or something like a panic attack or something how was a creek you guys fish you guys fished the creek at least it wasn't no no there's no creeks out here so oh we're gonna have to find some leaks we're at beautiful Santa Rosa Lake yeah we're at Santa Rosa Lake we found John thank goodness son don't know where he was or why he was in the middle a little bit he got lost not in the middle of the desert I never get lost this is an easy place to get long so hopefully you guys enjoyed on the failed Creek mission but we watched a video on this place we don't know anything about this place other than that there are smallmouth bass in here we haven't really caught a big smallmouth on this trip yet and the whole focus of last year's trip was to catch a big small ball so we kind of want to catch your big smama because it would be cool you know right would be really cool one thing it's kind of hard to find out here and the desert of New Mexico I found his water there's just not a whole lot of it there's like this lake there summer Lake which i think is like two hours an hour and 30 away from here so we decided to pick this one her except that a little research funds that are smaller than here we're gonna give it a bowl of them now are probably ahead the Albuquerque night because to be quite frank there's just not a whole lot of water we realized we left New Mexico just a little bit early because Dallas stuffing had most water number one take me home well we ran up a little creek let's start the first spot off it's definitely a little dirtier but we're gonna fish this dirty creek arm just to see if maybe there's any big bass in here a big large mouth that is and then we're gonna go out and try and find some so maybe there's some smallmouth out in the clear water but we're gonna try this little dingy cut and see what happens darn rascal clover was not very nice for him I'm throwing a little crack and crawl with the trash master hoping for another big bite this is a big favorite whew that one actually felt really good I just I don't know I was just rolled off with the tails you know water temp is 65 water temp is 65 so it's pretty good that's midday oh baby look at that look at that baby first it dirty water up in the dirty water first five minutes of being here I already missed two fish that fish absolutely stroked that trash master with the Kraken gosh right off a point nice three palm bass yes dude put er there dude we needed this you know when you come to a new leg you have no clue what you're doing that first bite is always just so key and so so fun yes dude this is cold the crazy thing is like we're going farther west right now we're changing like geologically so these fish are gonna be doing different things in Texas like Lake Allen Henry a lot of those fish were postponed so I'm responding some of these fish here might be pre spawn being that the water temp is like 65 in its midday which means in the morning there's probably low 60s you might actually get out a decent bite here this is this is pretty dope adios my first real New Mexico like reservoir bass came off the jig man this little combo has been getting me some really nice fish this trip this is a trash master of jig I caught that big son and a half pounder with a bendito bug on the back this time I'm kind of downsizing using the cracking crawl we'll leave it in the link description below if you guys want to check out this bait from Carl's both are valois Carl's and yeah super sick let's keep touching this wood I don't know now if we want to stay in the dirty water I go to the clean water but stumpy we're definitely gonna try this whole cut out and keep on fishing babies on fire yes look at that gosh they're eating this jig right now that thing is out pushing me holy cow baby not not as big as the last fish but still another nice fish both those fish have been caught before really got hook marks in their mouth yeah it's kind of interesting there's not many boats out here a lot of the books are saying in the Clearwater we went up the dirty Pig both felt like such a big boy yeah let's get the color cracking kromm using is actually a summer crop which is kind of like a chartreuse green pumpkin this water is just really weird colored so that's why I kind of went with that it definitely contrasts with the jig which kind of gives it a cool presentation but I'm biting a little bit off give a little bit smaller profile see how many more we can get juice don't look big that looks really big dude want to happen am i real there what do you mean what happened to the real good slip no yeah I did my drug help those trotters are a little clunky that was huge I don't want to know how big that thing was like I don't even get to see him I was about together not cuz I just heard with the way the line was cutting through the water how are they eating it that one that one literally hit it so hard and started running off with it I dragged you this real quick I mean do I switch reals I mean no just tighten it down work yeah if not you can it's just I'm just blaming on the real I should off my dragging more that's disappointing dude think about it that world like an hour one we're gonna find some more fish you were on a solid batter I know I'm watching you DSLR pattern how big was that thing it's maybe better I did what in the hell that what happened Eric sketching a bunch of joint cheese and I'm over here not put a fun crappie that's actually a white car I'm not kind of white crappie long time that is species number five Brenna's too small if yesterday spots two days before barge my little girl it is apparent that this lake has got some hungry fish I think that water temp is like huge right now it's just right for these fish to move shallow that's trash master doing him dirty buddy thank you so much my first reservoir New Mexico large E like five five flipping hardest break right there though my line snapped 25 pound toss snaps cuz I put too much beans on that fish biggest wish to the of the day right there I mean how could be where we're sucking but everything operated this is our day but it's not our day at the same time I lost a big fish just cuz I did my drag wasn't tight enough as well as I just had an awkward hook set he just went full like I went for Andy Montgomery like that's a beggin you would fool me when I wasn't I knew that this wasn't coming in why did I even think that that fish was literally got down I could have grabbed it Oh God that thing was huge that was a big one that was at least like it's not that big freaking right under the boat I saw this is not our day this is just come on you lost bag everywhere this is the craziest like ever face dude this is insane I have never been on it like especially it so it's the middle May right now the water temp is just game would be above 60 here in New Mexico in this Lake were fishing do it how crazy is this whoa what's wrong oh my god do we pull it out there fish I just caught it has line coming out of its butt hole so I'm gonna cut it I'm not gonna can't pull it out or no no okay don't want to hurt that fish too much but oh I'm not sure this is my fifth bass or fourth bass but just flipping wood is so much fun especially we're catching this many fish this is our third caught we've been three for three on spots in this lake so we'll get it back and keep on fishing Eric missing that came in for the mop-up session definitely Betty we're starting to better thinking about doing everybody things Oh probably my biggest of the day definitely not the biggest one you hook i hook two today they're probably twice this guy's size know what I enjoy a lot what else better what weed when we've missed fish and every time they come back and hit like there's not many times in dear viewers knew what just happened yeah like I missed that fish either through the narcotic like that doesn't happen very often it like they're really munching right now for some reason we don't know why it's not a full moon it's not the fish I caught the first one I guess did have kind of a bloody towel but those two fish we just caught were nice and healthy I think they're just all moving up shallow living the timing thing we got time we got lucky the water temp is right the air temp is right the bait type is right the next cup every continent every country another healthy healthy bass here you want some helper you okay Swami ridiculous oh what's going on these fish are so aggressive that one actually came swimming the jig John mystic I flipped right there and slam it in again like literally third cast after catching that last fish this was a little bit smaller oh this one's got a bloody towel so maybe they are spawning that's why these fish are so aggressive but yeah like john was saying though that these fish are all different sizes so you never know what we're gonna catch we've lost two big fish so far we haven't landed in any true Giants but we're not catching like a bunch of two pounders there's twos there's three there's fours everything's mixed in here yeah this is crazy to think that we started at like 11 freaking first day this is pretty nuts this is what ns-two is all about we just stumble upon crazy stuff crazy patterns bites we're just doing what we know how to do he loves slipping I love flipping this is a Clearwater Lake but we just saw happen to go in the dirtiest water and find fish just goes to show you have to think outside of the box sometimes pans out you have a glory stay go zero to hero real quick oh one thing about never stopped one was we caught a bunch of fish on top water baits this is a bigger bait this is actually a big chunk as you can tell it's really loud but a first smallmouth were first big smallmouth on top water of the trip came right off a point as we're working our way out absolutely smashed it I mean that fish is 16 17 inches long this is this is what we're after I mean that that can leave a were on top water yeah hey Mike yeah that one came one of us needs a double with both dabble because that was literally we went in this Creek we worked our way out and that was on the point leading out to the main lake so yeah [Applause] not this again are you kidding me it's really cold rain and we're giant pansy so we're laying under the deck also a lightning bolt just struck like the point to cuts down from us so a little worried about that I just got a feeling it's gonna get worse it was going all too well there's no way that we're actually gonna get by with having this good of a day dude this is the craziest wind I've ever been a part of here look at this I hope that I'm just worried about this black dot coming towards them it'd be fun okay well storm I think we might need it off the water but Jonathan seems to think that I studied meteorology in school we're good really yeah to do is go like that it's stick your finger in the air if it gets struck by lightning you have to get off the water but if it doesn't get struck by lightning and you're good really I just did that well that's a big black cloud over there coming right at us ray I wouldn't call it black about God I see words let's say that well I've seen worse too now definitely put a damper on our bite that kind of like stopped this was dishes for a while which we're back at it hopefully that's the fishing doesn't mean hopefully it wasn't a pre-frontal deal and now we're not gonna catch anything but we're gonna keep on at her keep on getting there adder keep on putting more trailers on we're about on a cracking cross let me just tell you that we've got seven left we didn't start the trip with a lot so we've definitely got to figure out where we can get some more cross maybe have to meet up now Wow yeah look at that smallmouth they're speechless I'm also pissed right now broke off on 22 pound test for carbon so like all but two thirty thirty pound braid that didn't work spot yeah what do those feel like it's interesting Oh can't believe I still got that one right yeah meemaw but he pulls a circus Olay I'm just trying to straight-up catch one and open water I can't do that you're still catching lots and what's this week there's no week the fish are still biting yeah there you go the fish are still biting and I'm all smiles because I'm having a great day I've definitely had a day with what Jonathan's having I have those days more often than I have these kind of days but sometimes everything lines up the stars the moon the light everything lines up for you it's not lined up for my buddy over here it's unaligned you fishing never stop keep snapping never stop oh there is broke off I literally just broke off again well that fish was definitely hungry cuz it just ate another lure with fishing line coming out of its mouth we're gonna get this guy back John are you okay okay I'm throwing a little topwater here Jonathan's throwing the jig on we've come back way up in the river it's actually a lot dirtier here the only thing I'm worried about is this storm we have coming in again this one looks a lot worse than the last one and it's coming right our way so you always say that we were lost time right yeah we were but this one looks a little more gotta believe believe in you boy ladies and gentlemen this thing is in the net right now but as you can tell that fish literally ate a carp a big carp ate a top water popper how insane is that like I never I've caught I've caught a carp on at Jake before like on the bottom I've never seen carved Schooley on the surface and then hunter isn't edith and then 100% Aaden Oh baby get a little slime there today was pretty awesome I feel like we got a real taste for New Mexico I had no idea that this state had such amazing like fishing opportunities to offer so those you get to live here Joe to you the state is freaking dope we got good Creek fish yesterday got good lake fish today in Perak joint a carp so I've got six species so far here's the funniest thing about this is you haven't even tried to target any of the other species we just got your bass fish it just goes to show that these states are full of lush species so we're gonna get on out of here and head back to the ramp you find a good restaurant you got revisited since we're still in Santa Rosa we leave for Albuquerque at night and he gets more chato salsa English ships whatever refreshing way and an absolute epic day I like that new Navarre either pair cried ever faced that was Bhangra the next step is to adapt you can be some of you guys were to be able to meet up and a few days and I don't know if expect me to first meet up throughout the entire series it'll be neat up one of four Laughlin beating San Diego but when hours with Sebastian us and enjoy some naturalism you

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  1. Anyone else expecting AP to have another meltdown like at Gary Yamamoto's farm?

  2. Carp school at the surface when they're about to breed. Also when it's really warm

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    Macaroni & Cheese
    Steak & Shrimp
    Jonathan & Alexander

  4. Grease the suspension on your trailer and you won't hear that squeaking constantly 🙂

  5. Fish have a really good bight before a storm. That's why fishing was so good

  6. This has been phenomenal footage, humor, and fishing. You guys do a great job, keep it up!

  7. Peric aint shit for almost cracking up when Jon lost that fish (12:58).

  8. When they say that the water is chilly at 60° but Lake Superior is still 40°

  9. The little dude is a better fisherman than Jon. Time to change the channel name!

  10. Must have stumbled upon some of those hallucinogenic cactus.
    "You guysss see the size of that rooster!!!!!"

  11. I keep saying it but ute lake in Logan NM is the best lake out of any I've been to in New Mexico big small mouth big large mouth and walleye to bad the ns2 is over I've been disappointed I have yet to see any googan fish ate ute lake

  12. I wish kids in the hood can have this opportunity that you are having right now. It's a shame that we don't have places like this or parents that can understand their sons and daughters that they want to travel or explore the world or different places to the United States that they do want to see different places but it all depends on the person also and their personality. Because you're not going to take any kid from the ghetto because some kids are crazy and very disrespectful. And and also there are kids who think really negative about things.

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