Crush 40 – Never Turn Back – The Walking Dead GMV

Whao-wow, whao-wow, whoa yeah! Whoa yeah! Yeah… yeah! It’s been a long, rough road and I’m finally here I move an inch forward, feels like a year Everything I feel seems so unreal Is it true? Is it true? I take one step forward and two steps back Got a hundred thousand pounds sittin’ on my back Up, down, all around; don’t know quite what to do To get through But I’m on my way, on my way On my way, on my way Here I am (here I am!) Made it to the end of you Never had a chance while I’m around
(No! No!) (No, no, no, no!) Well, now I’ll never turn back (I’ll never turn back!) I’ll never turn that way No matter how life tries to face me I’ll turn the other way! Now and then (now and then!) My head starts to spin (starts to spin!) But I’ll never turn back again (No! No!)
From this moment on (moment on!) I am movin’ on (movin’ on!) And I’ll never turn back! (No!) Whao-wao, whao-wao, whoa yeah! I’ll, I’ll, I’ll never turn back!

Yvette Parker


  1. Hello, good job!
    That GMV Is the best GMV on the channel

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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