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Danny flex and sex out with Danny Eggman EK better known as Danny Darko of course got a bit heated up there on the stage not between you and your opponent necessarily mine without a but Mike McCann sorry but we've you and a coach here Billy Rumble what was that all about well you know what there's been a bit of like people posting stuff up and tagging my name on social media and I'm just not really used to order that kind of stuff I'm just used to like look we've got a fight let's link up on the night we'll do it after the fact we shake hands and whatnot we go our way separate ways and it made the best man win I'm just used to I'm not really used to all this talking because I as you see that I kind of take it it gets personal I feel like it's personal I just I was full at least leave with the boxing there's normally there's no need for everyone to be popping up and talking and I did say up there I said look I don't want to be disrespectful because you took this fight when a lot of people didn't take it so I've actually got respect for you like I've got respect for you in that in that sense and then his coach you told him his era was over he didn't seem to take that very well about what you done back in your days days are done you've got to prove yourself again if that's the case you know I'm saying because it's 2019 I'm not trying to hear about 3000 years ago when you used to do this and he used to do that because it's a whole different era now so it seemed to end no with a handshake thankfully and a hug yeah just to let you know let him know did you see what's happening and then oh yeah it was fine when I went over there you know shook his and gave him a hug his dad tank gave him a hug shook Martin's hand you know and then move see on Friday night and I liked it out that saw after the fact regardless of I'm victorious so I'm not gonna go over there I'm a shake their hand and congratulations on your loss how'd you think the styles are gonna match up on the night between a survey I'm not no stranger to Southfork I've been tearing south pours down from from when I started in the amateurs I'm ready to go like they I believe I believe they got the wrong kind of I don't know you know is the people haven't seen enough of me to understand maybe what kind of fire I'm like so I don't blame a lot of people for maybe say mama Donna's gonna win obviously a lot of me say I'm gonna win but I don't blame other people for saying I'm gonna win because they haven't really seen nothing of me in my four fights I've stopped I've stopped basing every one and the one I didn't stop was running around so that's all you've seen of me my amateur career was short-lived I had 20 fights 20 wins um but the main it's pit main experience I've been gathering is from last sparring and stuff like a spa a lot you know he'll have some of the people you sparred who you've learnt more from I don't want to be naming all the names but I've black this camera done a bit with Jack cat a rule um I picked up quite a few supports I'm not gonna name all of him even one of my younger brothers oba beneath me he's a very experienced amateur he had 50-plus like learning stuff from him learning stuff from a horror Davis who's in the building meaning got working all the boys i him at room I don't need to start a name all of them but got a lot of work all in a man we've been everywhere we've been sparring with world champions former world champions done bit of work with Ricky burns Conor been my ward Mayan world we don't work with Martin Ward Joe Cortina we done what we've all attempted cheese me you know I'm saying like I said I wasn't gonna say names I'll just drop the whole understood we know trains at the gym sorry we would have worked out I've done a lot of work with them and they haven't had nothing bad to say about me off though you know and I've never fought out of place with anyone I'm in a ring with I've never ever felt out of place I've always thought that this is the level where I'm meant to be out this is where I belong you know and when pressures on then no one will see me turn up you're for know you're 29 you said you only had a brief amateur career 24 it's what age did you get into boxing and what got you into it at a late age I've got into boxing here at lap 23 and we was in a gym just training for lack of state two years without doing any amateurs and then after before we're gonna enter the novices we ended the novices we want it then we've done their least we ended their Lisa me one it's a bad enough right that was like my last bit so we'd won two national titles and we were like you know what we spawn with pros we're having our way with certain problem inspiring other support you know it's time I never thought I was even gonna turn professional laugh I thought let me just do this amateur thing we wonder abs I was that hard damn let's do the professional thing next thing you know people know my name I don't even know people come into my father I even know him next thing you know I'm on ESPN now you're interviewing me you got 300,000 followers in your channel I must be doing the right thing you know I'm saying I hope that means science to you as well that's great good to hear but what first got you into it he age of 23 you having not done boxing before why I go into the sport I had a bit of a rough teenage years you know I grew up doing a bit of stuff I shouldn't be doing they put me away in a little holiday for a few years so I decided that I didn't like that holiday and I decided that when I come back I'm never gonna go back TripAdvisor review there was no beaches there was nothing like that you know so I decided I ain't going back on that holiday and I thought you know what let me switch it up now and it I got people that depend on me I got people that I care about and that and yeah I just after that I just took it in my stride and now we're here with flourishing you know and from one Danny to another people that want to follow the d'arco journey how can they do so on social media what your main handles Sumida is my Instagram so that's Danny DK dark hole go and jump on there and yeah come on what's the journey on my facebook than Daniel Darko I don't really post that much on it go on my Instagram Danny DK Darko and yeah what's the journey and then come see me on junior 28 this Friday down at your cool my first ESPN ESPN showing and watch me in action really thank you for your time and we look forward to watching your Friday night you you

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