DISNEYLAND PARIS NOV’19 VLOG 2 | Riding The New Phantom Manor & Catching ‘Are You Brave Enough?’

Hi guys and welcome back to a brand new
Disneyland Paris vlog.
– Hello. So literally picking this up from last week as you can
see is windy and rainy and it hasn’t stopped for an hour. Hope it stops soon.
– But we’re still bright inside. Bright and buzzy. So we’ve got our annual passes as you know
from last video. Yeah, so now we don’t actually know what we’re
gonna do because we’re trying to see if this Halloween show is gonna be on but
with the way that the weather is I think one of them’s already been canceled so we sort of
doubt that it’s gonna be on but we’ll wait and see. We’ll have a little wander. Maybe get a smackeral.
– A smackeral and see maybe, I think Pirates of Caribbean might be quite a good one. Come with us.
– And that’s inside. Martyn: Phantom Manor is 20, Pirates of the Caribbean 15.
– Which one? Helena: Should we head over to Phantom and Pirates?
– Yes, that’s the opposite direction isn’t it? Over there. [Laughing] Helena forgot her umbrella…ella…ella and
I can’t give her my umbrella because I don’t have a hood [MUSIC] Do you remember them Helena? Where three was company…
no, three’s a crowd, two is company. This is so exciting because we’ve not
been on Phantom Manor since I think 2017. So two years.
– It’s had a full refurb though hasn’t it. Martyn: Look at the windows rattling up the top. Oooooooh!
– I’m excited, it’s gonna be like brand new. [MUSIC] # Got those hot hands, those hot hands
baby, got those hands #
– Started early. Going in the glove. [MUSIC] Narration: It appears everyone is
doomed at Phantom Manor…even you. [MUSIC] Head: Goblins and beasts, creatures of the night.
We summon you now to dance through the night. [Phantom Laughing]
Martyn: He’s scary. Martyn: I don’t like, what’s that? [MUSIC] Martyn: It’s Frontierland isn’t it?
Ghost: Ah there you are! [MUSIC] [Phantom Laughing]
Martyn: Stop laughing at me! So we just did Phantom Manor and I loved it.
– It was so good. You can see everything more clearly. Like the character, the animatronics. Really good.
– Been updated. More modern technology been put into it. The last bits the best. The Frontierland-esque.
– The Frontierland underworld. So we think we’ll head over now back to the stage…
– I don’t want to get my hopes up. …oh there’s Big Thunder. To see whether or not they
actually do the…what’s it called? Are you brave enough? There’s one last show at 4
and it’s ten to 4 and it’s stopped raining. The last one! Will we get it? Helena: We can actually see the castle now.
– You can actually see where you’re going. Well there’s people waiting for the show. So
they haven’t told them it’s not happening yet. There is smoke billowing from the set.
– That is a good sign. I kind of gave up hope you know
that we weren’t gonna see it. Ursula: My little poopsies, you found them.
So interested in villainy are we? Well the best way to get what you want
Is to become a villain yourself. # I admit that in the past I’ve been a nasty.
They weren’t kidding when they called me,
well, a witch. # # But you’ll find that nowadays
I’ve mended all my ways. # # Repented, seen the light, and made a switch
To this. # # Poor unfortunate souls
In pain, in need. # # This one longing to be thinner
That one wants to get the girl
And do I help them?
Yes, indeed. # [Ursula laughing]
# Now I’ve got her, boys
The boss is on a roll
These poor unfortunate souls! # Evil Queen: Ready for an evil celebration I see. [MUSIC] # To see her is to
Take a sudden chill # [MUSIC: Transformation Central] Gaston: Trust in me!
Ursula: Trust in us! # No one’s slick as Gaston
No one’s quick as Gaston # # No one’s neck’s as incredibly thick as Gaston’s
As a specimen, yes, he’s intimidating # # My, what a guy, that Gaston! # Ursula: # So tell me now,
are you brave enough for Halloween? # # What’s your greatest fear?
You’re sure to find it here! # # It’s enough to make you
stay home in your bed. # # Are you brave enough, to close your
eyes and go to sleep? # # In your dreams you’ll have a vision,
that your voice will be imprisoned # # And it’s scarier than we’ve ever seen! # # So tell me now, are you brave enough?
Are you really sure that you’ve got the stuff,
to face what can’t be seen? # Tell me now, are you brave enough for
HAL-LO-WEEN # [Laughing] # HAL-HEY-YAYY for HAL-LO-WEEN! # # Are you brave enough? # It all worked out in the end.
– I’m so happy we saw it. Last one ever of the season. Yeah and Ursula had an amazing voice.
– So good. Did you get the end note? I think so yeah. I think we did but yeah we
thought it was going to get rained off but we came out of Phantom Manor and it’s
stopped raining now, now sort of like sun shining. Which is fantastic. [BAND MUSIC] [MUSIC] Martyn: Got ourselves a smackeral. A larger
mackerel that I thought it was gonna be. We got some nuggets from Casey’s corner.
– I’m hungry. Helena’s putting ketchup on one chip at a time.
– I don’t know where else to put the ketchup. So we’re on the hunt for a lanyard.
– That was a good smackeral. You’re still talking about the food.
– The nugs. Gotta smell Lots-O.
– He smells really good. He does smell of strawberries.
– Who’s got him? How long does it last? The smell? I dunno. And then up here in
the hot air balloon. Oh no, Goofy’s in charge. Helena: That’s not gonna end well.
Quite a skinny Goofy. I just had a photo with New Guy Ralph. If you don’t
know who New Guy Ralph is, here’s the photo. I should probably explain or you should explain.
– I just called him New Guy Ralph cause he’s new, well he’s old and he went away for a while and now
he’s back. So that’s why I called him New Guy Ralph. He probably has an official name.
– But where did Ralph come from? I dunno. He just looked like a Ralph.
– And just found the Storybook Store that we were referencing in our bucket
list video so we’ll go in there one day. We don’t want to do everything on…
but we’re doing quite well. But one more bucket list we’re trying to get
done today is to ride Crush’s Coaster. It’s ten to 5 and studios closes at 6, so
we’re heading over now to try and complete it. I think it closes at 6, is it 6 on a weekend? Or is it 7?
– It might be later actually. But anyway yeah that’s what we’re planning on doing.
All the pumpkins are still up but I don’t know if
they’ll be here for long. I was just saying to Helena that there was a
brief moment in our last trip here last year. We went in here for a photograph
and that was a ploy by me because I wanted to see whether or not it would
feel right to propose in there but I didn’t. I saved it up for over there.
– It’s a nice spot though. If you were in on your own. Oh no! It’s starting to rain again. So it turns
out we were both wrong. It’s open till 8 this evening. Helena: And I think Disneyland Park’s open till 9.
I didn’t want to watch the fireworks tonight though. [MUSIC] Martyn: We’re in the studios. There’s the
Hollywood Tower Hotel, our old friend. And then there’s quite a few boards up
because they’re doing construction work. That’s where I drew Mickey Mouse…badly.
– Badly. I got in there before you could say anything. [MUSIC] So it’s a 60-minute wait but if we don’t
do now, we won’t do it this trip. I’m excited. Crush: Dude! It’s time to get ready for an awesome…
whoa! Spin on the EAC. Narrator: Crush’s Coaster is a turbulent rollercoaster
ride in the dark. [MUSIC] Crush’s Coaster, we conquered it.
– Another bucket list ticked. I thought we wouldn’t get done. I thought
the wait times would just be too long. We queued for an hour. But that’s alright
because it’s once in a trip. Yeah, it’s closed from tomorrow so we
won’t be able to get on it. I love this park at night. I had forgotten how beautiful
it looks when everything’s lit up. Beautiful Buzz.
– He’s a bit in the dark though isn’t he actually. Love Toy Story Land.
– We’re gonna go to Ratatouille. It had only 15 minutes and it’s just around the corner.
– So let’s do it. [MUSIC] So actually it lied folks. It’s 25
minutes, the queue is out the door. I think everyone ran over.
– Maybe they saw it was 15 minutes. Martyn: So we’re actually on our way out because
we’re gonna go to the World of Disney but look who’s saying goodbye to us today.
Toy Story 4, so cool. You doing the Disney Dance. So…go on.
– No you go. No, you go.
– No, you go. No, you go. You go.
– That was such a good first afternoon. Kind of
tempted to stay a bit longer but we’ve been up since 4.
– 5. Oh yeah, we got up at 4. And we want to get up for extra magic hours
so we think it’s better to have an earlier night. But we can’t leave without going to World of Disney.
– Yeah, because we’re thinking about getting our mugs now because of those,
those cups are very small in the apartment. And we’re gonna look for a lanyard. [MUSIC] Helena is in love with this Christmas spirit Jersey.
– Disney and Christmas combined. It is €59.99 so €60 euros. They usually are.
– That is adorable. If you watched a year ago. We searched high and low to
find black spirit jerseys and now there’s loads of them. Although, do they have my size?
Here, they got it. Helena’s got a Frozen 2 mug.
– Anna and Elsa. It’s a nice design. And then these are the ones of like
the characters in the mornings and we’ve already got the Tigger one. The
Mickey one is the one I’ve always looked at. How much is he?
€12.99. We found the lanyards. That’s the Toy Story one.
– You’re getting that one. I’ve got to get that one surely.
– I kind of want this one. UP. Guys I have this horrible feeling that
you know the Christmas Winnie that I wanted to buy last year. I think this is him now.
He’s completely different. He’s taking tips from Liam Gallagher.
– Like he’s in Oasis. Helena: Here we are. We’re just having
a quick look in this Disney Store just to see if any other mugs take our fancy. Martyn: So Chris was telling me, Vintomania
was telling me about this Star Wars spirit Jersey €59.99, same as the
others and I don’t know. I’m not sure on it actually. I think the fact that it has
like an episode title on it puts me off. If it just said Star Wars I think I’d
like it a bit more. Makes it very specific. Martyn: Disney village is still all about
Halloween. Pumpkins, bats. BILLY BAWWBS! Helena: Shall we go and check. Probably at the weekend.
– Check the live music yeah, we always say we’re gonna go and see something.
The moon is rather large tonight and it also seems to be rotating. Oh this
is where we’re going, Disney fashion. I’m going the wrong way. Again we checked
this store every day for Black Spirit jerseys and they’d never had any now
they’ve got loads.
– I am tempted. I really like this, Mickey’s fallen
out of this pocket. Can’t use the pocket but it’s a really cool t shirt.
– It’s unusual though, clever. €45.
– €45. Oh my gosh guys my hair, it’s
so frizzy. We have got back to the apartment and isn’t it nice?
– Look! Oh, we’ve managed to get YouTube on the TV by
attaching it to Martyn’s laptop and we’re watching Jess and Tom’s new vlog and they’ve
just seen the Winnie. They’ve just seen Oasis Winnie.
– Oasis Winnie from the shops. We had such such a good first,
I keep saying first day but it wasn’t really, it was like our travel day but
Martyn’s just cooking some pasta because we’re hungry and I was going to show you
the lanyards that we got. Yay! So here they are.
I can’t believe it. Guess who’s is who. This is obviously Martyn’s one. You got
the Toy Story one and then I fell in love with this one, it’s that UP one. I
thought it was so cute and then we both just got the plain Disneyland Paris
little lanyard pouch which will go on the bottom here and we can put our annual
passes in them! So be wearing these tomorrow and we’re gonna attach our Slinkehh Dawwgg
badges and our chip pin and our ones from Ellis as well. So we are very excited to
wear these tomorrow. So the time is 20 past 8 and I think for the rest of
the evening I’m gonna unpack everything. I might have a bath because there’s a bath.
– That sounds good. I think we’re gonna watch some YouTube, eat pasta
and then it get an early night so we can be up for extra magic hours tomorrow
morning. We have a lot to do. We have a lot of rides that we want to do tomorrow
morning and we want to get some pictures as well because we couldn’t take many today
because of the rain but…I was a bit worried at first because the rain was so
heavy and obviously we thought we wouldn’t get to see ‘Are you brave enough’
but then it brightened up and it just yeah, it was the perfect first afternoon
in the parks. I can’t believe we rode Crush’s Coaster, watched ‘Are you brave
enough’, got our lanyards, got our annual passes. That is four…
– Four of the things from our bucket list. Four of the bucket list already.
Oh and rode Phantom Manor with the new Phantom Manor. That is four things
from our bucket list already completed. We might of peaked too early, you’ll have to
wait and see. Have to stay tuned to find out. Didn’t get a Space Mountain in.
– No we didn’t and we’ve got 10 of them to try and fit in but
yeah, we think we’ll leave this vlog here and we will pick it up tomorrow for extra
magic hours. So make sure you look out for that vlog but thank you so much for
watching guys. I hope you’re enjoying the Disneyland Paris vlogs so far. We are
having such a good time and its only travel day.
– It’s only travel day. Aw, it’s amazing. Thanks very much guys. Bye.

Yvette Parker


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