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  1. Woah, the guy Mr. Yu is so intellectual. Bless your souls for putting in a good fright for all of us unable to be there physically.

  2. Democrats desperately NEED a Win!
    Pelosi should mark up a bill & gently it moving, before the Impeachment Castrophe collapses.

  3. So why isn’t ICE there? It’s the absolutely perfect place, they even admit they aren’t legal citizens or have visas.

  4. For the amount of energy that they put in this protest and the amount of years that they have stayed in this country you think they actually will apply for citizenship and actually become CITIZENS but oh well totally fair to jump the line in-front of everyone who has waited years to become a citizen!

  5. Im Dreaming for a Hispanic crew to work on my house because the Anglo is no where to be found…Ola. To be honest this could all be fixed but Government R and D wont fix it …neither Give 2 $hits about the Dreamers or the American Citizen….

  6. hey immigration could be as free as you want, just have to limit government and get rid of the welfare state. cant have both

  7. I'm curious. Can any of these people explain the definition of "deferred" please?

  8. If you were born in another country and brought here illegally then you should be sent back to your country of origin. Being an American citizen is not a right.

    And you're not flooding the streets with justice.

  9. Citizenship for all?…why do ppl feel like out of all the countries in the world, America should be a free for all?…why can't y'all just stay in ur own countries?..serious question.

  10. Why dream about being an American? Why not file for citizenship, take the test, take the Oath, say the pledge and BECOME an American citizen???? NOBODY HERE OWES YOU ANYTHING….INCLUDING CITIZENSHIP!!!!!!

  11. Can you get a bunch of people to march and make no sense, and demand things. Answer, "yes, these wingnuts did it".

  12. Round them up and send them back to where they came from! If they had one ounce of honor, they would leave without being asked, and pay back every cent they've taken from USA taxpayers.

  13. These people broke the law, so they should realize people that came here legally have been waiting in line for years. They can't just jump ahead of these people that's not fair.

  14. When you and your parents illegally entered the US that would have been the time to apply for citizenship. I know someone who came here as a teenager. Her parents bought a house. She went to public school. Later had a baby and was allowed to get food stamps, public housing, healthcare and a job. When President Trump won the election she became agitated. That's when she told me she wasn't a legal citizen. She never applied for a green card or tried to get citizenship. I asked her why not? She said she never thought about it. She's DACA and now worried. I was shocked that she didn't bother to apply at all. I couldn't go to another country and do what she did along with so many others. It's sad that none of them fought to become US citizens. She doesn't know anyone in Mexico and her daughter is totally Americanized. What's she going to do when deported? Sad.

  15. The haters do not see how difficult it is to get into America legally let alone get citizenship in America. It is really sad

  16. They are not "dreamers" as is the PC liberal term to make them look good. They are SCAMMERS.

  17. Racism spreads like cancer in these comments. All you European folks came here illegally too through your parents and their parents, and so on. If you don't have Native American blood flowing through your veins, news flash: you're an Immigrant.

  18. I hope that neither those who deny others the privilege they have nor their descendants would ever need something so badly in life. May God treat them as they have treated people who wanted something from them so badly and they denied them. Whatever a man soweth, that he shall also reap. America prospered all these years for its benevolence and rule of law. It may need to look at itself in the mirror these days. "Righteousness exalts a nation. Sin is a reproach to the people" (Proverbs 14:34).

  19. While I think it's unfair for someone to be forced to return to a country they hardly know.. yelling "no borders, no nation" isn't a good cause to get behind. 😩

  20. It's upsetting how the media and particularly democrat politicians created this problem. By looking at people like the "dreamers" and children they make a serious issue of mass illegal immigration a puppet show by standing on the backs of people no one wants to harm, like dreamers and children. It's unbelievable to me how many things the media and dems push that are absolutely unsustainable, all for power and money.

  21. If yall dont sit yall borderjumpin asses down somewhere. If you here illegally be happy for the little you have and stfu..

  22. Wish I could march for what I believe in on a Tuesday, but I have a full time job.

  23. What Obama did was unconstitutional and illegal and he admitted it on live TV. Now 👆🏻what part of that don’t you understand eh ? It clearly isn’t up to the DACA recipients whether they stay or be deported. It’s up to the will of the American people. If we allow you to stay then we nullify our own Constitution. We can’t do that or it will further the destruction of America.

  24. So if I went down to Mexico should I be given free citizenship just because I exist in Mexico? How about I start demanding that the Mexican government start paying me money and give me food and a place to stay?

  25. Just keep marching south and head home, invaders!! You are not wanted here!!! Your parents did this to you when they committed the crimes against our sovereignty, and a foreign born moslem racist liar promised you something that is unconstitutional and wrong!!

  26. This isn't about immigration , this is about making legal and ok to invade a Country.

  27. They deserve to be here just like anyone else
    Everyone in the U.S. are descendants from immigrants.
    The only people who should be here are Native Americans

    Can’t go around telling people that they don’t deserve to be here when your great grandparents came here seeking a better future for you all.

  28. Their dream – our nightmare!, anyone who enters this country via illegal means should be the last to be considered for citizenship! My entire family were immigrants but we followed the law and earned citizenship the legal way! and don't tell me that every person who entered illegally was in fear of their life! – Nearest country remember?

  29. I’m Mexican and this pisses me off. You don’t get to break our laws and demand citizenship and if anyone should be deported they should start with all of you.

  30. Odd, from a legal perspective, that one President can impose an Executive Order that stretches the limits of Constitutionality, while the next President can't rescind that very same order, regardless of how much good or ill-will people have for it.

  31. Go get your green card, become a US citizen and do it the write way. Freedom isn't free. Ether do it the write way of stay or get out.

  32. Sorry. But it is time to go home. And no, it is not America. But ro blame Trump is ignorant. The Democrats could have made all of u legal citizens. But they are too hell bent on ruining this country to even care about anyone. And we have borders, and we r still the greatest nation.

  33. Don't let people in who have no interest in baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet, or English.

  34. I'm not too well versed in this whole daca dreamers stuff but anyone have an opinion on David Dobrik? Apparently he is a dreamer because his parents brought him to the U.S. illegally but he also complains how he can't travel out of the U.S. because he won't be able to come back. He does say he pays millions in taxes so wouldn't that technically help the country? Thoughts anyone?

  35. It’s not that DACA are enemies, it’s about the rule of law in the US. SCOTUS won’t determine an issue emotionally, it’s based on Constitutional law. Smh. You should be looking to Congress to help you. President Trump was willing to negotiate for DACA, but the Dems wouldn’t allocate $$ for the wall. You got no one to blame but Dem leadership, IMO…but they want to pretend they’re your best friends, your best allies. They’re lying to you.

  36. Just a friendly reminder that You will all be a minority in the future and no one will have pity on you the same way you racist pricks dont Care about these harmless people who have struggles and fought sense birth

  37. This comment section got brigaded like hell. There are top comments on this video that are EASILY verifiable lies and they're still being upvoted. If it's not being brigaded, then I guess I was expecting Washington Posts Youtube demographic to be smarter than that, because this is embarrassing.

  38. Teabaggr gaggrz choking on people seeking asylum!!

    What is asylum???? They haven't a phucking clue!!!



  39. Your parents came here broke the law YES the child should not be just thrown back BUT they need to go through all the processes that any adult would have to when at a certain age again if we could fix these countries instead of just throwing everyone in one pot it's gonna spill

  40. looking at all these racist idiots in the comments and feeling genuinely sad that your parents failed you.

  41. At least they’re getting smarter and not waving Mexican flags as they’re demanding to be allowed to stay here.

  42. They got off buses they didn’t walk from New York if they want to blame ask there parents why they broke the law don’t blame our government or the law abiding citizens it’s their parents that broke the law

  43. These supposed to be dreamers have no right to make any changes to our country for their own benefits and demand for amnesty . They violated our laws the minute they snuck across our southern border and ran into our country .

  44. Stay in your own country and strive to make it a better place The US is not the battered womens shelter of the world

  45. Way too many haters posting hateful bullshit here. I find it ironic that a people who are occupying this country and seized it from the human beings (native terminology for tribal members) to freak out about immigrants who have been here since childhood and are contributing to the tax roles, serving in the military and doing jobs that many Caucasians refuse to do, for minimum wage. These people are not your enemies, the greed mongers who are earning 300 times what their employees earn and cheat on their taxes are.

  46. These people are stupid af Bc if all the people in United States went into Mexico or through out the world they would complain about us but us as Americans who fought in a war for our independence. I understand that we are a great country Ik that but if you want a change do it in your own country we are not here to save you butts and for you to just stay here and use our resources. This is why all these people should be deported and maybe if they decide to come in America legally we would let them but unfortunately for them they know the law and don’t abide by it so they suffer the consequences of their actions.!🤓💯👌

  47. This whole country was built with immigrants. Illegal and legal. It was founded by illegal immigrants. Ask any American Indian

  48. Ms. Brady did you watch the entire video? I think you missed the point. How does your citizenship in the US give you the right to possess a monopoly on the dialogue? It’s sadly amusing how you claim to defend your right to free speech but want to eclipse another’s desire to express there own; our Country is a fabric of people, this fabric is woven into every aspect of our culture, economy and spirituality. You cannot monopolize citizenship through your whiteness. Citizenship is not defined through whiteness and dissent does not equal being unpatriotic. Please inform yourself before you judge and jump to conclusions.

  49. Of course the Supreme Court are going to give Trump what he wants. If you bought something and when you went to use it if didn't do what it was supposed to do you would be upset, wouldn't you.

  50. Just a friendly reminder that 70% of Americans support DACA (YouGov, +/- 2.6%). Only a VERY vocal minority doesn't and you can see this vocal minority reflected in the dislikes and comments below.

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