€20 IN PARIS vs $20 IN NY

What up it’s Damon it’s Jo and it’s Damon and Jo alright, here’s the deal Okay, I’m here in Paris, Jo’s in New York We’re about to see how far $20 (twenty dollars!) can get you in Paris, France, and New York, New York How much can I do for 20 euros in Paris? How much can Jo do for 20 dollars in New York? These are two of the most expensive cities in the world I got the advantage cause 20 euros is a little bit more than 20 dollars So if we can make it in these cities with 20 dollars a day, it’s clearly showing you that it’s not impossible. Do I even have 20 euros? Paris on 5 euros a day!! (sarcastically) Yeah right. Voilà, 20 euros. Okay, we’re good Oh I want to show you this I didn’t know how to open this door for three freaking days We have a bowl right here filled with doorknobs (laughs) I’m having too much fun already in this video Zero euros. [Jo] We walk outside to a lovely pile of garbage (laughs) Oh my god. Like, they took out they TRASH this morning I have the luxury of living next to Central Park so I’m gonna walk through the park and its free ninety-nine!! They know what’s good. They getting themselves out of here Hello Good, how are you? Same to you! Stay warm. Aw, you made my whole day. Sirens, magical moments, talking to strangers…I am definitely in New York, y’all It’s a beautiful neighborhood, I know Bonjour Where are you gonna get a Vietnamese sandwich for 3.50? 3 euros 50 cents in Belleville and I’ve eaten there many times. That lady’s always working and she’s always so nice and that’s why I keep coming back. Cilantro Hi, how are you? Can I do a hot coffee? Let me do one of these. How much is it?? 2.50. Okay I can do that Coffee in a bag. It’s just chaos no matter where you look [Speaker] Ladies and gentlemen, as you exit, please be careful of the gap between the platform and the train Hi! Alright, Brooklyn Bridge Time Brooklyn Bridge. City hall I was on the Upper East Side, I got a coffee and a little pastry for 2 dollars. It doesn’t look bad! That shit hasn’t seen an oven since it was in the factory Stranger: you can say hello to him, he doesn’t bite Hi! You have a beautiful coat! It’s just crazy how many people there are everywhere all the time Didn’t you live in this building? Paige: I lived there! Look at that Be a tourist in your own city. Aww I’m gonna get that printed on a t-shirt merch coming soon! New York moments. It was nice to meet you guys, have fun Another day, another coffee Let’s get it Paige: Where are we going? Jo: We’re going underneath. Paige: I think Jo is trying to kill me. Jo: That’s my plan! Paige: Alright. I’ve got some messages. Jo: Look at the red light. Like… (laughs menacingly) Paige: Ok. Across the street (gives directions). Jo: Pagie is just saving THE DAY! Jo: Rushing! Don’t slip! NO!! No ho ho ho. (gasps and squeals in excitement) Okay. Cool. That moment. (laughs in relief) *Paige uses the Force* (loud screeching from train wheels) Wow! Soothing sounds! OH YEAH The New York City subway prides it’s self on being 24 hours (open all hours of the day). Which is really cool! However.. I’ve waited 55 minutes for a train at 3 am once. Then I also fell asleep on the train and ended up in the Bronx. (badum tish) First off, the unlimited- monthy metro card here in Paris only costs… I think 70 Euros. In New York, I think it’s $1.31! (€1.05) OH YEAH And then my camera falls in the Seine. Y’all. I’ve been here 8 THOUSAND HUNDRED times and I STILL don’t get tired of this city! Paris. I love you. But you ain’t shit! No. I’m just kidding. I actually DO love you. Vanessa’s Dumplings, cheapest dumplings in all of Manhattan. Can I do, um, regular dumplings and a … an egg pancake? The tax got me, man. Thank you! *gasp* Sesame pancake, you got some dumplingsss Ok, so this was a euro thirty-five (€1.35). Typically, it’s €1.10 but I’m over here in the boujee part, next to the Eiffel Tower. Look. Favorite spot in Paris! Completely free. On the street, and just as stanky as you thought. Wow. It’s beauty, it’s grace, it’s Miss United States. Don’t do that. I’m about to sell the one book I have in my backpack just to make some money. Alright, I can get a book. Strand Bookstore, you know what it is. “The No-Cry Nap Solution”. I need this at my age. *chokes* I’ve wanted a cookbook for a minute, and this one’s a dollar. Hoo hee, $1.09. $1.09! The tax gets me every time, man. I’m sorry *giggles* I’m really acting like I’ve never been here before. Wow. I know the Eiffel Tower’s really really really cliché but you can go to the second floor for, I think, €4. Hi tampon Byeee Alright byeee See you at homeee Bye okay I’m gonna text you- Shelter water -if I need to be Ubered by you. Alright bye! I am left with a grand total of $4.50 which I was either gonna spend to get hooome or to get a drink for happy hour so imma get a drink! Hello Tammy! Hey! How are you? Cheers! *glasses clink* Merci! 7 euro 95 cents And it’s vegan, and we all know how hard that is to come by in Paris. Okay! *attaboy, stomach* How much was your wine? €3 Where can I find the €3 wines? Like if you go to the bathroom, the list for the €3 wines is actually on the wall. *wheezes* Three euros and eighty cents, four euros fifty cents *guffaw* I got MONEY. cuz I only spent $20! Here’s how much I spent today. CHA CHING I gotta say, I’m feelin’ a lil hungry and I’m feeling a little broke, buuut the option is there for you to spend $20 a day in New York and then you can live in a tiny ass room like this! Honestly, it wasn’t that far off! You could actually live a perfect day in Paris doing plenty of, kind of, unnecessary things for about €20. Pero like, ion know. You tell me in the comments below. was it worth it? (Lemme work it) Did the value add up in New York like it did in Paris? Aaand That’s it. I’m gonna go make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because that’s all I can afford. It’s now past midnight, and I’m kind of, li- YELLING Make sure to subscribe 🙂 *smooches* Baiser Buh bye! Bye 🙂 You know, Damon and I used to take the Fung Wah bus to Boston for $5 First off, the view from my toilet is completely free. Paris is moody! Aged peach? It smells pretty good Look how zoomed in the camera is, like HEY DO YOU GUYS LIKE THIS VIDEO (unintelligible) Double chin. *witch cackle* *tv static*

Yvette Parker


  1. What do you think ACTUALLY makes sense? €20 in Paris, $20 in NYC?
    Subscribe for more travel inspiration → https://goo.gl/H8i5DP
    CC para legendas em português!

  2. if you from ny you know how to eat good with $5 lmao chopped cheese or baconegg&cheese with an arizona boom $5 rii there and u got $15 left go to the ock(deli) & get even more big meals for less lol

  3. Normalement 1€ c'est le café au comptoir tu ne dois pas t'asseoir dans la salle après 😉

  4. Ahh the soothing sound of the subway car coming to a stop reminds me of home

  5. As for visiting, and one who's been to both, I find New York to be noticeably more expensive than Paris

  6. Do that in Tokyo for 2000yen lol
    You’d get breakfast and lunch and boom you’re broke

  7. If you have 20$ in algeria you can do a lot of things !! And you can live with it 2 or 3 days 🙂

  8. You're rich if you spend $20 a day here in the Philippines

  9. $20 in Australia, Adelaide
    Coffee + Muffin = $4
    Tram around city = FREE
    Museum = FREE
    Lunch (Vietnamese roll) = $5
    Coke in Can = #2
    Hot Chips = $2
    Water = $2
    Sushi = $5

  10. 6:20 it's not "Don't do that" but "porte ouverte" !! The translation is so funny in your vidéo !

  11. I always wanted to go to Paris.i go to New York all the time since my family’s over there

  12. I watch this channel in French club 😂 and I love it~! 🌻🦋✨

  13. I live in NYC and I have been in Paris and I felt like Paris was way cheaper. The food was way more fresh, I felt like a Queen in Paris and in NYC I feel like a peasant lmao.

  14. Try living in NZ with $20 a day, that is about $13 USD.
    Yep, I said that 😂

  15. I can't look at a metrocard without remembering that one time I was drunk in NYC and dropped mine , only to run to the last train but get stopped by a cop to check my ticket and it went MIA. I was charged like $150 fine and had to get an taxi back to where I was staying LOL such luck .

  16. "What can you buy with 20 Indonesian Rupiah?" "You meant….. 20,000 Indonesian Rupiah?"

  17. Well,if u were in turkey 1€:7.5 turkish lira and 1 bottle water is 1 turkish lira so you can do whatever you want with 20€ in turkey (cause our economy got fucked up)

  18. Tu t'es grave fait arnaqué pour le pain au chocolat !!!!!!! La plupart du temps c'est 0,95€ 😱😱😱

  19. To be honest in my opinion Europe is way more cheaper but London is obviously expensive because tourists go there and it has ancient history but if you live in a small village in England I swear everything is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cheap but London is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive I think America is expensive but I will admit they sell incredible stuff and it’s so pretty

  20. $20 American dollars is I think about $300 Haitian dollars. Or is that too much.

  21. I live in New York and I just came from visiting Paris. Both cities are beautiful yet expensive 😩

  22. R$20 in Brazil u get to go by bus and buy a subway
    then u get back walking

  23. Hold up 4 euros to get to the second floor of the eifeltower and I'm here as a tourist paying 15 euros for the same thing

  24. Omg I was like he's gonna have language barrier he's there speaking French fluently wow

  25. OMG we LOVE your personalities!! So cute! New subbies right here!

  26. Jo your voice is sweet!!! Awwww if I met you on the street my heart would be warmed for years and years

  27. Ok actually this video helped a whole lot!!!! And the channel is kinda iconic 💁🏻‍♂️😂

  28. Forget about the money (and btw 20 Euros are not 20 Dollars, anyway), the difference I see here is in interaction with others: Nice chat with an old guy (you make my day), brief encounter with a dog, explaining the way to a tourist etc. While the guy in Paris had none of this.

  29. NYC is one of the most expensive citys in the world i think especially Manhattan

  30. 1 euro 35 le pain au chocolat à Paris !?
    J'suis choquée sans être trop étonnée (ce qui est totalement contradictoire)

  31. Paris, I love you but you ain't shit lol. I must agree. Tu as pris ton café aux pères populaires ? I sat on this sofa.

  32. Wsh 1,35€ le pain au chocolat il c’est fait arnaquer moi j’en achète a 0,90€

  33. We don’t say « pain au chocolat » but « chocolatine » 😂

  34. So definitely Paris he could’ve skipped that last meal and ate at home and have spent no more than 16 he still did a lot

  35. Funny, cause I'm just on vacation in Paris and this gets into my recommendations

  36. Waaaah mais c'est grave chère 1€35 pour un pain au chocolat viens en banlieue c'est moins cher

  37. I love them both but they were eating the whole day and spending the money mostly on eating, I would instead go to a museum or I don't know, visit more in the city and at the end she's saying I am hungry 😂 she is funny!!! Love your videos.

  38. 2:33

    de le écart ❌
    de l’écart ✅

    Un peu comme la règle
    A animal ❌
    An animal ✅

  39. My biggest fear when I'm travelling is to eat in some place and end up paying 200 euros for a cup of coffee.

  40. Wow the NYC subway is pretty expensive ( 2,75$) 1 $ more than L.A but Its a largest railway network

  41. im going to paris and ny alone in dec!!! andddd goddammmm i needa save

  42. That moment in the subway you can’t decide wether it’s the screeching is from the train or the rats

  43. 5:24 AHHH that's the street where my apartment was when I studied abroad in Paris!!!

  44. le pain au chocolat à 1.35€ à paris c’est de l’arnaque, en province c’est 0.99€

  45. In Paris if you're from the European Union and under 26 yo there's a lot of Museum or monument where you can go for free 🙂 (Musée du Louvre, d'Orsay, de l'orangerie, going at the top of the Arc de Triomphe,…) If you're not from the European Union but you're a student there's a lot of places where you can have reduced price!

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