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Hello everybody. Welcome to Agenda beach. I am sitting here on the beach beds. I will show you what’s all going on here. There are some ‘wild’ horses on the beach. Two of them clearly have owners. The white one comes over everyday. And then he usually gets carrots and other fruits. Agenda is quite a calm beach. It’s 8-10 km from Palonem beach. That’s the most famous beach in South Goa. Here its not so touristic and full. You can do surfing here. Relaxing, having food, drinks. All that kind of stuff. There aren’t many people here. There are only two restaurants. And a couple of beach huts. Turtles come over to this beach. unfortunately they are not here today. So its a beautiful, calm and clean beach. We came here by motorcycle. A red Royal Enfield motor. It can not be better. This is Cola beach. Its beautiful! There is a possibility to stay on this beach. In the huts. Staying here goes together with a yoga retreat. Practicing yoga during the day. Having drinks and meals included too. Its quite pricey. 150 euro’s a night. (around 10.000 rupees). This is what you got! Today its new Years day. So its time for the New Years dive! Goodmorning from my hut in Agonda. I will show my hut around. This was my last night here. Tonight I will take the nightbus to Hampi. Its very pretty here. All the huts. My hut is based on the beach. We go to the sea! The clean and pretty beach. Not so crowded and full. I went here longer than a week. From here there are many options for touring South Goa. Seeing all the beautiful spots and beaches in South Goa. Here I have every morning my coffee.

Yvette Parker

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