Exploring New York’s Rattiest Park with a Rodentologist

let’s go into the jungle there’s probably 2030 rats this is like a nightmare it looks like one of those rat Kings you know where all the rats are their tails tangled up together and so they just grow as one there’s probably a nest directly under here yeah ever since the first colonists set foot in Manhattan New York City has been losing the war on rats rats are everywhere they’re in the parks they’re in sewers they’re in the walls of people’s buildings but now thanks to a 2.9 million dollar program that targets rats neighborhood by neighborhood era de Blasio is expanding a city of rat removal program the war on rent is on it looks like the city is finally starting to make a dent in the rodent population the program enlists rodent experts to track rats to their nests then date and poison them the effort also involves outreach and community awareness so residents dispose of food properly and call the city to report rat sightings it’s nothing revolutionary it’s just about persistence I’m Adrian Jeffers for motherboard and we’re talking to Matt fry who is an urban entomologist with Cornell University’s integrated pest management he’s also really good at hunting rats what’s a day in the life of a New York City rat like when they first got up there hungry and in New York City there is no shortage of food for rats because they eat primarily garbage they’re called commensal rodents which means that they share the same table as us they feed on sort of the scraps of our society and so in New York City there’s an abundance of food each year the city produces about 14 million tons of trash they’re also looking for water so standing water is preferred for rats and they need shelter as well which they’re probably already in the nest so when you’re looking for rats in New York City what are you looking for well we would look for areas where we see rodent burrows because they are an animal that lives in soil how many rats is a typical burrow typically it could be about eight they’re very cryptic they tend to stay in the shadows they come out and dawn and dusk they are very well adapted to avoiding predation in New York the subway system provides a great wintering habitat for them that infrastructure makes it very difficult to control the rat population it’s 8 o’clock this is the time to see that this is the time the last time I was down at the park where we’re going I went to determine if there was still activity there and it was lots of burrows lots of active rodents running around great let’s go meet some can we get some rest so we’re here at Columbus Park which is in Chinatown in New York City and we’re about to see a hell of a lot of rats and nobody here seems to really care let’s go into the jungle oh they’re all over here we’re standing here at one corner of the park there’s a group to my left playing mahjong totally oblivious to all the rats getting to my right this right here though is like a tale of two trash cans this is the new one this is the old one what’s the difference if you’re red well as you can see with the older type of garbage cans this is open and a rat could easily get into there the one behind you completely closed system so obviously this is a lot more expensive yeah this is like a solar powered trash compactor this is ideal for reducing food for rats this is what we have in most parks how many rats do you think are in this park probably a couple hundred this guy something happened to his tail so he’s grooming his tail now they groom a lot right they do groom a lot oh there’s a dead rat ah whoa that’s horrifying what happened to it they do baiting here so this guy may have succumb to rodenticide okay so there’s maggots instead this dead rat right fairly soon this will you know just a little wobbly yeah there are rats all over rats everywhere all around us so here we have some of the burrows there’s a there’s a healthy male rat they just keep coming out so this is like just a bunch of burrows and the ground is completely uneven back here and there just like swarming in and out of them exactly here’s a dropping here that’s great a rat turd that’s good we’re in the rat pit right now oh my god all the juveniles in here this is like a nightmare there’s probably an s directly under here yeah Oh God how many rats are there in New York that’s probably an impossible question to answer some people say there’s one rat for every person which is definitely not a possibility at that point they would just take over exactly it’s more likely that there’s several hundred thousand rats living in New York City what would happen if the rat population went completely unchecked they contaminate our food we could expect droppings in restaurants they’re carrying ectoparasites that can vector pathogens to humans and cause disease problems they’re really a public health threat I think we would see a lot of infrastructure problems since they chew on wires we might see more electrical outages that could have devastating consequences and even their burrowing behavior can collapse sidewalks creating cavities underneath where we walk that’s crazy so if you had to make a bet right now humans versus rats who’s gonna win who would you bet on I think as long as there’s gonna be humans there’s gonna be rats and probably after humans there will still be rats okay let’s do this we’re gonna open the lid of every trash can in this Park until we find a rat we’re gonna check the trash can that I put some tasty Chinese food in and I tried a little bit of it first I know it’s good hopefully the rats took the bait all right they’re all around it yeah Oh God jump out right over her hand so it’s like 10 o’clock at night we’re wrapping up at the park here in Chinatown and we saw a ton of rads I’m feeling like there’s a delicate but balanced ecosystem in this park where we’ve got the humans who are very comfortable here and the rats were very comfortable here and it definitely doesn’t seem like they’re a species that has had war declared on them by the mayor but who knows maybe in a few weeks there will be more baiting more trapping and we’ll start to see the population in this park decline along with the population in the rest of the city rest well rat yeah too much yellow oh whoa everywhere yeah yeah you know I’m ready pack they’re not afraid of anything

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  1. Wondering if I want to watch this sat in bed just before I go to sleep! Revolting creatures!

  2. They should make it a sport ratting with a pellet gun or just pay bums a dollar or two a rat

  3. I used to work with my uncle who was an exterminator and lots of restaurants have sub basements watch out, no wonder allways felt lousy after dining in Chinatown. 😥😣😥😥

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  6. It's not possible for there to be a rat for every person in NY? LOL I lived in NY. There's like three rats per person.

  7. Blame and kill the rats for the people being dirty. The rats are living in the people shit. Kill the people not the rats

  8. There's no way nyc has several hundred thousands rats when Paris where I live, which is way smaller, with 4 times less people , has 4 millions rats according to estimates. And don't tell me Paris is filthier than Nyc, because it is a dirty place but nyc is the same if not worse considering the density of people, businesses and the type of areas the city has.

  9. rats are pussy I killed them with my bare hands before but one bit me and I had to go to the hospital for a needle

  10. she lifts the garbage can lids with her bare hands then a couple minutes later she puts her hands on her face, and they were just talking about catching disease,

  11. this going take effort on all people 1 be clean 2 clean up at all times 3 stop throwing away food eat what your going to eat don't put food in trash 3 new York is over crowned so hire some poor people to clean up give discounts off rent for keeping apartment cleaned. education for this about they just ain't hanging around for nothing

  12. there are people in new York living with these animals like family that's another problem

  13. I can't believe this girl is not smart …really!
    Opening garbage bin without gloves and immediate touching face including mouth.
    Hope she is still alive😱

  14. You need rats to counter roaches .. cats to counter excess rats , dogs to counter excess cats .. it's humans who messed up the cycle .. only mosquitoes can counter excess humans now

  15. Why is the activities of the Chinese restaurants and mostly Chinese (obviously) in this area the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM?

  16. Very interesting video but the girl is so boring and uninterested in this segment. As if she had no choice. Please pick someone better!

  17. population decrease my ass that should probably increased that's probably those rats favorite thing to eat when they see the humans, they probably bring a f**** dinner bell for that poison it's probably the most expensive s*** on the menu the s*** is probably like lobster tails to them like f**** caviar rat VR they probably love that shitt stupid motherfukers think they're really doing something to the rat infestation they need to come to Bushwick or Brownsville in the 80s that was a famous Block in Bushwick Palmetto between Irving and Knickerbocker the rest were made out of f**** Steel you never seen more rats in your life than on this block as anybody that's from Bushwick and around for the 80s in the 90s

  18. When I was looking for an apartment in NY, I was very careful meaning I would only move in a newer building that was built in 2000 or later. Even if you move in a building that has been totally renovated you don't know what is in the walls and stuff, I lived in a great building VERY, VERY clean. Never saw a rat, mouse or bugs in the building, but at night in the spring/summer/fall. I would always take uber or a cab for the fear of seeing them. I am actually one of the few that liked the cold cold winter, because they would not be out on the streets. I can't believe they can't do more in NY, if they can send a man to the moon, they can do more, they just don't really care. I wound up moving to the suburbs in NJ to a house, because of the rats!!!!

  19. The rat and the pig are considered
    Abomination to eat ,both are not eatable.
    But people eats pig 😫.yuk.
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  21. "rat king" – nice discworld reference that she plays as an actual thing

  22. I have a dire prediction, one rats will be called upon to rid the city of waste.

  23. This man will Not WIN his Battle against Rats. Rat will Live Forever. 🐁🐀🐰

  24. So ever since the Colonial times rats have been in AMERICA.
    We can attribute the Rat Population to the White Species?


  26. They are talking about Norway rats. Why not make a documentary about Roof rats????

  27. 1:37 that shit is nasty af how tf u get a camera shot like that whoever lives there needs to get slapped bc there nasty af plus don’t tell me they put the fucking rats in the bowl bc u just sound stupid and if the really did there retarted I hope the rat goes inside there ear at night

  28. I ate rat before. Tasty stuff when you're starving.

  29. I was taught by my mother to always scrub out my emptied food cans before throwing in garbage.
    She learned this from the years she lived in Iowa.

  30. UM i would not order food around there, dont know what kind of meat you are eating.

  31. But some dumb mutha fuka call New York the greatest city in the world lol not likely

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  35. People need to clean their surroundings, plain and simple.

  36. An i the only one who noticed some naked guy walking with a blue bag @3:03 at the back?

  37. Are they talking about Central Park? They live there in large numbers. In winter they go across the street into the high rent apartment buildings. Space between the walls for them to hide in.

  38. If people would quit throwing garbage everywhere it may help get rid of some of them.

  39. Take one of those Goodnature A24 CO2 rat traps (bait lures the rat to a CO2-powered piston to the head, instant kill), bait a path to it, mount it above one of those truck-dumped garbage cans so the dead ones fall in, change out the CO2 cartridge a few times a night, and dump a full can of rats every morning. Put a few of those around a NYC neighborhood, and you might have a chance, between that and other methods all working together.

  40. According to CNN talking about a Town's shity rat infestation is extremely racist how dare you guys be so racist.

  41. "And, if Trump mentions this, he's racist." – VICE/TYT/MSNBC/CNN/Salon/HuffPo/Vox

  42. One video talked how they got rid of RATS that were eating fruit; the people set up a 55 Gallon barrel with bate. They did not kill the rats, the let them starve which the rats would eat each other. The last two were let go and they were so accustomed to rat meat they ate many more rats. Problem solved. Added — sterilize the treated rats.

  43. I bet some of these rats are probably cleaner than some of the fine citizens of NY that take the subway everyday.

    BE RESOLVED!!!!!

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  46. They should spend their money killing all the rats they have in the country rather than killing human beings in other countries….

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  48. Rats are just like humans , they want to live and survive except for the Antifa, Brexit, white supremacist. Let's exterminate humans instead.

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