Yvette Parker


  1. did that surgeon lost his fuckin mind who leveas surgery in the middle

  2. Wait… you are not sleeping during that operation ? Guess I'll die with bad sight then.

  3. I'm not tanning, I'm not jumping into a pool after a quarter, I'm not going to a eye doctor, and I'm not chasing pigeons near a construction site

  4. I have glasses and i always wanted eye lasef surge…. Na im okay with this

  5. If you had this kind of situation,what would you do?

    Buy a new eye.

  6. Oliva Dies Because Red Flash Eye and then Oliva falls in the car and Eye Be Cotten Blind

  7. I honestly dont care about the characters or the movie. But I felt really bad for her. Idk why but I like her as a character

  8. I wear contacts or glasses because of this and I’m fine with it.

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