Flamboyant talent is every fashion stylist’s dream in The Voice! | Journey #32

You’re… …you know, an example
of how Australia… …has completely changed. I love the outfit. Thank you so much. This doesn’t normally
get accepted, so… Oh…
– Thank you. …you’re in the right home here. Thank you. My name is Sheldon Riley,
I’m 18 years old. I’m from the Gold Coast. Fashion is my life. I look at myself
as a blank canvas. And I think, you know,
makeup and nail polish… …and jewelry and, you know,
big clothes and big crazy fabrics… …that’s… that’s me
expressing myself. It was definitely hard
growing up… I was different, you know… I didn’t fit in. I have always felt out of
place even since I was little. I didn’t think being myself
was the right thing to do. So it was hard and
I felt like I was hiding. I didn’t want to be myself. Because I didn’t know
what that was. And what that
meant for me. So it was easier
just to stay in the dark. I sat at home,
I sung Cyndi Lauper… I sung Amy Winehouse,
and I sung Elvis… ..and you know,
they’re all my friends. I’m definitely still searching
for who I am as a person, and… I’m really hoping The Voice stage
can offer that for me. I feel like it’s that
last piece of the puzzle… …I just haven’t,
you know, quite found yet. But, I’m ready. Never ever look for acceptance. You know? ‘Take me as I am’,
that should be your motto. Thank you so much. You know what? What was really nice, obviously…
– You’re so beautiful! What was really nice,
because, obviously… That song is
so personal to me. You know, it’s my own
personal love story in a way. And it’s almost impossible
to imagine anyone else singing it. You know, you just added so
much kind of sadness to it. And what was
really interesting… …when we turned,
you got better. So that tells me, I mean… That you are a kind
of natural performer. So far, you’re, you know,
the most fun person… …that appeared
in front of our eyes. And, no but… There’s also a very serious side to you
and I want to explore that. And you’ve definitely got that. I feel like I’m having
this out-of-body moment. Where… I just love seeing the fact
that you get up there… …and sing one of George’s songs
that means so much to him… …and seeing your reaction
to people loving what you do… …and then it’s… I’m feeling just really
grateful right now to sit here… …and really grateful
for people, you know… …just connecting with you
in this moment… …seeing a dream come true. Thank you. Your voice was beautiful,
I loved how you sang that song. I think you’re really special.
– Thank you so much. It was beautiful!
– I really appreciate it. Oh my gosh,
do I have to make a choice now? This is insane. I watched your performance last year
and you inspired me so much. And I just want to say
thank you so much… You… You let people like me
wear what I want to wear. And put these lashes on
that take thousands of years. You just inspired me so much. I’m gonna go with Team George,
thank you so much. Welcome home, baby! There is a lot of affectation
in your voice. You do a lot of, what I call,
vowel swallowing. Oh it’s all a bit like this. And you don’t need
to do that. Okay. Iron it out. The worst thing Sheldon could do
is kind of over sing… …do that kind of weird,
you know, chewing the vowels. I think there’s a barrier there, George. We’ll get rid of it. I just feel like I need
to take it somewhere. There’s a little…
No, you don’t. Okay. You do not need
to take it somewhere. You need to make
an investment emotionally. There’s a little touch of the
Sam Smith in your performance… …and you need to
watch that as well. What do you mean by that? You sound a lot like him
and I think that’s deliberate. Sam Smith’s amazing. He’s my neighbor,
I hear him warming up in the bath. But that position is gone. I think for you,
it’s about going away… …and unlearning some bad habits. Okay. We need to find your voice. For now, it’s out of my hands. You know, now… …the next time I see Sheldon
it will be on the stage. The Knockout starts right now. Sheldon… …you God darn near
made me cry… …because I don’t know what you were
going through up there… …but it made me feel it. You’re just so
emotionally magnetic. And I just love watching you,
listening to you. Well firstly, I can’t go
past the overall here. My dad and I have
this really close relationship. And he’s an amazing artist. He painted that?
– Yeah, back and front. Wow!
– That is so cool! Talent runs in the family. I think I’m gonna take a risk. And, you know,
kind of go with my instinct. And the artists that
I’m gonna take through… …is gonna be… …Sheldon. Sheldon, congratulations! You’re going through! How do you feel about
going up against each other? I don’t know, there’s something
like this weird connection here. Yeah.
– I don’t know… She sings a bit different
for her age and so do I. Oh, thank you. For you, Sheldon… …you think far too much
about what you do. Yeah. And you’ve got to watch… …that you don’t allow kind of drama of…
– Yeah. …what you’re wearing
and what’s on your face… …to sort of take over
the performance. Yeah. Dial it in a bit,
like, bring it back. Strip it back. I think the thing I’m scared of
is really facing that demon. And going up there
and really just being myself. Not faking anything at all. Being genuine, being honest
and just putting myself out there. Nice, I like the arrangement. I really felt like Sheldon
really shined. There were times I felt like
this song kind of took a flat note… …and then you were
the one to pull it right back up. And I found that
really impressive. You really are very special. You’ve just got that
superstar quality. And I think that as long
as you stay authentic. And keep it real to you… …then you’ll be unstoppable. You’re very, very talented. Thank you so much. In this moment,
I’m gonna choose… …Sheldon. Sheldon is, you know,
a beautiful little butterfly. With a hint of drama. Hi, how are you?
– I’m good, thank you. But suffers with
a little bit of self confidence. How are you feeling about
this whole experience? I don’t know,
a bit shaken by a few things. I don’t know,
I think a lot of people… …look at me and think:
‘ah make up…’, you know? …’getting through because
of his clothes’… …and that kind of thing,
but it’s just not… You know, that’s not it? Who said that?
This is stuff online? Yeah. It’s hard, reading comments like that. Especially knowing how
hard I’ve worked for it. I’m just sitting here going:
‘what else do I have to do… …to prove myself?’ I think you’ve got to really
stop worrying about… …what other people think. And enjoying the fact that
you’ve made it to the lives. Yeah, right? For Sheldon’s first
live performance… …I’ve given him Radiohead, ‘Creep’. Which is an anthem. You really need
to find the sensitivity… …in the beginning
of this song. And I feel like you just
got to bring a real fragility to it You know? And… ‘Cause you’re very nervous. Yeah. It’s just a bit scary when somebody,
who’s so amazing… …can see right through you. Don’t worry about, how people
are gonna judge you… …what they’re gonna think… You’ve got to make this magical. Yeah. We’re going into
the live shows. And if you’re nervous now… What’s it gonna be like
on the Live? You know how to use your voice… So all of that like… “I’m nervous”, I know you’re not
underneath it all… …because you are
a true performer. Yeah. You know what I mean? So you have to trust
every instinct you have. You have to. You were awesome.
– Thank you. You were awesome. Thank you. It’s a really interesting
moment for Sheldon… You know, because I think
he’s been really struggling… …to sort of find
that acceptance… …and he walked in today
dressed as Frida Kahlo… …you know? That’s so exciting! But putting on that mask… …is a way of kind of protecting
yourself from the world. But do you ever feel like
you need to wear a mask? Is that kind of part of… …of why you do
what you do? It’s a bit confronting
hearing George ask me… …if I’m wearing a mask or not. For me my mask
was not all this. My mask was
putting on a hoodie… …covering up my face
and sneaking past people We need to… …sort of send
out the message… …you know,
‘I like who I am’. Yeah. And I want to encourage you
to like who you are as well. I face my demons
with George’s mentoring… …and I think now
it’s time to get up there… …and show everyone
I’m here to sing.. …I’m here to inspire… …and I’m here
to spread some love. You’re taking people
into a fantasy world… …and you do it beautifully, Sheldon.
– Thank you. My struggle is, is that…
what I want to say is that, you know… Anybody up here has…
is here in long-term careers… …is about reputation. So be… what you’re
selling and saying… …make sure you live as well. You know? Make sure that
when you’re behind the scenes… …that you, if you feel that… …and you say
‘your scars are beautiful’ to people. Now I’m just saying… …you’ve got a beautiful family
up there and everything… I just want to know the real Sheldon,
the real, real Sheldon. I’ve worked so much
with George and Delta… Yeah. This journey has
been massive to me. I didn’t love myself before… …and honestly, if we
can speak honestly… …I didn’t love myself before… …so it’s a definite,
massive journey. …and I’m starting to
learn to love it… One of the great things
about this world of music… …is that we get to be
who the hell we want to be… Absolutely. …and I didn’t like myself
when I was like 17 year old… …so I became Boy George. And you know what?
You are such a shining example of… Thank you. Not only of…
You’re so fun to watch. You’re, you know, an example of how
Australia has completely changed. You know, and all the work
that I started 30 years ago. I just, it just makes me
so proud to watch you. So you know,
I don’t know who I am. You know what I mean?
That’s the whole fun of being… …able to dress up and
show off and entertain people. George gave me
‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’… …by Cyndi Lauper. And he really wants to… …put his own kind of
personality into that… …but he didn’t sound like
he was having fun… It was just too…
too weird. If I say something’s weird
you’re in trouble. So far away from the original
that it’s unrecognizable. I mean it’s sort of… Yes it’s just too Goth. It’s a little bit too
dragged out for me Is the idea there though? It’s a long way from where
I think it should be right now. Will I stay clear from a… …five people elimination with
a beat though? He was not happy. Something that’s really big
in music today is… …switching stuff up massively. Look you’re not talking to someone
who doesn’t understand music. I’m just telling you that
was my idea… No, no, hold on. You want to do that and
you think it’s gonna work… …but I’m not convinced
it’s gonna work. George has supported me
for so long. And I’m disappointed in myself. That I may have possibly
disappointed somebody today. You really do have to trust me.
– I do. So like to change
the song to… Katy Perry, ‘Rise’. Alrighty. Sheldon is very unique. Well done, baby. He’s a makeup
department’s dream… …wardrobe department’s dream He’s modern Australia. Tell me what this has
been like for you… It’s been the hardest thing
I’ve done so far. In what respect though? I just… I think I came in saying:
‘everyone love yourself’… …and stuff.
And I’ve… I think The Voice has
made me understand… …that I’ve had to do
that for myself. I think for you this has been,
you know, a sort of revelation. Reflecting on my time
on The Voice… It hasn’t been
all smiles and rainbows… …there’s been lots of
break down moments… …lots of
breakthrough moments. Just sitting here
now I’m realizing… …how big this experience
really has been… …and how much
work I’ve put into… …you know, Sheldon Riley. The second artist… Who does not have enough votes
to win The Voice this year… …Sheldon from Team George. George thank you so much… Well done,
you’ve done yourself proud.

Yvette Parker


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