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  1. Just what I thought, a low flying, undernourished, duck. What we have here is a chiropractor who thinks he is an expert in internal medicine, chemistry, and human metabolism. In reality, we have a talented barker, a marketeer selling his cure-alls and snake oils to the gullible public. You just got to love capitalism! Where else can a man park his wagon full of apothecary delights, part with his horse Buttercup, and hop on the Internet to peddle his dubious wares? No longer fearful of tar and feathers, he hides yet, behind a firewall as he peddles an unsubstantiated path for those so desperate, and those so insecure. He is a chiropractor and not a doctor of medicine – internal of otherwise, and certainly not a credentialed Nutritionist from an accredited medical school. In my opinion, he is practicing medicine without the required license(s). As a medical professional, I thing he is all quacked up in the head.

  2. What is the best way to improve stomach acid.. why does the body produce less?

  3. Thanks Doc, can you please do a video on kidney disease and how to get off of dialysis.

  4. Dr Schmidt, I think you might have saved my dog, or at least prolonged her life and raised her quility of life! She has melonoma and it was eating her nose down through her sinuses to her lymph nodes. In this video you said, "Keto Pet Sanctuary". I thinking, "WHAT??", Then, "Why not? Cancer eats sugar not ketones!" My dog has been in ketosis for 3 weeks, her cancer has stopped growing and seems to be reversing. This is just too amazing!! Thank you so much Dr Schmidt!

  5. The one or the other energy source makes so much sense! Simplisticly it just seems that having too much of both at the same time is the major problem like cheesecake at 50% sugar and 50% fat! or sweet and sour pork! So avoid having fats and high carbs at the same time. Would that be a good start?

  6. Greatly appreciate the "name dropping", Dr. I'll be keeping that list for myself as well but you may have only missed one, although not a Dr himself, but a specialist in my opinion who is highly knowledgeable & passionate about educating ppl; Mr Tony Pantalleresco.

  7. Dr Schmidt please do videos focusing on stomach cancer pancreatic cancer lymphoma and leukemia

  8. How can I contact with you please I need help on your product where can I get them at the same time I want to tell you about me so if your product work for me please

  9. is there a test for lactic acidosis? can it be detected with an oxygen saturation meter ? my oxygen sat levels are normally 93-95 but lately have been 98-100 after getting into ketosis for a few weeks and supplementing with cataplex B and cyruta. BP is still pretty high at 155/80, how long does it usually take to see BP drop on keto? I have lost the extra weight but BP is still on high side most of the time. LDL is climbing fast too (100+ rise in 3 weeks of keto) , going to try carnitine next. Thanks for all the great info.

  10. Dr.Schmidt ,I like your vids,I have been sick and done alot of research!.I would like to know where your opinion on the effects of heavy metal poisoning and it's negative effects on cellular health via cellular starvation of essential minerals?

  11. How to I get a cronometer app for my android? I tried Mercola's website per your suggestion in one of your videos but only got video how to use. Watched so many of your videos this morning, my brain needs a long walk for it to "digest" all the good information.

  12. Hey, Dr. Schmidt: Do you recall any of your patients dealing with Peyronie's and the accompanying scar tissue? If so, do you have a protocol that can help? Thus far, I've heard some claim that regular, topical application of Castor Oil might help, if followed 1-2 times daily for at least three months. Perhaps strong proteolytic enzymes?

  13. I’m a vegan who eats eggs. I’ve lost 31 pounds following keto. I’m high fat low carb. Work out 90 min a day, 6x week and do 5 hrs of massage or more 5x a week. Lots of energy. It works for me. I’ll never go back!!!! Charting my macros daily helped me fine tune. I’m also pushing 60, don’t look it at all. It’s all about a healthy lifestyle

  14. I appreciate all your study and hard work. Thanks for your knowledge! Sometimes, addressing the naysayers is a dead-end street. Anyone, who is honest and not trying to prove a point, can see the depth of your study and your willingness to help others. I would say that there might be more legitimately researched information from the past than today's pseudo, financial and market-driven studies. The textbooks of the past certainly raised an industrious generation or two compared to today's textbooks which are short on truth, logic, and critical thinking. Thanks for your work. I have my own health issues that I'm trying to address and I'm glad that I happened onto your channel.

  15. Dr. Schmidt, HOw does veganism help lactic acidosis unless they are avoiding digestible carbs.

  16. Doc, I have swollen legs, angles and feet. What can be done?

  17. Dr schmidt please do a video about how both keto and veganism address lactic acidosis

  18. Hi doc. I appreciate the compilation of resources and I appreciate you!!!

  19. Wow… this is amazing! Thank for bringing together all these link and resources. Wow.
    Thank you so much for all your knowledge, honesty and generosity!!
    It is greatly appreciated and has helped me tons.

  20. You are very knowledgeable and we appreciate your videos and the fact that you share years of research and things you'd learnd with us. It's amazing how now a days almost every one in the world can get access to all this important and very useful information. Thank you so much!

  21. You come across as very genuine. Love from Switzerland.

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