GDG Organizers Summit – Goa 2017

SPEAKERS 1 and 2: GDG Mumbai! SPEAKER 3: [NON-ENGLISH] to all. I am from GDG Jalandhar. SPEAKER 4: As a community
we are a family, and we learn a lot
of things together, and we share it
with the community. SPEAKER 5: It’s a good
opportunity for networking. We get the exposure
which we’d never get from any other organization. SPEAKER 6: Hello, everyone. AUDIENCE: Hello! SPEAKER 7: How many of you guys
are Android developers here? I thought as much. The majority. SPEAKER 8: Looks like
you guys are already big fans of Firebase. SPEAKER 9: I’m going to explain
to you how you can get started with [INAUDIBLE],
because, you know, you will go back and
hopefully build one agent. SPEAKER 10: To all
the women out there, let’s get to work, ladies. It’s high time that we
start coming forward, because we’re good
at it, and there shouldn’t be anything
that’s holding us back. SPEAKER 11: Being with
GDG is really good. Google India rocks! [MUSIC PLAYING]

Yvette Parker


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