Goa Grocery Haul Nov 16

welcome to my youtube channel today i’m doing a grocery haul video I’ve seen quite a few keystrokes revolve videos from around the world but I haven’t really seen one goolwa that’s where I’m from it’s a tiny dog on the south west coast of india which was made popular by the piece of the sixties and seventies so it’s festival season here and we just woke up and thought go out shopping because we’ve been seeing a lot of authors and the people and video why not so big bazaar set up shop and go in and they have two outlets in the north and south goa so we decided to visit the SVD fashion bazaar in Margo where we bought a bit of clothes for my kids and three kids and after that evening we went to the north we went over maybe shopping big bazaar we spend a total of fourteen thousand four hundred and we go where few points for that and the other gotten free gifts so i’m going to show you what we got a FB be fashionably bizarre it wasn’t exactly after our expectations because I expected a lot of friends a human wrangle you have his land and the other stores in India but the store and Margo had limited stocks didn’t have a lot of sizes and they had just two grand in the fitness category and my daughter really want to get shots and all the t-shirts were no swimming but we just managed to get a few so she wants to do a second video for the grocery haul up for the the clothes are so i’m not going to actually show you the clothes but by the time we finished it was quite late and we were all very hungry so we stopped by a small scene but it was a bit of us adults and we ate our picnic lunch I need some salsa lon they didn’t want to go looking for a stone tile and we really enjoyed our picnic and then drove home and got the pits very top the middle school because they had swimming everyday from four to seven party and after swimming we decided that one heart is not enough so when the glory and with a grocery haul yeah i was a bit skeptical about the prices though is I know that Max’s good prices methods very low prices but we decided to give it a try I realized prices were the same as the other shops or the tile but they had died of the bajaj finance limited soul they had this awful when you buy all the groceries and then be using the bajaj finance side which means that you get to feed in three installments you like we’re all at once so let me show you what we got a victim 10 of please visit instance you just added the part water and started and its really good for those emergencies when you come home we don’t usually have this but just for emergencies I picked up 400gms block of cheese and some dark soy sauce Ching This is quite good compared to the other brands some green chili sauce some ginger garlic paste turmeric powder i also got the whole turmeric I have been looking for this a lot but I could never get into supermarkets this is the first time i saw it package this week so I picked it up because you know that this is pure where as the powder can sometimes be contaminated or mixed with additives i really like the whole turmeric then we got five liters of oil which we use for deep-frying sweets or savories but for all my other cooking I use coconut oil because we Goans have been using coconut oils for centuries and we make it ourselves at the mill so it’s pure fresh and homemade I got this huge box of Glucon-D because I like to add this to the water bottle when my kids go swimming just for a bit of energy I’ve got some chili powder Kashmiri chili powder which is a bit mild i bought some ghee and i like to use this pure ghee because it is lactose free whereas butter does have milk solids and so it has lactose I got 5 kgs of sugar, I got a huge pack of Chocos My kids love Chocos and I got some red lentils we use these occasionally in soups and sometimes just as a curry I got raw peanuts nuts, Penuts are very good for swimmers so I try to use them in my gravies or salads or everyone posting them in the oven I haven’t really tried that but I want to try it out this time i got some local beans these are very good for health I’ve got some kidney beans the dark ones in the light ones got the moong beans which we sprout and we also put just as into gravy i cook these every day for breakfast because when my daughter comes from the morning workouts she needs the extra nutrition so we become quite nutrition consciousness since the time she she started competitive swimming three years ago this is salt these are just franks cheese slices, roast and ground coffee we shifted to this from instant coffee i usually used to use instant coffee but it’s quite expensive and we end up using a lot of it so I’ve shifted to the ground roasted coffee beans and i really like the favor of this will avoid the water i add some a small stick of cinnamon so that prevents the acidity that you usually get from coffee but my husband’s not so fond of it so maybe I’ll buy some coffee later and we also got this Yogurt in four different flavors i haven’t tried this is a new brand says Nilgiris low-fat fruity or buy three and get one free so that’s the yogurt and I’m got 16 liters of milk this is cow’s milk the red most of the milk is cows and buffaloes mixed but there are some brands that which gives you specific cow’s milk and this is a little lighter on the stomach so I prefer cows milk we consume quite a bit of this because after workouts my gives me to consume some milk protein powder I’ve got a 10 kg bag of wheat flour I use wheat flour everything I avoid using a maida or refined flour i used the ‘Atta’ we call it Atta over here basically whole wheat flour and i use it to make crepes, pan cakes, cup cakes everything I’ve got 25 kgs of rice / you know we consume only 15 kilos a month and the whole thing the groceries and clothes all it all came to Rs 13,400 so we got a free gift actually it was not a free gift entirely we read in the papers as a free gift but then it turned out you have to pay some amount so we had to pay 200 it was apparently 800 and we also got this we have to be another 200 for these glass jars he said it was worth 600 so if we consider the free gifts i guess it was a good deal even though the prices were a little higher compared to Magsons the sugars was the branded Sugar that i usually buy from Magsons is 40 bucks on this offer around 50 Rupees over there so I just got for one that they pack loosely which was 40 the oil there was a new brand which was introduced so i got this little cheaper and the rest of the things were pretty much the sameso the prices weren’t really lower but we have the advantage of paying with the card in 3 installments three monthly installments so that and the free gift probably made it worth it and this is the first time that we’ve used this offer and I don’t think a lot of people were really aware of it because when we went to Margao to the Fashion Big Baazar store I realized he might not be aware of it so I told him this is our monthly installment EMI card and he said yes yes and and then you try to swipe it and he wanted to select the savings or current account so I knew something was wrong and I told him it is an EMI card but apparently we were the first people to use this facility the offer been on for the whole month and we went on the 27th but we were the first people use the bajaj finance limited offer at big bazaar so then he called up his superior and he guided him over the phone and the thing was finally done the guy in Porvorim was aware of it he didn’t know the procedure but at least he was aware of it so he watched a video and you know while he was watching the video be did the billing so that was fine and will I go to Big Baazar Again again i don’t know maybe fashion big bazaar yes i like i like the clothes but there wasn’t much of a variety the fashion Big Baazar in Panjim seem to have a lot more were as the store in Margao didn’t have sizes really my son is seven six to seven years and they had clothes in five to six years they’ had clothes in7 to 8 years but not a single pair of trousers i’m looking for trousers and we didn’t have a single pair of trousers in that size so when we went to Big Bazaar in Panjim I found trousers in his size so i picked a couple over there yeah so all in all it was a fun day it was 10 by the time we were done we were tired we were fagged out so we just picked up some burgers and some fried chicken and drove home and then couldn’t even eat so we just crashed so that’s it from me thank you for watching the video if you have any comments click the link below I’d be happy to answer any questions you have and if you liked the video give me a thumbs up do subscribe bye

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  1. Thanks. There is nothing much online for authentic goan cuisine so would really appreciate if you can start it. Goan cuisine is so delicious but people don't know much about it.

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