Goan Style Usal Pav – उसळ पाव | Recipe by Archana in Marathi | Easy Goan Breakfast / Street Food

Namaste! Welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani with Archana! Today’s tasty delight is a Goa special recipe! Today, I will show you breakfast that is loved and
relished by people in Goa, ‘Goan style Usal Pav’! For the ‘usal’ (gravy) we need to
prepare a masala paste. So, let’s take 1 tbsp oil. Next, let’s add a finely chopped onion.. ..and keep the other chopped onion
to serve with the usal. And then, add 4 tbsp grated fresh coconut. Now, let’s roast it well. This is done roasting, let’s grind it now. let’s switch off the stove. Let’s add some water to it as we will
need water while grinding too. I am adding 1 tsp garam masala powder to it. And now, let’s grind it in a mixer. Masala paste is ready! Now, let’s heat some oil. 2 to 3 tbsp oil. Let the oil heat for a while. Oil is hot enough. Let’s add an onion to the oil
that was chopped and kept aside. Next, let’s add half a tsp turmeric powder. Now, let’s add the ground masala paste. Let’s add some water.. ..and mix it well. Let it come to a boil. Mixture has nicely come to a boil. It’s time to add these white peas to it. Soak these overnight and next morning cook
them in a pressure cooker for 3 to 4 whistles. Let’s add them now. These are 250 grams of white peas. Let’s add some water to the mixture. Approximately half a cup water. I am adding pulp of lemon sized tamarind
soaked in water and later squeezed. Next, let’s add 2 tbsp red chilli powder. Bit of jaggery, for some sweet taste. You can avoid adding it if you do not like it. Salt to taste. Make sure you add comparatively less salt
as we already added some to the white peas. And now, let’s mix it well. Let peas cook well and meanwhile
we will prepare potato sabzi. Usually, this potato sabzi is served
with this usal. So, let’s heat the oil. 3 tbsp oil. Let the oil heat for a while. Oil is hot enough, let’s add half tsp
mustard seeds. Next, half tsp turmeric powder. And now, 3 chopped green chillies. We have 250 grams of potatoes,
boiled, peeled and sliced, let’s add them. Salt to taste.. ..and some coriander. Let’s add some coriander to this mixture too. Let’s mix the potatoes. Potato sabzi is ready, let’s switch
off the stove. Let’s check if peas are done. This is ready too. Our Goan style Usal and potato sabzi is ready! Goan style Usal Pav is ready to relish! You too try it.. ..and what else to do? Keep watching Ruchkar Mejwani!

Yvette Parker


  1. tai tamcha gas stove kutlya company cha ahe mala mazya mummy la bday gift deyeche

  2. hiiii taiiii….. aap Kaiser's Aap Kaiser ittana time Kaiser nikathe hooo….but very nice…. tai

  3. I love ur recipes ma'am! pls show us more tasty maharashtrian dishes …..love your cooking!!!

  4. I'm from Goa, and I can tell you, this is not how we make this preparation. We don't call it usal!! It's called 'Tondak' in Konkani

  5. It's chana TONDAK not usal.. Usal recipe in goa is different.. But patato bhaji looks yum..

  6. aunty plzzz show khandeshi recepie
    ..I follow your recepies…and it's always cum best..

  7. I'm so happy this has English subtitles thank you. I still love the videos as I try to guess the ingredience but to read the subtitles is a lot of help

  8. Mast Archana tai, nice to hear Konkani from you. Please also show recipes without onion and lasun

  9. धन्यवाद अर्चना जी
    आपण दाखवलेले मेजवानी मी नेहमी बघतो आणि ते बनवायला मला आवडतो आणि गम्मत अशी आहे कि हे हे सर्व पदार्थ मीच बनवतो आणि माझं बायको ला ते खायाला आवडतो सर्व नवीन डिश पहिले मीच बनवतो नंतर ती माझ्या कडना शिकून घेते।

  10. heyy!! My Mom Tried Urs Recipe of Usal, Misal nd Chole.Mast and Tasty Jhale Hote. Thanxx ♥♥

  11. Wowie.. I'm so glad you spoke in Konkani :)… bare disle…. and usal (tondak) looks amazing.

  12. ताई तुम्ही वाटाणे शिजवताना मीठ घालण्यास सांगता त्यामागील कारण काय?

  13. खुपच छान
    तुम्ही बनवलेली रेसीपी

  14. Thanks for speaking in Konkani. बरें दिसलें. देव बरें करू.

  15. Safed vatane shijvatana ektar ragda hoto or ardhe kache rahtat and ardhe ragda hota. Sagle vyavstith and n phutta shijvnyasathi trick sanga pls.

  16. M definitely trying this today…. I enjoy the way you cook ….Thank you….Jesus bless you.

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