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What was the name of that store we passed on our way here? Grandpa, shall we go to the nearby Nadeem Mobile? Nadeem? I used to give tuitions to his son and he didn’t even invite me for his wedding! Grandpa, how about Shivam Mobile? He always loses in the local society elections. No, not from him. Grandpa… no no, not Patil. He didn’t even send me the calendar for this year. Grandpa… Hmm? Shall we go to Cellular Joint? They have a good rating and also open till 10 PM. Who is this…? Whether it’s ratings or offers, just ask the Google app and get information on all the businesses near you. Oh Gattu? So this is your shop…?

Yvette Parker


  1. Why your all stories in Hindi? Please start a new youtube chanel for 60% of non-Hindi speakers in India.

  2. Google tujhe teri maa ki kasam ye add mat bata bar bar dimag ki maa chod diya is buddhe ne

  3. dun know why but srsly got irritated by this old man..!!!! plz google stop it 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  5. This is the best ads ever.. Googlr India never stops making beautiful ads.
    U will never wanna skip Google ads ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Love this video, can you please add this restaurant https://g.co/kgs/6PcgKf to your next Google App video, they have great listing. ✌️

  7. Ye ghatia ad har video me aata hai bc.maine sirf gaali dene ke liye ye video search kiya.dekho meri mehnat aur lagan!

  8. chhi had h isse ghatiya ad maine aajtak nhi dekhi thu ye to google ka demotion kara dega

  9. Please stop this add. In return, I will buy and use all of your Google products. Please if you want, I'll give away my property if you stop this add

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