Halloween in Kokura, Kitakyushu! 2018

Alright Chikifam, I’m here in Kokura and I’m about to go into Kyomachi and Uomachi Since Halloween this year is on a Wednesday, it’s like everybody is out here on Sunday. What is today? The 28th? Everybody is out here on the 28th in full costume effect like it’s Halloween today. So it’s Halloween out here right now. So we’ll walk around and see who’s wearing a costume. That’s a straight up dude. You know you was looking at those legs though you filthy pervert, I know you was. I don’t know, maybe as we get further into Uomachi, we’ll see more people in costume I don’t know. Maybe the people there at the very entrance was the most we’ll ever see? I don’t know. But! We’re still not that deep in there yet so let’s keep going. I tried to wave at those girls and they didn’t even look but ok. Hello hello hello. Hello hello! Is it Halloween? Halloween? It’s Halloween right? I should find myself a costume. Alright, so now we’re in Uomachi proper. And I don’t see anybody else in costume so I dunno. We’ll keep walking all the way to Tanga Ichiba and we’ll see what we see. Oh here we go. Halloween! Yay! Yeahhhh. Halloween!
Girl: Have a nice day! Yeah! Have a nice day!
Girl: Have a nice day! Yeah. Have a nice day. Have a nice Halloween. Let’s uhh, oh dude, I see some Minions over here. All the way the heck down there. Alright, so I guess this is where the Halloween hype is at, right here. Awww, I wanted to photobomb them so bad. Happy Halloween! Oh look at this guy! Chris: So scary Happy Halloween! Oh look at this guy, look at this guy right here. Chris: High five! High five! Chris: Gimme five! Hold on one second. Are you a Warriors fan? He’s asking me if I’m a Warriors fan. What do you think? I hate the Warriors. What!? What?? What?? He said he hates the Warriors! I like the Spurs. He likes sports (I mean the Spurs) but he hates the Warriors. No no no no. I’m just kidding! Heyheyhey!! Whoaaa whoa whoa he’s touching me! Whoa whoa whoa! Whoa, you gotta watch this guy’s hands this guy is dangerous man. Are you a Youtuber? Put yo hands up! Yeah!! Oppai oppai oppai! Show us your oppai! Oppai? Show you my oppai? Chris: Bare oppai! Hold on. You wanna see my bare oppai? Okay. Rub my, rub my, rub my, rub my OPPAI! Rub my, rub my, rub my, rub my OPPAI! Fantastic baby! Wow! That’s wrong. That’s no good. Wow. Chris: Happy Halloween!
Girl: Happy Halloween!! Trick or treat! Chris: Okay, now show us yours! Chris: Okay, what about you? I don’t have any. Chris: You don’t have any? Yeah you do I don’t have any. I don’t have any boobs. A minus. Triple A. I have oppai I have oppai too I have oppai too 💜 Can somebody touch me already? Chris: No I am not gonna touch you 😂 Kid: Can I splash this on you?
Guy: Sure go ahead I got some footage on here. Hello hello bye bye! Hello hello bye bye! Hey, you guys speak english? Guy: Are you a youtuber?
Girl: No English! Chris: I am a youtuber.
Guy: Youtuber!! Ahh my trash flew away! Will you subscribe to my channel? Tell me your channel name. Look for Chris Sakura. I hate the Warriors. Hold up, why you even talking to me then? Why would you talk to me?
Bunny man: Just kidding Chris: Ok, who do you like then? Who do you like? Bunny guy I am a San Antonio Spurs fan.
Chris The Spurs are WEAK this year! Bunny guy: Oh hell no this guy didn’t!
Chris: Straight weak. Weaaaak. Chris: What about the Lakers? Chris: What about Lebron? Lebron?
Bunny guy: The Lakers aren’t developed yet. Chris: Yeah they aren’t quite there yet but Lebron is gonna turn it up pretty soon, right? Yeah, he is the best. Make no mistake about it. But let me say this. *$%&*%#^[email protected]# Okay, so we’re in Uomachi and this guy. I saw this guy He saw my hat, he was asking me if I’m a Warriors fan right And he was telling me that he hates the Warriors right And then now he has something to say to the whole world. What do you have to say? FORGET KD

Yvette Parker


  1. 性的に見えるサムネイルに釣られて思わずクリックしてしまったけど、男かよ!

  2. Bro, I am SO up for heading to Japan to meet you.

    It's just so damn far and I barely have the time off work now 🙁

    Got money though which should help, just don't know if I'll ever have enough disposable to cover those long-ass flights and shit.

    Ima investigate over Christmas, fam xx

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