Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Journey to the Cave scene (HD)

Oh, Harry. You need to shave, my friend. You know, at times… I forget how much you’ve grown. At times, I still see the small boy from the cupboard. Forgive my mawkishness, Harry. I’m an old man.
– You still look the same to me, sir. Just like your mother, you are unfailingly kind. A trait people never fail to undervalue, I’m afraid. The place to which we journey tonight
is extremely dangerous. I promise you for the company of me
and I stand by that promise. But there is one condition… You must obey every command
I give you without question. Yes, sir. You do understand what I’m saying. Should I tell you to hide, you hide. Should I tell you to run, you run. Should I tell you to abandon me and save yourself,
you must do so. Your word, Harry. My word. Take my arm. Sir, I thought you couldn’t
Apparate within Hogwarts. Well, being me has its privileges. This is the place. Oh, yes… This place has known magic. Sir!
– In order to gain passage, payment must be made. Payment intended to weaken any intruder. You should have let me, sir.
– Oh no, Harry. Your blood’s much more precious than mine.

Yvette Parker


  1. Two things are not potterian here: 1st, "Being me has its privileges" (seriously now, did Jo approve this line?) and 2nd, Gambon's Dumbledore lacks the dumbledorian finesse of Harris' Dumbledore . But the scene overall is magical and the music… ah the music. Goosebumps!

  2. Happy 80th Birthday Jack Nicholson will he play Harry Potter in the next sequel?

  3. One of my most fav scenes. Finally I found it, thanks for posting it. I am Dumbledore's man through and through. I love this 'You need to shave my friend..'

  4. "Sir I thought you couldnt apparate within Hogwarts?"

    "Well, being me has its privileges"

  5. I've been to the Cliffs of Moher (where they filmed this) and never realized until I watched this again

  6. just imagine to go there as a little kid- a muggle- side-by-side with voldemort. they were there only to being his guinea pig..for the first time in hp series, i felt the true horror of voldemort -as it should be.

  7. Harry – "But sir i thought you couldn't apparate within Hogwarts"
    Dumbledore – "Bitch i'm Dumbledore."

  8. I don’t get why people dislike Gambons portrayal of Dumbledore. Harris was great in the first two because it was slower paced and requires a less dominating figure. Whereas Gambons portrays Dumbledore with strength and character which was needed in the final films. It wouldn’t make sense to have a feeble, soft spoken Dumbledore when you need strength of character and voice to convey meaning in some of these scenes. I think he was marvelous

  9. How did they enter the cave if, they were standing on an islet like 100 meters away from the cave itself?

  10. I haven’t read the book in years so I have two questions that’s bugging me.
    1. In the book, doesn’t Harry go many journeys with Dumbledore, as he teaches him about things relating to Voldermort?
    2. Is the movie correct by making this the last journey before Dumbledore is killed? I can’t quite remember

  11. it never occured to me that Dumbledore was saying his goodbyes to Harry by telling him hoe much hes grown

  12. imagine what Harry would have seen if he took the potion dombledor took in the cave please comment

  13. I always cry at how much Dumbledore values and loves Harry so much to be so humble and think that he would be less than Harry.

  14. This scene demonstrates one of the benefits of living by an ocean.
    Every now and again, usually during hurricanes or other stormy weather, the waves DO churn and smash like this 😀 and it is a sight to behold when it happens.

  15. I kind of miss seeing this bit but it`s strange that this takes place shortly before Dumbledore`s death.

  16. Oh Harry…. you need to shave, my friend.

    ( Now with English & Dutch subtitles! 😄 )

  17. "Well, being me has its privileges"

    One of the best line of the whole franchise. Michael Gambon was a perfect choice (better than Harris for me).

  18. Just how the fuck did Voldemort know about that place??

  19. Note to self, never pick a sentimental place to hide your insurance policy when seeking world domination. Why didn't Tom Riddle simply drop his Horcruxes in some random place instead of choosing locations where his presence had been well documented?

  20. My god, now it truly strikes me how much Dumbledore’s death would have struck Harry… Such a shame that the wizarding world lost such a wise and all knowing man.

  21. I thought this was about wizards eating weird candy’s and suddenly all the got a-whole dark and death.

  22. Would have been nice if you didn't have the stupid box in the middle of the screen at the end. I couldn't see the ending part. Please remove that box.

  23. Dumbledore: You need to shave, boy.

    Me: No, you do! Dumbly-dore😂

  24. "being me has its privileges" right, so deatheaters don't apparate into the castle out of respect for a rule, rather than due to physicalmagical impossibility

  25. Harry: "Are we actually going to attempt to swim to that opening?"
    Dumbledore: "Do you see the size of these waves?! Of course not!"
    Harry: "So why are we on this rock?"
    Dumbledore: "Epic establishing shot"

  26. I just realized that Dumbledore almost sounds like Snape for some reason

  27. "You still look the same to me, sir." -Harry

    Just ignore the fact that Dumbledore had an actor change.

  28. 1:40 That scene and music is so epic. For those of us who read the books it meant we knew what was coming next and for those who watch the movies it now carries the same weight.

    Love these movies 4ever!! Innl

  29. ”Payment intended to weaken any intruder” how about you give the knife instead? that certainly will make you weaker if someone attacks you and you dont have anything to deffend yourself with…

    idk tho xd

  30. Harry: Sir, i thought you couldn't Apparate within Hogwarts.

    Dumbledore: The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

  31. This actor finally found the perfect balance of the Dumbledore character! I think this was the best performance of the latter Dumbledore.

  32. At the beginning of this video Gambon was spot on as dumbledore. So calm, humble and kind.

  33. I was never sure about Gambon as Dumbledore, but he is flawless in these scenes in Half blood prince

  34. One of my favorite scenes of all the movies

  35. 1:39 – 1:59 if this isn't what I want a Dark Souls movie to be like…

  36. You need to shave, my friend… i forget how much youve grown…
    Words said by 100 year old gay wizard to 17 year old boy…..
    It seems rather weird…..

  37. Michael Gambon made up for his performance in Goblet of Fire with this film.

  38. "Being me has it's privileges" – Dumbledore of the books would never say something like that.

  39. bruh the dialogue at the beginning to me seems like life repeating itself. With Dumbledore saying to do exactly what he says , saying to abandon him and save yourself , sounds kinda like Regulus

  40. Only headmasters coulde apparete and dissaparete but didnt voldemort dissaparete in deatlhy Hallows part 2 in hogwarts

  41. Dumbledore: you need to shave, my friend

    Harry: oh yeah? Look who’s talking!

    Also 2:40 did you know printer ink is more precious than blood in general ? It actually costs more.

  42. Can't stop watching this scene again and again.
    Perfect timing and dialogue that ends on a great "punchline".
    Folowed by an epic orchestral drop and an amazing establishing shot.

  43. Harry: “sir, wouldn’t it have been better to apperate inside the cave?”

    Dumbledore: “…shit…”


  44. How can dumbledore apoarate in hogwarts? Cuz he is the headmaster? Or he is too powerfull wizzard?

  45. I was randomly playing all my music and this song came on and I saw the title as the music dropped and I almost cried.

  46. In the book, they swam to the mouth of the cave. I wish to have seen a 'perfect breaststroke' of Dumbledore!

  47. 2:07 the Cave of Intimidation. That’s scariest, most intimidating entrance to a cave… ever!

  48. ‘Well, being me has its privileges’

    Another way of saying: Well, bitch. I’m Dumbledore the headmaster I can do whatever I want 😌😉

  49. Any orphanage that takes its kids for picnics to such horrifying islands with sharp, jutting cliffs; will only nurture magic Hitlers.

  50. I wonder could Dumbledore feel anything on his cursed hand and maby why he chose to cut that hand

  51. Hermione to Ron: How many times do I have to tell you? You can't apparate within Hogwarts!
    Dumbledore: Apparate in and out like a boss!

  52. 'You still look the same to me sir'
    Not at all like you were played by another actor 4 movies ago.

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