Just made it to Kakamega. Damon and Jo we made it to Kakamega We just spent the past 24 hours in Nairobi, where I learned many things. Number one reapply the sunscreen every two hours We’re here because we partnered with LifeStraw and you already know the importance of staying hydrated and chocolated We’re here with LifeStraw to help with safe drinking water We all have these bottles if you don’t know if the water that you’re drinking is safe, you put the water in here this filter Takes up all the impurities Place the filter inside and drink the water. For every lifestyle bottle that’s sold They basically duplicate that and give it to Kenyan children that needs safe drinking water. We’re gonna be installing these filtration systems We’re gonna be dancing with the kids now. We have six days here, so we’re gonna bring you along with us. Let’s go Hi Carol. Nice to meet you Carol My name is Damon Damon Damon. My name is Damon, and I am from Kenya. No, I’m just kidding Can you say it again? Good morning Damon and Jo. Good morning! Oh, they’re screaming Look they’re all hanging out of the windows So do we go? We go. They’re so excited. They’re so happy Damon and Jo arrive at the first school I like trip and fall in front of everybody Damon’s like the show stop right here. Stop. He is the only one of his kind they’re curious about me I’m more curious about them I was about to say this is how the world becomes a smaller place. This is Jo’s dream to be a preschool teacher I think I need to get some water What’s so funny? They’re like who’s this chick? Do you have a song? School two! This boy whipping out a big bottle the only person struggling right now. All right You know what”s so funny they think we as Americans talk like this hi my name is Jo. Well you do. They did that for you, stupid. You know what’s also really cool about this program? We’re mixed in with Canyon so we always have these questions, and we go up and ask the Kenyans. They’re here to help Like the little foreigners What is a Santini sauna. A suntan, thank you Thank you so much. Yes. And they’re the ones who take care of these tanks throughout the year so even though we’ll leave the schools that are getting constructed community tanks are actually going to be assisted throughout the year for a commitment of five years Damon’s over here getting interviewed. It’s so funny. Look they’re so curious I was trying to explain that sometimes my skin gets red and burns then it hurts Hiiiii Who is that? It’s you Me?! What’s your name? Edwin. Edwin? Yes. Edwin These kids know that they need to stay hydrated. I see more canisters coming through with water. You see that? They’re all running to get water And they’re all just running because I think they want to run. Maybe you’re a home asking how they currently get their water. Jo there are a few different ways. They are they are currently drinking water that is completely unsafe because look behind us you see this rusty tin roof? On the other side of it There’s a rusty tin gutter that collects rainwater And it goes down into a huge black canister that just has stagnant, rusty water inside of it. Not good. Option two We’ve seen wells at schools. See option three, a lot of students bring water to school But still even that water, who knows if it’s safe? Because they fed you from rivers where an animal might have gone Dookie right before and then they get water that has typhoid cholera, and the students know. Like the students know the names of these diseases, like when was the last time a student in America knew what diseases come from water like we didn’t know. Because it effects their everyday life. That’s what they’re learning What is the value of 2a plus 3b if a equals two and b equals three? Safe water? So as the kids have the assembly we’re refilling these babies so that once their assembly is done they could all run over and get safe river water and look at this this water is completely clear and it looks clean, but that doesn’t mean that it’s safe We’re gonna show you. Bring it back to Algebra for everybody. All clean water is not safe, but is all safe water clean? Yes, yes, yes. Looks clean Except it’s not Look at the difference. safe This one’s like hazy. Looks not too good. This is not good Beautiful I just want you to know Do you wanna talk about that car ride. Every morning and every night, we wake up at 5:30 in the morning we get in the car by 6:30, and we are on a Rollercoaster ride on a dirt road for at least an hour and a half That’s our driver and hey he got us here on time so It doesn’t get any sweeter than this Welcome and welcome and welcome ! Did you see my goosebumps? So I have to go to the bathroom and all of a sudden everybody else does too, and then you hold the door for me What do you want to do when you grow up? a pilot? Yeah. Really? Another pilot Well, good luck in your studies Hiii All right well that circle happened quickly, and if you wondered what they learn in school Um. This ahhhhhhh wat Here they’re learning about agriculture and here it’s about religion. These are the school bathrooms. I’m going to show you what it looks like Man. So Okay, we have a special performance for everybody. We practice, yeah? (Macarena dance) Y’all heard nothing about the cotton eyed Jo though. What’s this one called Jo? This is the hokey pokey. This one is called the hokey-pokey What is this one called? Hokey-pokey. Okay It goes like this You put your right foot in you put your right foot out you put your right foot in and you shake it all about You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about You did great honey. This is just one big celebration. You know why? One million kids now have access to safe clean drinking water Thank you for everything that you do for this community So I’m standing there Standing mobbed By Kenyan children and I’m like I gotta perform So I’m gonna need everybody to stand up and I’m going to share with you this special dance that I think connects everybody. The Macarena. Hopefully this is the right version. Is this the Macarena? I don’t know if this is the Macarena 5 6 7 8 (Macarena Dance) I wasn’t expecting to party this much in Kenyan to be honest. But I’m ready for it Can we all, you guys too at home. Please. Can we all just take one moment one moment for the Kenyan warmth, the smiles Everything that LifeStraw has done this water bottle is changing lives. There’s a lot happening, okay? We are in the middle of rural Kenya here. This is a cow No, we just really want to thank LifeStraw for taking us on this trip. Every day we saw about five thousand kids have access to safe and clean drinking water well We’ve only been here for a week helping out what you need to know is that LifeStraw employs 40 full-time Kenyan local staff to keep checking up on these schools.Right so it’s not like you drop off the water filters and that’s it. They are getting surveillance It’s a commitment of five frickin years And you know how you can help at home you buy one of these water bottles. We gonna put the link in the description box below Thank you the LifeStraw for this amazing trip. We’ll see you next time Chickens are cooing. We’re on our way to the first school for day three, but we have to take a pit stop and pee in the bush Watch out for the rhinoceros in there Jo. They laugh. Okay. They’re just laughing at us.

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