How to Be a Travel Agent From Home – Reviews of Jobs & Requirements

how to be a travel agent from home what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
back with majestic travel and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about how to
become a travel agent working from home and i’ma share with you a couple tips
and resources on how you can do it fast and easily all right you do not want to
miss this we’ll be right back hi everybody Larry Porter back back with
majestic travel so I want to talk to you about working from home as a travel
agent so you’re only online you’re looking for ways to become a travel
agent and you’re trying to figure out how can I do this from home ok so you
might want to get you a pen and paper take a cup of notes and I’m gonna share
with you a couple of tips and things you can do to get started today as a travel
age all right so first let’s talk about how to become a travel agent from home
so my top recommendation is to partner with a host travel agency reason being
okay you don’t want to waste time okay and try to do all this on your own
because you’re gonna need booking engines you’re gonna be access to
vendors you’re gonna need your certifications to show that you are in
the travel industry that’s the real deal and all this can cost you thousands of
dollars okay especially for the certification is
the website all this stuff get everything put together this can cost
you thousands of dollars now unless you have thousands of dollars to put up
front as right now I recommend partnering with a host
agency because you can run a independent how to become a travel agent from home travel business by partnering with a
host travel agency okay because a host travel agency will give you all the
tools the marketing the resources and how to be a travel agent from home everything you need to run a successful
travel business okay and do it independent independently this would be
your business okay so one of the top recommendations for a host travel agency
that I recommend is in teletran okay that’s who we are partnered with we are
partnered with intelligible and intelligible
my opinion is a phenomenal opportunity to become a travel agent it’s a
wonderful host agency I got a lot of top-notch training top-notch tools
marketing resources got their built-in CRM which is a customer relations
manager where you can input context sending out newsletters of travel deals
and things of that nature so a lot of good good old goodie stuff in the back
office okay now another thing I like about intelligible it’s a house agency
is that it’s geared around a one-stop shop so you don’t have to go around
looking for different suppliers you have a huge database of suppliers in your
back office okay they have a travel agent portal where they have access to
all major suppliers whether it be you trying to book a car fly cruise vacation
package all-inclusive vacation villas excursions attractions all type of stuff
even have the ability to do concert tickets and so much more a lot of stuff
so you just pick and choose which one you want to specialize in okay so that’s
my reasons for joining a host agency save you time save you money and
everything is all upon the one umbrella okay and it’s very very inexpensive okay
forget paying thousands of dollars or you can pay under $200 and run your own
travel agency business okay now another thing I like about for my experience a
personal review once like I said I’m go back to it it’s affordable okay it’s at
very affordable to get started and there’s no waiting to get certified okay
you don’t have to worry about getting your arc number clear clear agency
number all these certifications to run a travel agency because you share that
with the host agency so you as an independent person all you have to do is
in a row start and have access to everything you need to run a successful
traffic business okay now let’s talk about if you don’t have
any experience okay so if we don’t have any experience in the travel industry
that’s another reason to be the journey host travel agency there is no need for
experience okay no experience is required to be a successful travel agent
because everything you need is in the back office when it comes to training
support and to everything you need to get knowledgeable
on the travel industry is in your back office and that’s another good reason
why I like and teletraffic they have a huge database of training okay that you
can take specialize in different niches specialize in for example if you want to
specialize in destination weddings they how to become a travel agent from home have training specifically for that so
guys you don’t have to do all of it specialize in something you could be a
passionate about but if you want to hey do I don’t love it that’s fine it’s up
to you you can pick and choose what you want to do because you your own boss do
and control your own travel business okay now last tip it’s save you time and
money like I said no running around trying to gather suppliers trying to
figure out okay which resource do I need for this how do I get these number of
certifications all you got to do is plug into the port or plug into the system
okay so we got started in the travel industry for 179 dollar investment
that’s it you pay that one-time investment and your monthly costs on the
right at 40 bucks $39.95 that’s it low overhead okay one-time investment
monthly low overhead now flip side of this which is another good thing and
tell a trucker has partnered with the travel agent from home requirements planet marketing meaning you can build a
travel business or should I say a travel team so how many people you know it’s
looking to become travel agents Millions how about you refer other people into
your travel business and build a travel team and receive residual income okay
you can do that by partnering with Planet marketing okay because check this
out the only way you can become an intelligible agent now is through Planet
marketing through eggplant marketing rep Planet marketing reps offers to host
agency should I say independent travel agency package okay to individuals who
want to become a travel agent from home so you have the ability to to run two
sides of a business number one your travel agent number two you have the
ability to make residual income by bidding get travel team now I know what
you’re thinking I don’t want to recruit I don’t want to
I look I we have a team and I never really talk to anybody
guess where our team is coming from we’re coming from youtube so guys you
can market your business any way you want to so you can book travel and you
can market your market your business to refer all those travel agents and your
organization and build residual income why you booked travel why are you
learning to earn why are you learning okay and earning so the more you learn
the more you earn so that’s my time I travel agent from home reviews just want to share with you a couple
tips and strategies you can do to become a travel agent from home if you want to
know more information about the host agency I recommend in this video feel
free to text us at the number below or click the link below in the upper part
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can get started today have any questions feel free to text us at the number below
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travel agent and some of your challenges okay stuff like that so make sure you
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if you got any questions text us in the number below i’m larry porter signing
off and be blessed and happy traveling all right work from home travel agent no experience

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  1. So when it comes to how to be a travel agent from home, one must understand that partnering with a host agency will always be the best option.

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