Jump for show corner for dough. Today we
show you how to get through a rutted corner Luckily we got some rain in the last
couple of days here in Southern California and we were able to burn in a nice
little turn track here in the hills in San Diego. The dirt is really tacky and
that’s something that you have to consider, some tracks have more of a
sandy dirt some are more tacky some are really slick and hard pack and depending
on your dirt you gotta adjust your technique. So today
we had tacky dirt and we’re gonna go over how to attack a tacky rut and make it
through clean. We will break this corner down in three simple steps: step one
corner entry and the middle part where you actually turn the bike and then
corner exit for the corner entry you want to make
sure you approach the turn standing up start breaking slow down and
don’t sit down until you enter the rut you can see I sit down I let go of the
rear brake only drag the front brake to control the front end in the rut chest
forward a roll on the gas and I exit the rut in this clip you can really see my
transition from standing up to sitting down as I enter the rut I move forward
on the bike let go of the rear brake put pressure on my outside peg to balance
the bike out my inside leg is up so I’m not dragging in the rut and you can see
my body position in front of the bike as I accelerate my chest comes forward so I
can keep the front end down and have full control of the motorcycle. So as
you’re approaching the rut you want to ride on the palms of
your feet obviously you need to use the rear brake so you brake then when you’re
done breaking it’s the point where you’re sitting down you put your foot
back on the foot peg palm of your feet and sit down. That transition is really
important you don’t want to drag the brake ride on your heel and then just
point your foot to the outside. That’s how you rip your foot off the foot peg
and you cannot control the bike in that riding position. When you’re exiting
your turn you want to make sure you really squeeze the bike with your legs
your outside foot on the foot peg putting real pressure on the peg, your
inside leg is off in the beginning but you squeeze the shroud to control the bike
then you bring it back on the peg pressure on both pegs and the bike will
be nice and stable going straight. So those are the main techniques you need
to work on entering the corner you want to be standing up not sit down too early
then switch your foot from braking to back on the peg neutral position on the
bike chest forward so you’re in control of the front end. Throttle control as you
exit the corner and then keeping your legs tight so you have full control
power to the ground this clip will give you a really good
idea of the last piece of the puzzle and that is focusing ahead you don’t want to
look just in front of the dirt bike. You want to really look far out see where you’re
going and then use the right technique control the Motocross bike with your feet with
your legs keep it tight sit in the front of the bike and then use your throttle
control clutch control and your front brake to keep the bike in the rut put
the power to the ground and exit the corner nice and fast that’s it for this week’s dirt bike riding tip. We’re
supposed to get a little bit more rain this week so stay tuned we’re going to
shoot a couple more stuff out here in the hills while the dirt is tacky so
like and subscribe and we’ll see you in next week’s riding tip

Yvette Parker


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