How to Get Visa to USA; 10 Interview Tips for Tourist B2 Visa (Part 2)

[Music] tip number four understand your length of stay how long are you planning on staying here is it two weeks is that three months is it five months friend you must know how long you plan on staying in the United States and that length of stay must connect with your purpose those two go hand-in-hand your purpose and your length of stay must be connected and it must make sense and certainly going back to tip number one it must be truthful you must be honest about that reason tip number five very very very important that you nail this one guys have strong country ties you must have strong country ties what do I mean by that I mean that if your intent is to come here temporarily to visit with your mom for a month it means that you have to go back home right to a job to your immediate family you have other obligations and responsibilities back in your home country that needs you right you need to return home so you must have strong country ties what are those examples of strong country ties I’ve mentioned a few family, home, a job, you’re in school, etc etc these are the types of evidence that demonstrate that you have a very strong tie to your connection to your home country and you are likely to return the evidence that you’ll need to present to the US Embassy include items such as employment letters write or bank account statements mortgage statements a lease something like that or your transcript Encinos if you’re enrolled in school and you need to prove that you have another three semesters to go before you graduate bring your transcript friends you have to show that you have strong ties to your home country tip number six review the visa application before your interview folks you’ve got to know what information you indicated on that visa application before you walk into that interview because chances are they will ask you questions the same questions that are on your visa application and you’ve got to know what you put on there because you know they’re trying to determine you’re truthful and how truthful you are and honest you are they’re looking for fraud and misrepresentation you want to review the application so that the information is fresh in your mind tip number seven don’t be too nervous don’t be too nervous you will be a little nervous obviously but don’t be too nervous to the point where you’re not making eye contact you’re shaking you’re not listening to the questions carefully and so therefore you’re saying the wrong things and it can get very confusing very very very quickly friends so try not to be too nervous there’s any way that you can calm yourself before the interview such as you know listening to music or speaking with someone or praying meditating do something to relax yourself before the interview tip number eight bring all documents with you so review the emails and the letters that the State Department or the NBC sends you review it very carefully because they’re going to ask you to bring certain documents with you such as your medical exam report and other things and you want to make sure that you go down their checklist and you have everything that they’ve asked you for because friends that will delay your application tip number nine arrive early to the embassy you don’t want listen I don’t know where you’re living I don’t know the traffic patterns are in your country but friends you don’t want to be stuck in traffic on the day of your interview with the embassy you don’t want something to come up along the way that will delay you you don’t want to be late get there early and then finally tip number ten be polite during the interview why do I have that as tip number ten I have that because it’s easy to get flustered and frustrated and get agitated when things are not going as you’ve planned them or you don’t understand the question and you begin to get frustrated and you answer in a way that’s will come across as very rude listen these are human beings who are going to be interviewing you and they have to say so on your application so you want to treat them like royalty you want to be respectful you want to be polite and just try not to get so frustrated and agitated during your interview because it will come across very negatively and it could impact your application so friends those are my 10 tips on how to get approved for your b2 visa so that you may come here or your family member may come here and visit with you for temporary stay here in the United States if you found this video helpful give it a thumbs up share it with other people and friends go ahead download that free guide right now and my tips on how to be approved for the b2 visa I go into greater details in my guide so you don’t want to miss that and share it with other people have them download it as well and spread the love guys spread the love thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next one bye bye [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Hi..can you please make a video concerning MA international students please with specialized degrees…do we have less chances of getting a work permit and obviously the green card? I am planning to study in a field that is in demand here.. Would you advise us to study elsewhere so as not to take any risks? Thx

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  3. Hi your every videos are really helpful . I wanted to know what Visa is issued to petition of refugee it's really important for me it would be of great help if you reply .

  4. Why is it that immigration laws are the only ones that are discussed in terms of how to help those who break them????

  5. I REALLY enjoy your video channel! You are very helpful and informative. I may be calling upon your firm's services in the future. In short, I have a young man in Ghana who I have taken lovingly as my Godson! He's 28 years old and from a very poor family, My husband and I know him and his family very well and are personally paying his last year's tuition for his undergraduate degree, this year. I want him to come to United States to get his graduate degree and help sponsor him; he could live with my husband and me while he completes his graduate work. Do we have a good chance in getting him here? And will he be able to apply to stay with us a while after he graduates graduate school, so that he can earn money to help his mom and dad and siblings back home? I really appreciate your advice. Ps. Could you post something on educational visas? Thanks!

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