How To Ride 100 Miles On Your Bike When You Haven’t Done The Training

– Sound familiar? You’ve signed up for a hundred mile ride. And maybe it’s for charity but you haven’t been able
to get the training in and you’re nervous. I mean, you’re really nervous. – Yeah. It’s not surprising really because riding a century
is a pretty big deal but we think we can get you round one if you follow this advice. (upbeat music) – On one hand, we want to make this ride as easy as possible and we can do this by making sure our bike is in tip-top condition. So start off by making sure our chain and gears are clean and make sure our chain is moved up. If a chain is rusty and dry, then it’s going to rob
you of precious energy. Then, we’ll look at our tire pressure. I would go for an 80, 90 PSI and that’s a good ballpark for a road bike but it totally depends on your weight. You don’t want to be too soft because that will also
rob you of good energy or you don’t want to be too hard because, frankly, that’ll
be far too uncomfortable. And then, we want to make
sure our bike is clean because, after all, a
clean bike is a fast bike. (upbeat music) Now, this is super important because, ultimately, food is fuel and you need to make sure you keep eating and drinking throughout your bike ride. But before you set off, think really carefully about what you put in your pocket. Yes, sports nutrition products are great and they pack the calories needed and are easily digestible but we would suggest you go for some solid normal foods like jam sandwiches,
flapjacks or even oat bars and that seems to work
really well especially if you’re not used to those
sport nutritional products on your stomach. And on that last hour, if
you need an emergency kit, why don’t you take a gel. (upbeat music) So the first thing to do
on morning of the event is to check the weather. The
last thing you want to be doing is carrying around wet weather kit if there’s no chance of rain. 13 degrees and sunny. Perfect. Make sure you’ve got
good kit that fits well and is comfortable because the last thing
you want to be doing is riding an ill fitted kit ’cause it’ll slow you down. You might feel like wearing Lycra but if you can grin and bear it, tight lycra really does work and it’ll make your riding a lot better. (upbeat music) Keeping your undercarriage as comfortable as possible is also paramount. But if you haven’t done
a ride of this length, then you might feel a little bruised at the end of the day. But don’t worry because
you will get through it. One thing you can do that will prevent any chaffing or unwanted irritation is to use something as
simple as chamois cream. Think about it as a
lubricant for your bum. I personally don’t use it but some people really find it helps. (upbeat music) We can’t stress how much of
an effect this will have. Even if it’s only one rider, it’s the equivalent of taking your 100 mile ride and
taking it down to 70. As long as you keep nicely tucked in behind the rider in front making sure you’re saving as much energy as possible and giving you the best chance of getting around your 100 mile ride. (upbeat music) – That said, you need to
be really conservative with your own pace. So if the person whose
wheel you’re following goes a little bit too
hard for your upper climb, you need to be prepared to back off and let them go. – So try riding the climb at
a comfortable pace for you. This stops you burning precious energy more quickly than is necessary. – You can think about it
a little bit like a car. You’re going on a long journey and you only got a limited amount of fuel. If you start accelerating really hard away from junctions or
going really fast up hills on the motorway, you’re
going to burn through that patrol really quickly so you need to drive efficiently and it’s exactly the same
when nursing your body around a century. – So be conservative and sick to a pace you’re comfortable with the entire way around your hundred mile ride. (upbeat music) – Despite those tips, the 100 miles is still sounding a little bit daunting. So why not go for a 25 mile ride instead and then just do it four times. – Yes, sounds stupid but it works, not only physically allowing
you to grab some food and have a nice respite,
but also mentally. We can all do 25 miles,
so don’t worry about it. And before not too long, the
ultimate goal will be in sight. – That’s right. Make the most of the
little break that you get between your 25 mile rides. Take on some food. Maybe fill up your water bottles and mentally reset before
you start the next leg. The only thing I would say
is you probably don’t want to rest for too long between 25 mile rides because it is going to be a big day anyway and if you start adding in loads of rest, you might actually find you
start to run out of time. – Know as the day wears on, you might find you stiffen up. So try to be disciplined, and maybe keep those breaks to around five to ten minutes before you get going again. Right, I reckon it’s time to get going. – Already? – It’s been 10 minutes. – Man, time flies. In summary then, the first step is to try and make that 100 miles as easy as possible. So you make sure your bike
is in tip-knot position. You make sure your clothing
isn’t going to hold you back and you make you shelter from the wind as much as humanly possible by following a rider or
riders in front of you. – Then you need to think
about your own ability. So fueling up as best as possible and being conservative in your pacing. And don’t forget to shave your legs. – Hang on a minute, mate. I thought we established
that we weren’t going to recommend leg shaving, it really doesn’t make much difference? – Really does. Looking good. Feeling good. Going fast. It makes sense. – We’ll carry this debate on a little bit later on. In the meantime, please give
this video a big thumbs up. Best of luck in your century quest. I’m absolutely positive that you’ll make it round. Just follow the advice that we’ve given. And if you would like a
little bit more information about the nutrition side of things, which is super duper important, then we’ve got a video
devoted to that subject. You get through to it just down there.

Yvette Parker

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