good morning today is a special day because all and most know our peeps are going to be excited now I say a 10% coupon turn yellow and luckily the same of gestapo don't stock conquest conquest – a convention no culture at the paranoid delusional hello hello lick me cosplay made like bloggers make gaming and be my boots on for like toys and stuff art booth gonna one so element wedding go into the conquest 2019 and it's a two-day event so I'll be there supposedly from Saturday I mean Saturday to Sunday but you know yeah ok cuz I'm hoping our peeps may decide coming out things to do a dominant you know illa voca outing that income I don't so my aunt is Tuesday and it's not me when you para on I'm gonna go for a beer I big virus a beach so so no ha man 14 coming eyeless 14 or 12 14 coming others from R&D Latin awesome awesome event in Khmer this weekend MSC so happy in demand first time see usually Coco Gavin come in some somehow me in Devon so we're excited now let's go prepare my gummy [Applause] I got salmonella meal and they taught me something important this isn't like the mouse I'm I repeat [Applause] you know Airport Isana China Japan Japanese password that personal Japan welcome to heated you know it's time to wait for our back I love be say I said a camera no hi beast of icd-10 oh that's a neon choice little taboo yeah I'm finished napping no yes kind of the fire Wow the shadow on the earth ena ena you know in William you see would look Juanita I thought mr. Hornet on to get the other Vegas with my extra stuff long little everything early yeah yeah she got a fellow in seaweed reason oh we're not seeing it you sound Diophantine RPI after servants are gonna sue [Laughter] like 30 minutes from here in Santa Barbara that was animal name nevermind I'm kinda scared what a – oh I need them thirty minutes of eating like 45 or an hour favor you we super early in the morning we're going to 7-eleven job down Leggero I'm a repair I know cause I destroyed the spirits hi good morning we're going to be gases I live in the first day tom cat island I mean when I first and then we're gonna swim we nominated artist advantage of America by a comment from our Airbnb I'm the same guy three to four hours the rope funk Alport ganas are you Nikita nyan nyan yo and equality Nikita edenian Nicolina lampooning using one hour do it but I love it long nose pretty Coco no time grab a coffee nothing I am pretty good pledges on the end cap so I want to know what I'm point raise the Kadena money very good jump to Nick

Yvette Parker


  1. I don't know why the Dino suit look like a mouse in this vid 😂😂😂

    p.s. can you explain champ select to us peeps

  2. Ate suzzysaur im from iloilo. sana bumalik ka at magkita tayo😍😍

  3. Thnx for visiting Iloilo Ate Suzzy…. Come again..💖💖💖

  4. Im from iloilo thanks for visiting💕❤️ saur saur love u idol

  5. Thanks for visiting iloilo ate suzzzy and it's so great to see my idol UwU hope to see you on conquest 2020 waaaah.💚💚

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