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a James Miller here you go to for
personal development and entrepreneur advice today I’ve talked to you about jobs that travel the world and traveling
see my girlfriend Clarissa said I were planning our travel schedule for
the summer and is gonna be really excited because they were revealed to go
to some great places in the summer but I’m actually most excited about going to
California for two weeks in July their works are
gonna head out to the vet that is a lie them back to California for two more
weeks in August and I was going to be able to spend some quality time with my
friends and family and there’s that I look forward to more than
that so but it really got me thinking about how there’s so few people who
actually get to travel right to life what’s that about when I
was in corporate America I remember my first year I got zero weeks off I mean 52 out of 52
week ground and then after one year I got one week
off Big Sky’s I mean one week really it and then most mmm people get two weeks out years they to at 52 weeks of outta here I don’t know about you but I
can’t find that this hearty it so that’s what’s really kept boy cat
meat from traveling but it keeps also a lot of the other people back from Java the other reason is income you know I don’t know for myself
what I didn’t have much a income that I didn’t jobs that travel the world seventy percent a people right are getting just getting my paycheck to
pay by paycheck to paycheck it’s obviously your pain all your
expenses and at the end of the month you have no extra cash then you not gonna be able to travel K and that’s just not right now I people
should be able to experience life K traveling is really experiencing lower
the last result is you get to I’ll too comfortable people the country will
because why this with the life not being able to travel
because the jobs that travel the world because a blacker than ca so that eventually they
said are not go travel at all I am fine I don’t need to go anywhere
else right so but you don’t want to do that you want
to travel you want experience life so what do you
have to do she asserts thinking about traveling K
so that’s the main most important thing thinking about traveling okay so asks a
few questions where do you wanna go I know think about
that dream place in if you think they’d
replace on every day I’m telling you right now
you’ll figure out a way to get there you will figure out a way
to accomplish your goals and dreams the second question and ask yourself is
who do I want with me because do you what you should be by
yourself do you want to have friends and family
do you want to have a loved one with you who do you want with you the last
question is were how long do you wanna say right because
some places like Vegas you know a weekend is more than enough clearly result be times a day it’s more than
that for most people but there’s other places where you could say
a week to week six picks you never want to leave so how long do you wanna say for
instance clear said I I im August are going back to Calgary for
two weeks original plan was actually just go back for a weekend for a wedding
but then I told her hey we have the ability to stay longer so why not stay in spent our
quality time with her friends and family right so we’re gonna stay in the great
thing is I’m actually gonna bill travel there jobs that travel the world really anywhere and continue to grow my business so howdy if you want a life that you can continue good to grow the business grow
well as well as not be held down by a job for
a coven actually be able to jobs that travel the world be sure to click on the link below because I don’t want you to create the
habit not be able to experience life this is James Miller Adam out

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