JOY RIDE | Batman Missions | Mattel Action!

(siren) – [Computer] Mission alert (action music) (bats screech) – After the escape of Gotham’s
most dangerous criminals, no one will sleep well tonight. – Ugh, especially me – Sounds like you could
use some fresh air to clear your head. Why don’t you patrol the
streets while I run some recon on the Batcomputer? – Good idea. Let’s go, Robin. (Batmobile screeches) (Suspenseful orchestral music) – Greetings dynamic dunces – The Riddler! – It’s me, the Riddler. I’ve hacked your silly car. You know, the one that screams
‘look at me, I’m Batman!’ – Says the guy in the
bright green suit. I’m turning you off, Riddler. – You can’t, I’m in
control, not you. – Computer,
triangulate location of the Riddler transmission,
send to my phone. – It’s the end, Batman, unless
you solve three riddles. First, who killed Humpty Dumpty? – Stop the games, Riddler. – And the car! – No guesses, cave
cretins? Time’s up! Who killed Humpty Dumpty? Why, the wall of course! (music intensifies – Computer, deploy
rocket launcher – [Computer] Deployed – Fire. (explosion) – You’re alive, what a shame. Shall we move onto riddle two? If you drive into Gotham City
Harbor, what do you become? – Batman, look out! – Give up? The answer is, wet! (Riddler cackles) (Riddler maniacally laughs) – Batman, the seatbelts,
doors, and windows are locked – Duh! There’s only one
escape: a final riddle. It begins eternity, it’s
the end of time and space. It’s begins every ending and
is the end of every place. What am I? – It begins eternity… I know this one! The letter e! – Bravo! But I’m afraid I lied. Enjoy your demise, Bat bonehead! – Riddle me this! (controller beeps) I got this, I got this! (seatbelt clicks) Well, at least you
got some fresh air. Mission accomplished. (jazzy action music)

Yvette Parker


  1. Thanks for watching another great episode of Batman Missions! Can you answer the riddle in the description?

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