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That’s one of my favorite
stills in the show when he’s riding out
and the suns coming up. It’s so pretty He’s basically
staring at the tulips I guess he runs into a bear.
That’s life for him. Everything’s not
going to get better just because he goes
back to the ranch. It’s got its own
set of problems. I think the Bears
are there to represent that. Trying to act
with a bearis really tough. They set up this fence and I’m probably like
10 15 feet from it. Being that close
is a little unsettling. Somewhere in Rip and Kayce
they have something in common. There is a brotherhood there and
a love deep down below it all. Stood your ground though.
They both have a lot of anger. They’ve always tassled
with each other. I ain’t used to see new off
my dad’s leash. Represents that he’s not here
for his family. He respects that he went
and served for his country but when you come back you come and you work this ranch
just like everybody else. This scene sets up
they’ve had a problem with each other growing up.
By the waywelcome home. What we need to find
is the face of this fight. Use my face. John’s land is right in the
backyard of the reservation. We both have the same desire.
I can’t beat em alone. Together we can really
kind of just pinch him in. Why would I agree to that? Because I’m giving you
15 percent revenue as payment for the land.
Dan Jenkins Regis’s vice which is the downfall
of appose power from. That’s enemy of my enemy. These three worlds are slowly
marching towards each other to what can only be
a grand explosion of some kind. We’ve been waiting a long time
for this Jamie. He can run for political office now which is attorney
general of the state. He starts to feel like OK this is
my moment to show who I am. And you what a surprise. I had no idea
you were interested in politics. I’m not.Of course immediately. This can’t be celebrated
because he’s having to deal with the Beth there
to break him down. So if he’s running unopposed
why does he need this little firecracker.Can I have a word with Beth
aloneThis is my opportunity I’m going
to not let her get my way. Don’t you fuck this up for me.
I’m fucking it up just for you. When a child suffers a tragedy they stop maturing
until they accept it. She tries to do
this sort of therapy. I look at you
and I see a 14 year old girl who wants to bully the world and she’s probably right
is the truth. But Beth is so beyond that. Therapy is not
going to help Beth. She’s too intelligent.
My father just wants to forget. No one can take
her mother’s place. And here you are trying
to windle your way in I wouldn’t be surprised
if you wore her robe. You need to look closer
when you look up me Lynelle. I ruin careers for a living. Hey this is West Bentley. Click here to subscribe
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Yvette Parker


  1. The character Jamie is reaaally cute, so adorable and Wes is perfect to give life to him. …Lets be honest, I love Wes 😆😇💖

  2. When they started fighting I lost my shiit 😭😂 Was filled with anxiety my 2 favorite characters fighting never good 😂

  3. I really thought he was going to die and I was sad but I said What the hell Lets go.

  4. Luke Grimes seems like a good dude. His character is a bit of a douche wannabe male Mary Sue. He's annoying and lame. Rip on the other hand is the real star of this show. Cole Hauser absolutely is a BEAST in this role. Good stuff!

  5. Am I the only one who thinks Rip looks like Kurt Busch….or vice versa ?

  6. Isn’t that the governor? And isn’t she sleeping with the father? I find it difficult at times to keep everyone and their story straight!

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