Kisah Nyata Kampung Terkutuk Di Sulawesi Selatan|| Wisata Alam Goa Mampu

Mampu Cave is the largest cave in South Sulawesi This Capable cave legend is far away approximately ± 210 km from the city of Makassar in addition to stalagmites and stalagtites there are stone structures that are similar to human and animal figures all have real legends. The cave is located in Bone Regency, South Sulawesi not just a cave Especially for the people around the Mampu Cave, this is the name of my cave Capable Cave, full of legendary stories that are highly trusted The Mampu Cave, which covers an area of ​​about 2000 square meters located in Cabbeng Village, Dua Boccoe District which is 35 kilometers from Watampone, the capital of Bone Regency. Legend of Alleborenge Ri Mampu which developed around the cave, believed to be hereditary, as a truth. That said, in this cave, it was able to once stand a capable kingdom But because of the curse of the god, the inhabitants of this kingdom including animals and other objects turned into stone. Chunks of stone that resemble humans, animals and others indeed many are found in this cave This picture is like a diorama of human life in the past in times of Capable Kingdom. The developing legend about this Capable Cave also found in ancient Bugis eaves which tells the story of the village that was hit by the curse of the gods In the Mampu Cave, also found stalactites and stalagmites which adds to the beauty of the interior. I have been formed from natural processes for hundreds of years not yet fully traced Not even half yet. Only 700 of the 2000 square meters were seen. However legend that developed in the community about the Mampu Cave has made this cave visited by many people Various motivations some are just looking around, some are looking for blessings, which are willing to spend the night in the cave. The visitors, can not immediately just enter the cave They must equip themselves with lighting equipment A number of small children with bamboo torches in hand, are ready to take visitors to explore the cave. These boys besides renting out his bamboo torch, were also able to become good cave guides They understand the story of the cave, complete with spices. Sundays and religious holidays become the days awaited by these children At that moment the visitors boomed which means bringing more fortune to them For 2 hours accompanying my visitors, usually these small children, got tips of five thousand rupiah. Unfortunately, this widely used bamboo torch the smoke left black charcoal attached to the roof and walls of the cave So that the impression is dirty, difficult to avoid But even so, a herd of bats nesting in this cave still faithfully inhabiting the Cave of Capable Even its presence, which has been around for decades, colors the Capable Cave. Sacredness of the Capable Cave, still maintained today Just how the people around the cave, keep the story of the legend that adorns this cave That said, according to the legend of the people, the Mampu Cave was the fruit of a king’s curse in the past The cave has seven levels with an area of ​​2,000 square meters believed to be originally a village The king was angry and cursed the village into a cave-shaped stone Cabbeng Village Chief, M. Yasin, S.Pd said, the king consumed his own oath The story is that one day the loom of the king’s daughter fell to the ground The loom is called “Walida”. The king said, anyone who can get the loom to eat will be married to his daughter It turns out that the one who succeeded in taking Walida was the king’s daughter’s pet dog The king cannot withdraw his oath. He was angry and condemned the whole village to stone, Those who want to enter the cave must carry a torch as a means of lighting Since at the mouth of the cave visitors were treated to views of stalactites and stalagnites Some stalactites and stalagnites look so large like a human figure It’s dark and the silence of my stomach brings a mystical impression There are two ancient graves in the cave. One grave is located in the middle of the cave, while the other is located at the top on the seventh floor. There are many rocks shaped like living things like running horses, crocodiles, mice and more In addition, in this cave there are also stones that are shaped like boats and rice fields The various stones scattered inside the cave impress the diorama of a village Swiftlets and bats appear to fly and stay in the ceiling of the cave. In addition to being a tourist attraction, many people also came to the cave to visit the two ancient graves while vowing

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  1. Backsongnya kayaknya nabrak dehh sama suaranya..
    Instrument lebih bagus kayaknya.

  2. Assalamualaukum wwb.
    Saya slah satu pemerhati sejarah yg sdh mngkaji sejarah asli maupn lagenda sijello to mampu. Msh bnyk hal yg prlu dibenahi & diluruskn pd kisah ini trhusus sejarah yg sebenar. Perpaduan antara sejarah dgn cerita rakyat mnimbukan mitos yg cenderung mnnutupi sejarah asli kerajaan Mampu.

  3. Mantap chanelnya sappo.kembangkan lagi aku cinta kisah sejarah bugis.aku suka liat

  4. Gua yang baru ditemukan tgl 6 juli 2019 di Labuan Bajo_Flores_NTT

  5. luar biasa mantap. saya tunggu karya terbarunya, salam kenal ya. insyaa allah kapan kapan kalau ada waktu kita nge vlog bareng ya.

  6. orang eropa paling senang cerita legendaris begini perlu di tampilkan paket wisata di setiap hotel promosi traveling lokal quide pemandu di negara aosie oi oi ada cerita legenda tri sister di amrik ada chips kota jersey saya pernah konsEp bukit thato saraka kunyit campur luda obat gatal lenkuas campur ingus mujarabbe dg kampong arung palakka sgt bagus dg mitos batu iti E tapi gagal ya namanya konsep

  7. Knp mirip2 ceritanya tangkuban perahu, ada alat tenun ada sumpah dan seeokor anjing… Hmhmjm

  8. saya tahu ceritanya ini
    yang di ceritakan guruku
    yang mengacukan telunjuk tangan pasti orang itu menjadi batu

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