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  1. We knew there was a reason we loved the Kardashians; in fact, we found tons of reasons! We gathered together the most relatable Kardashian moments that remind us why we continue to stan them year after year: https://youtu.be/ZQ3TrHh7gfc

  2. You know what! No matter how much you hate the Kardashians Jordan fucked up. You never kiss your best friends sister's bf……living in a normal life like mine….I would never kiss my bestfriend sisters boyfriend…..that is just fucked up!!!! I would be depressed if I was in khloe's shoes….its my life!!!! Its all just fucked up all around.

  3. Sophia,don't allow them to use u too,something is wrong here,congratulations Jordy,well done baby girl.

  4. Bruh, I'm so happy for Jordyn! She is flourishing and moved on. Its beautiful

  5. Hollywood scoop you guys disgust me you guys do not tell the truth or anything when it comes to the Kardashians it's like all y'all do is kiss their butts but you're able to speak honest about everything else I hope Kylie go broke on this house if a mother was so smart she would tell her stop doing stupid stuff cuz one day she her money is not going to be there all it takes is one mistake and she's back to square one and to be truthful all the harmful things she has did in her family has did to others I can't wait till that day when it does happen that crime has come back and bite them all in the ass I don't feel anybody is good and his family only the older sister I cannot wait till they don't have a story line and two people get tired of hearing and send them they are disgusting

  6. This is really a shame it's a shame how this whole family act to are people period and the way the social media allows it to happen. To me when Karma come back to some of the girls as in this family is going to hit them like a brick it seems like a society is only worried about this family that is family can do anything when it comes to a black woman they can take their boyfriends they can take their looks the way they dress their ideas the clothing lines and if one of them do anything wrong they completely tries to destroy them. Are women in our men's need to stay away from this family do not give them any more inputs or information about us because that's all they want to do they completely imitate Us in every single way and they are disgusting parasites all of them a clue and Kim who's everybody is saying help free these 17 prisoners which is not true they're not talkin about the two black lawyers who has been most of all the damn money to make sure this happen as well the put it all on Kim like she's the only one doing anything they're making it seem like she's going to be a lawyer without taking the steps that most lawyers have to endure it's crazy how the news or the social media is not telling the truth about what's going on with this family and Kim situation like they're scared of the family. What is wrong even with this social media platform right here she should have said to me since you want to be so honest little girl who's speaking on this that Kylie is trying to upstage Jordan haha and laughing like she laugh at everything else cuz that's what she's doing. However Jordan will find her way she is Kylie don't need another home she wasn't even thinking about another home she's just doing it to f*** with Jordan period in the social media and we as viewers and Lookers no it this is crazy I'm tired of this family and I'm tired of the world giving them a pass for everything and feeling sympathy for them they are wolves in sheep's clothing and parasites 😠

  7. I thought Jordyn wanted to start her own skincare?
    So all of a sudden kylie stole her idea and start a skincare?😕

  8. Rent why tf you can buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy a house 🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. This is a weird title and story….. I am sure Jordan knows she is not a millionaire operating from the same bank balance as Kylie’s… dumb story

  10. Happy for Kylie getting her mansion, Happy for Khloe getting over Tristan, and happy for Jordyn on her new house. **Uplift women periodt. I am one myself so it's only RIGHT

  11. Im surprise rob never suicide him self i think he just acting like that to get attention or maybe he just hates being around his 2 face rude family

  12. That’s good for Kylie. She has a whole family and wants addition to her family!! Jordyn doesn’t care single and free!! 😘

  13. I feel like Jordyn did what she did to get some clout. People wouldn't even know who she was if it weren't for Kylie. That's my opinion.

  14. If I have billions I will still remain frugal to stretch the dollars

  15. I'm sorry but I feel like Rob needs to grow up, He constantly wants his family and the world to see him in this "oh poor, poor Rob" light.. I feel like he did not have any strong male role models including his own father in his life long enough to help him develop into a man.

  16. Kylie Jenner is a culture vulture. Fuck the KarTRASHian whores.

  17. I really hope that rob is seeking mental health help to get through this dark patch in his life, he deserves to be happy! And to all those saying he needs to get over his depression clearly don’t understand mental illness… you wouldn’t tell a cancer patient, amputee bleeding out or a person that broke there leg to get over it and walk it off… have some compassion for others, this world needs more love and less negativity!

  18. Holly scoop: for the lates updates about your favorite celebrities
    Me: 45 yrs later waiting for news about my favorite celebrities,
    :78yrs willing to settle for anything beside the Kar Jenner’s

    Holly scoop change that to : for the lates updates about our favorite celebrities

  19. Get off Jordan’s name, she is not in competition with anyone she’s happy without kylie… it’s kylie that’s the hater no mater how much money she has the girls insecure

  20. @Hollyscoop please cover the story on how khloe got and ended up with Tristan please. I keep hearing you say she deserves better but does she really tho.half a million on rent, i wonder how much these kardashians pay you.

  21. Kylie seems like that friend where if you do something she has to do it bigger 🤦🏾‍♀️

  22. Kylie can go ahead and spend her billions on a summer vacation home…who cares…there thousands of homeless people in California her state… spend it on them….besides jordyn is doing fine…they all think she will be fustrated by now and come boot licking on them…

  23. I saw Kylie in that stupid pink room pink rob pink everything when she explained her products she said I put the right amount of foaminise what is foaminise she can't even explain what she has in her products phoniness tf girl gonethere's people out here starving that ain't got nothing and you're wasting your money on stupid s*** renting houses when you could be helping people

  24. I think that Kylie was jealous that jordyn is ok without her in her life.

  25. Kylie has many vids showing us her place. Why should she stop or change just because her ex bff bought a house?

  26. Are you kidding me ??? Really ?? You seriously need to get your information right.. STOP talking bullshit about people you have no idea about the real truth about them .. Let Rob be , don't believe everything what's been told by people to be true..

  27. Not friends, but people follow those with money expecting them to fund their lifestyle

  28. Crazy how people keep put up Kylie picture with Jordyn Woods. Just to continue to talk shit. Funny how you can drag a person with No receipts no pictures no video just a bunch a he say. And we all know that you don’t have receipts you ain’t got shit. Just to harass someone and belittle someone.

  29. I’m proud of jordyn she’s not worried about Kylie no more

  30. You behave like you really don't know people live like this. You all like you get paid to keep people thinking about the kar -jenners

  31. Kylie isnt God and jordyn dont care about kylie and her house if you have billions of dollars you still gomna die only Jesus last forever

  32. Hahaha Kylie should thank Kimmys box for giving her a jumpstart it will take Jordyn longer bc she has no big sis who will leak a tape of herself having sex, but hey she will get there

  33. but Khloe only getting her Karma . how u get em is how you lose em

  34. Khloe is so annoying…we know isn't with Tristan because he doesn't want him not because she has had enough

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