Let's Play Octopath Traveler #99.5: Stories Untold

from the diary of Matthias prophet of the accursed flame once I too believed in the teachings of the sacred flame I led the people in its light as a servant of the church no one could have doubted that I was anything but a pious believer in those days and when I look back upon it now it all seems so painfully foolish when was it that I first began to doubt the flame perhaps it was after I met the flock but no that was but the catalyst to what was already growing within me even before the block appeared those feelings had taken root in my heart the small village whose Church I have been appointed with too was destroyed in a conflagration started by a capricious strike of lightning the flames spread before we even knew what was happening before we knew it we were engulfed in hell's fire countless were lost to the plains even the innocent young children who I loved so dearly they had committed no sense they did not deserve to have their flesh seared and their bones turned to vanish so I prayed to the flame I prayed and prayed that their lives would be spared fool that I was even after they were dead and gone I believed that if I prayed hard enough they might return to us that a miracle might occur and so I offered up every scrap fee that I had until at long last I've realized the truth believing in the sacred flame and praying it would not bring about a miracle and if my faith could not bring me and those I love to succor in our time of greatest need then it was worthless it did not matter to me the power I need I would use that power for the force of good and bring about miracles that was the true thing to which my eyes were finally open it was not something I had been tricked into by another I had reached enlightenment he was only fitting that such a revelation came to me the one true Savior while a block may not have been responsible for my enlightenment I am still grateful to her after all she is the one who granted me the blessing of a hundred years free from aging the dark secrets written in that tome can allow a man to cheat dead I owe her a debt for sharing them with me I gained eternal life or close enough as a true Savior should I then took it upon myself as my duty to save as many people as I could with the power granted to me and so I set out to Kindle a dark flame in our realm if the sacred flame could be weakened me get more of don't dare is a curse to power would seep through the gates of finis and I will be able to claim even greater strength for myself I hid myself away from those in the church who wish to stop me but the long march of time is my Ally it wore away the lives and the memories of any and all who once knew me until it was as if my face had been washed away like words written said none who still it would remember me as an apostate to the church with enough leaves all things are possible even obtaining a new name is little challenge and so I worked my way back into the church's graces as the traitor Matthias even the venerable Archbishop Joseph did not suspect me for a moment every step of the way fate has shown that I am in the right I was able to uncover I'll call Tara's altar because I am right I was able to use a fragment of gall Tara's power to bring about a miracle because I am right I could become the savior of whisper milk and command its people to do my wishes because I am right with Simeon as an ally I never wanted for money nor power the Obsidian served me well whether they knew it or not Simeon claimed never to has spoken of me to the others I know not have he meant to use me as a secret weapon against the others if the need of her arose or if it was simply be that he did not trust me but it hardly mattered after laboring for so many decades at the time had come at last I succeeded in debilitating Archbishop Joseph of the poison iam cities had provided me it was a beautiful poison no one would ever suspect that it was anything but a natural death all that remained for me to do was to cast a dark shadow on the heart of liana the next flame bearer and the sacred flame would soon burn black this is what was meant to be this is what was about to be but no there is Alton a farthest to reaches a melon the culmination of all I had worked for was the mere ages away so close I could kiss the accursed flame and it's dead it was all snatched away that fire snuffed out to leave me in order darkness and despair I am the Savior I was meant to bring calderas flame to the world why should I be left in this black hell it was dark here the blackness it is all-consuming darker than a thousand starless nights please someone anyone bring me some from the diary of headmaster yvonne of the royal academy it was 15 years ago when i first learned of that toll the Headmaster's chair was but rude to me in those days when my prized stew here brought a young woman to me the woman told me that I was the best suited for the position of head Minister that there was no knowledge no position that should be off-limits to a man of my ability and so she taught me many things one being the existence of an ancient tome containing the long-forgotten secrets of old there are several volumes of forbidden writings and atlas stones great libraries and no eyes but the head ministers are allowed to look upon them the tome in question is one of these it is an elastic stamped tract of the legendary siege known as sanam on whose name lives on in history the land of his birth the kingdom of Bernstein it is long since been forgotten long has it been seen but he who can decipher its true meaning will obtain power over even life and death the current headmaster is not worthy of such knowledge what he lacks an internet-only pales to what he lacks in character I cannot depend on him I would depend on you she wish to decipher the secrets of the tomb and share its knowledge with the worthy alone thus a great scholar was needed one who would be able to fully understand the arcane truths within the door the daughter now serves as headmaster could never do such a thing but a genius such as you live on surely you of all scholars in the realm are up to the task yes that was how she persuaded me it was true that I born at the resemblance to the former headmaster who was interested in nothing but his studies and whose only praise one trait was his tenacity and that single mind pursuit but I was different I knew that knowledge was worth its weight in gold and more critically my internet far outstripped his how could the idiots around me failed to realize this this woman told me that the then headmaster holding a lofty office he had done so little to deserve was tantamount to sing and I agreed when she asked me of all I could remove him I assured her that it would be the simplest of tasks and so I had am assessing just as she wished leaving not a trace of evidence behind to incriminate myself shortly after I ascended Ave had nice to see to this place I encountered the strange woman only once more after that day when I reported to her that I'd murdered the former headmaster she flashed him change smile and simply replied so you did then she walked away never again to appear before me perhaps removing that man was all she wanted of me after all I thought it was no matter the toe was in my grasp and I immediately sent myself to uncovering its secrets all the rumors I had heard were true it was a work of staggering genius with Lucy as my assistant I was able to obtain other rare and ancient texts from that woman even if I never saw her again yes everything was going just as I have planned and power beyond the imagination was finally within my reach how did it all come to this Sam had a cursor Lucia that heartless conniving witch how did I not see she meant to use me from the very start yeah I was the one who wouldn't lock the secrets I who constructed the basic theories of how to effectively control life and death and as I have done that she had no more need for me that was why she gave me a flawed blood crystal and a situs right to me so that she could dispose of me would have dirty her own hands you despicable loathsome hateful woman death is not cool to my fury but only fueled it to greater heights curse you curse you an unholy which you brought to my side may the deceitful Lucy a burn for all eternity may the farm which the block be banished beyond the vast reaches of error from the diary of Graham crossford part the first grave tidings reached me as I was passing through Victor's Hollow in my travels my beloved's condition had worsened I knew my charity must be brought to a swift conclusion lest I be too late in the end I made up my mind to sail across the verdant demon the final ingredient I required was the pinion of an ogre eagle the most fearsome Beast of the sky they were said to make their home in the forests of rubra beyond that vast emerald scene when I arrived at the Harter there was only one ship to be found it was a grand no mistake of that but the captain was none other than Liam but strong I recognized him at once of course who could travel these lands without hearing a tale or 10 of that dread pirate captain the very mention of whose name which said even the bravest sailors aren't pounding and palms sweating yet I found the man himself to be quite different from the one spoken of in legend captain lien beast Ross stood at the helm of a merchant trader which was preparing to hoist sailor the very moment I came upon it I told him of my haste and implored that he let me aboard I'm afraid I don't let just anyone board my ship he told me I felt as though I were being put to some kind of test it was clear this was a man who did not easily place his trust in others my coin purse is impoverished as my hopes I held out the only thing of value I could offer my journal this is the most valuable of my possessions I sleep within it you will have find a record of every region of this vast continent every town I have visited every man I have tread surely such knowledge is worth the trouble of having one more body aboard your ship for this voyage after all what neat head I have such a log then my journey was nearly over all that remained was to obtain the final ingredient in he stood home to my beloved side captain lien gave a boisterous laugh and gestured me onto his ship with a grin you would have me believe the leaves of that old book are more valuable than the leaves in my coffers you must have had quite the journey I wouldn't mind hearing about it as you swab my decks as a ship tossed about the stormy sea my thoughts drifted ahead of the winds to where my wife awaited me I could see her face in my mind so clearly that it felt as though I was only minutes ago that we bought it not countless moons and I prayed that the flame would guide me back to her while that gentle smile still graced her lips it's almost finished at last my mother pray wait for you just a little longer I know not what has become of my journal since I parted ways with captain Leon but looking back I'm relieved that I left my hands when it did surely it is better that my final entry ended with some traces of hope rather than the bitter pain I would eventually find a journey's end from the records of Lord Verner of River furred Hornberger fall dice to remember to smile and she said the words it was a score of years ago you may have more a simple self so I was when she came to me with a set full of leaves and dark promise in her eyes she knew as well as I do that I had far greater aspirations and selling my sword coin what coin would have to be a steward and would a star she offered me not only the leaves to flee me from another man's employ but as much as I asked for to invest in my plot and established the connections I would need the life I'd always dreamed was fine to my grasp I could use her I could use her to get all that I'd ever wanted or so I thought and so I took the girl up on her offer it began my plot to bring down an entire kingdom I would need men if I were to accomplish anything so I created my own sell short company the black brother under Colton I spent three years doing nothing but gathering information on Horn work then using what I had learned I began to systematically remove any obstacles that might stand in my car I used the girls connections to make my company of sales very much and demanded Hornburg I took the worst of the lot those with no scruples and nowhere else to go and made them out to be Bendis in thieves I said these villains to attacking the borders of the Hornburg and then my black Brotherhood would turn them back it was quite the performance other armies didn't stand a chance of beating us to the site each battle the skirmishes all took place far from the heart of Hornburg we knew ahead of time exactly where there would happen since the foes we faced in those battles were in fact our own men it was it an easy feat to give the appearance of a crushing defeat through this farce for black Brotherhood won the hearts of the people living in those Borderlands in graining myself at the family's war I use their introductions to buy trust among many powerful houses the tales of the black Brotherhood I had spread breadth of realm by then and I had used that woman's money freely to strengthen my ties to powerful men went through in the warned broken without still King Alfred was well beloved by his people and its benefit it would be no small feat to win their hearts away from him in which case things had become much easier if he was sitting on the bench a Hornburg would not last long other people's love for the Liege binding them together and so my eyes landed upon their heart who held a bitter hatred of the king leaving him I had as a member of the Kings own God so that he could be the perfect position to do the deed all that remains is to be done was to give her her the chance that was he was all too eager to see mixing lies truths and there's a fire on the strong young warrior and offended I coulda swore to any lie and would not have met it humans care little for us they believe they want to believe in the end it took me just 12 short years to bring a corner to ruin after the kingdom of M I decided the time had come to settle my accounts bad woman I disbanded my company having no more need for sale swords and used the riches I determined to buy myself the lands and since they would see me through my remaining days to tell the honest truth this is not easy I could have gained even more and and remained in that woman's side she could provide me with wealth and power beyond any humans wildest dreams but to pursue this any birth that would be madness perhaps I was already mad to serve so long Rebecca Nicole to bring down the kingdom she was beautiful there can be no doubt of that but did I decide her even for a moment no but within that attractive trapping was evil pure evil intent on bringing humanity to rule if a man dared touch any part of it his own flesh would rot and fall away she was a lethal poison she was a witch and so I cut myself off from her entirely and did not look back funny though is it not in the end I didn't escape her she thought about my ruin as surely as if I had endowed and are poisonous and touchy for in the end just as I failed a horn but it was horn Berg's last night made me from the diary of Lord Jeffrey easel heart I kept my faith I stay true to my convictions until the end several years before my death a shadow fell upon my dear noble court a shadow notice the obsidians they brought with them sweet words and false promises but I would not lend them my ear what so they came to understand that I would not be swayed to their way of thinking they came after my life time and again I would not allow myself to be daunted I dug deeper to the truth to uncover their intentions their times and the mastermind behind the villain and my search eventually led me to learn of the gate of this in the end I was murdered by the men who caught wind of my discoveries yet I do not regret my actions I live true to the words of my house they did all that I could for the sake of my people my soul regret is that I have left Primrose alone to pick up the pieces of this broken life I left behind my precious daughter should not have to bear such a burden on her shoulders Primrose you stood before my grave and told me did you not that you would live true to what I had told you you are strong my daughter you found her own cause and purpose and the purpose you found was the continuation of my very own you carried on in my footsteps and finished what I started My dear Primrose when I think of how much you must have suffered all alone all I can do is beg you to forgive me now the time has come for you to lay down your burden and rest it is time for you to forget about me and find happiness happiness of your own this time for I will always be with you Geoffrey is a lot from the diary of Graham crossford part ii all hope was lost my beloved was gone forever I had finally finished the elixir but it was too late mere days too late my one true love it drawn her last breath just as I was racing back to her side medicine in hand and heart filled with renewed hope three days three nights I lost myself in tears a river of tears too deep and raging for me to forward my way across it was after the funeral that the woman found me leblanc she called herself in the depths of my anguish my life bereft of all meaning she asked a simple question terrible and its implications wouldn't you like to see your beloved once more that insidious offer your whisper in the wind took hold of me try as I might I could not close my ears to it if it would mean seeing my love even once more than I would give my very life without regret LeBlanc spoke at the gate of Venice which separates this world from the next if I could find it and cast it open I could bring my beloved back to my side I'd heard the legends before course for the first time I found myself desperate to build even making the help of one of Kitts companions I set out to the southeast it was a fool's journey what else were mean to me but a fool's hope on my way I passed through the village of Clearbrook there I came across a young boy stricken with illness and lingering just outside death's door convulsions of a kiss from a small frame and his skin was modeled with a purplish pox I recognize his symptoms at once how could I not it was thus a foul malady that stole my beloved from me I felt the touch of fate in this meeting I had not been in time to save my true love I still carried the elixir I laboured so long to create a remedy that could do nothing for her now there was no doubt in my mind what I must do so I treated the boy with my medicine when I looked at the boy's face finally a peace and calm repose I saw my beloved again in her gentle eyes I found forgiveness I hope I can do that too someday such were the boys words to me when he was strong enough to speak again he told me that he wished to follow in my footsteps and become a great apothecary his words reward I never expected in that moment I felt as though my journey was perhaps a fool's one after all I left will remain of the elixir and the rest of my medicines behind with the boy and I set out once more turning my feet again to the gate of finis little did I know that I was making the greatest mistake of my life from the records of house Ravus from the time of my first memories i recall my father lecturing me on the origins of our house what it meant to be the head of a house of house Ravus and on what it was i must give my life to protect my father had heard the same from his father and his father from his father before him the house of Ravus is blessed with many treasures and many who covered them too one born in the house of Ravus such things are natural and given his blue of the sky above us we are blessed with great treasures and it is our duty to protect those treasures from those who would use them for ill and among all the treasures that were none greater than the dragon stones the dragon stones are bestowed upon the first lord Ravus by the legendary king Beowulf the first of Hornburg and they have been passed down in our family ever since the stones are said to have come from a land far to the east and they worth far more than their weight in gold that is not where the true value lies a power sleeps within them and it makes them valuable beyond mortal comprehension for the named dragon stone is no simple fancy the stones how is the power of the great worms whose name they bear it is said that the great sorcerer Odin crossford used the power of the dragon stones to seal shut the gate of finis cross Hart had campaigned together with King Beowulf and aided him in the founding of Hornburg my father when he was still with us once told me this power in itself is neither good nor evil it is the man who wields the blade who decides whether he fights for good or evil that is why King Beowulf entrusted the stones to the man he trusted above all others the loyal Knight who had become the first lord of house Ravus great power can bring about boundless good or in fátima leave alone it is the duty of our house to keep the dragon stone safe and protect them from those who would wield them for dark ends he had given enough time great power will always awaken a hunger and others would claim it for themselves once the dragon stones came to house Ravus there was no end to those who lusted after them not to mention there are many other riches even kith and kin cannot be trusted to stand against such a temptation once a rumour reached my ears that a suspicious party was inquiring into the whereabouts of the stones at the behest of my own relatives it may be that those who sabotage the carriage my wife and I were riding and did so at the bidding of my own blood oh my poor Cordelia what is to become of you you are too gentle to ever doubt another I fear that many will draw near to you cloaked in the guise of kindness and seek to deceive you Cordelia I can protect you no longer no matter how I try to call out my voice cannot reach you on the other side yet this I hope you know though a time may come when you are betrayed by one you trust I believe your heart will not falter you will not lose faith in your people and this is for the best for there are those truly worthy of your unwavering trust and you will find them and keep them close at your side I held on to such faith and I was rewarded with a loyal companion with a thousand other men Heathcoat has been true to me in all things surely such a friend will also appear before you one worthy of your faith and so I beg of you Cordelia never stop believing in others for it is this faith that will save you in the end from the diary of Graham crossford part the third how could I've been so wrong all I thought was bringing my beloved back to the world of the living when the block told me such a thing could be done I was all too willing to swallow her pretty words the moment that I arrived before the gate I felt a finger of ice run along my spine even if my mind had been too slow to recognize it my very body was repelled by that gate more precisely but what lay beyond it while I struggled to catch my breath the blocks sketched out a magic circle on the ground with a practiced ease as she traced each twisted line and arune her hand never faltered how many times must she have prepared for this moment in her heart of hearts it was at this moment that I realized just how she had longed for this moment how fiercely she designed to see the dark ritual to completion only by this ritual may the gate be opened it will not be pleasant for you but you must bear it if you wish to see your beloved once more so the blocks focused she led me to the center of the magic circle as she began the ritual the first thing I felt was a great pain that struck my entire body at once he was followed by a strange sensation like nothing I had ever experienced I felt myself stretching and swelling from the inside out from the corner of my eye I saw my own hand changing into something foreign and awful and Bend the fear the block watched my transformation with a go ho in her eye it was then I knew this ritual was not intended to open the gate and bring my wife back to me yes I know what truly lies beyond the gate of finis that horror is where the block sought to bring back to our world and I was to be the vessel I would be lying I said I had no idea this was coming my conversations with Lovelock had led me to suspect if this ritual would not work for just anyone it seems she needed my blood the blood of house cross her descended from an ancient line of sorcerers that is why I must be the one to prevent her plan from succeeding for have I failed she will only turn her sights upon my dear kit know that I cannot allow so while I realized before the end what the block intended I continue to accompany her in her aims so that I could see the truth of the ritual for myself and foil it however I could little did I know that I was dealing with a power far far beyond any mortals control a conception I felt my own sense of self growing faint and distant something else entirely filling me I resisted it with all that I had at her presence to that theme of being like myself fragile human spirit could be crushed as easily as an insect beneath your heel and just before my mind was completely consumed by the darkness I saw the smiling faces of my wife and my son one last time I screamed the memory of my wife gave me the power to resist at that last critical moment I imagined the block herself did not think I would ever strike back at her but I had already grown far stronger than I had been as a man even when I only managed to land a single blow to her it caught her deep she staggered back and the ritual was interrupted this is my chance all I need to do is chase after her she please good or evil at the root bringing everything to an end that is what I must do but why why am i turning to something else something less human and so I wander the land without a there are periods of time time I cannot remember I come back to myself surrounded by destruction no memories but I knew it was me these blackouts grow more psycho they come from enough no see your hand and no much

Yvette Parker


  1. Just a heads up there is a mini boss that's actually quite challenging located in the Forest of Purgation; The Great Direwolf, Mánagarmr. If you ever get a chance to fight him, I'd love to see it.

  2. I just realised that this series is going to end exactly at episode #100

    That's satisfying.

  3. Oh frig, I keep forgetting to mention this: there’s actually like 7 more superbosses but they’re like mini superbosses you have to solo with either H’aanit or Olberic; they’re Npcs: they have a low chance at dropping the strongest weapons in game; “Battle-Tested” weapons, alternatively, you could buy 1 each of said “Battle-Tested” weapons from specific NPCs, like H’aanit’s master.

    Note: Each of the Minisuperboss NPCs is Rank 10 difficulty, as they’re the only 7 NPCs of said Rank.

  4. I was anticipating your reaction to the diaries, and we really didn't get to hear any of that. I find that kind of sad.

  5. I like how you did different voices for each entry, each character

  6. Damn son, ever thought about going into voice acting? You’re good at voice acting

  7. in case it wasnt obvious… graham crossford was, or rather became redeye

  8. L O R E
    C O N N E C T I O N S
    There's even more in the artbook, especially for Simeon.

  9. Y’know, if this YouTube shit don’t work out for ya; Voice Actor seems like a good rebound job.

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