Michael Kelly Was Hit by a Car While Bicycling in New York City

-Welcome to the show. -Thank you, thank you.
-I’m so happy to have you here. This must be nice. This is the second season of
“Jack Ryan.” So you get to come into a show that’s already
a well-oiled machine. Were you familiar with the show? Were you familiar with
the “Jack Ryan” films? -Well, yeah, of course.
-Yeah. -I’m a 50-year-old guy.
[ Laughter ] Most of us, we grew up with
that, and I loved it. But they sent me the first
episode of season one, and I was just like, “Wow.” And I read the script and we
talked about the character, did a FaceTime, and I met John
before, so I was just like, “Oh, man. I’m in.” -It must be so nice.
John is a wonderful guy, a fantastic actor. The first time you met
John and his wife Emily, not as great for you. You had had a bit of a mishap. -Bit of a mishap.
[ Laughs ] We were doing
“The Adjustment Bureau.” And it was a kickoff party, and I was sitting at home,
and I was all nervous. You know, you get nervous,
insecure — actors — I was just, like, “I don’t know. I’m not gonna know anybody
and I need a haircut. I look like hell.”
[ Laughter ] I had a little more
than I have now. [ Laughter ] So I was like,
“I’m just gonna trim it myself.” And I had these —
[ Light laughter ] Exactly. Exactly.
[ Laughter ] I had these clippers, and I was
going up the back and I just — the piece fell off
and it was — clink. [ Laughter ] And I was like, “Oh, my God.
Karyn, Karyn.” I call my wife in there,
and she’s like — I was like, “I can’t go.” And she’s like, “You’re going.
You’re going to the party.” I was like, “Alright.
I’m going to wear a hat.” And she’s like, “You’re not
wearing a hat. Just be yourself.
Tell them what happened. It’s funny. Who cares?”
I was like, “Alright.” Really funny.
[ Laughter ] I went.
You know, I met Matt Damon. He was lovely. We chatted for a while, and then
I’m sort of standing there, and I looked over and I see
Emily and John playing darts. And I was like,
“Ah, there’s my people.” They had beers, and so I go
over there and I was like, “Hey, guys, do you mind
if I join in on darts?” And they’re like, “No, man. Of course,
come on and play with us.” And they’re like,
“Here, you can go first.” And I threw the darts, and as
soon as I throw the last dart, I was like,
“I got to go get the darts.” [ Laughter ] -I forgot about that, yeah.
-I forgot about that. -And you, like, just backed up. You’re like, “Hey, hey.”
[ Laughter ] -“Did you see that shot?” [ Laughter and applause ] -But obviously you made
an impression. You made an impression.
-Yeah. We had a good laugh and we hit
it off and that was, you know, why when they reached out, I had just spent a half an hour
with those guys, but I just knew
that I loved John, and he is everything that —
You know, you know him. He’s amazing. -They’re a great family and it
seemed like a lot of fun, and to do a show like that where you can travel
and go to cool places, what a jackpot. -I mean, it really was. I mean, to do all that action. Like, you see me in a suit
there, but the action — -You got to do some other stuff,
yeah. -So cool. Flying in Black Hawks
and running and shooting guns. It’s like being a kid.
-Yeah. You are a New Yorker.
You live here. -Yeah. -And you do something maybe that some would say are more
dangerous than Black Hawks — you ride a bike
in New York City. [ Laughter ] And you’ve been doing this
for a long time. And I will say, like,
I mean it seriously. It’s getting better, right? Like, biking in the city,
it’s getting better. I mean, it’s still dangerous
and you need to be very aware, but you do love to bike
in the city. -I do. I ride every day. I live way Lower East Side
down on the water, and you know, it’s 10 minutes walk
to the train so I just ride
my bike everywhere most months of the year. And, yeah, it’s crazy, and I was a bike messenger
in my early days. -Did you ever get hit
on your bike? -Yes.
-Yeah, okay. -Yes.
[ Laughter ] -In your bike-messenger days?
-Yeah, yeah. In my messenger days,
definitely. I remember one — well, one really bad
when I split this in half. You can see a scar there. But one that I — My most vivid
one is going down Broadway, making a left onto Houston. It’s like 10:00 at night. You know, there’s, like the one
lane, two lane, three lanes, and then that turning lane?
-Yeah. -It was yellow,
but I was in the right. It turned yellow
as I was going under it. And I’m looking to my left
and I see, you know, stopped car, stopped car,
stopped car, empty lane. And as I make that left, I just
see a car come zooming through, and he just ran the red light. I kind of turned. I hit it and I hit
the windshield, flew over it. Flat on my back in the middle
of the intersection at Broadway and Houston. And I just, you know, was dazed
and — as I come to, I look up and there’s this giant
goth kid standing over me like, “Dude!”
[ Laughter ] “Are you okay?” And I was like, “I think so.” You know, you’re checking
yourself. Am I alive? Is this — -Right. Did you have a moment
where you’re like, “Oh, my God. Is God goth?”
[ Laughter ] “Is God a goth kid?”
[ Applause ] And you’re like,
“What’s heaven like?” And they’re like, “It’s fine.”
[ Laughter ] -“You’re gonna dig it.
It’s so cool.” -“You’re gonna dig it or not.
I don’t care.” [ Laughter ] “Welcome to heaven.” [ Laughter ] Part of doing the show obviously
you are CIA in the show, and you got to go
to the real deal. How was your visit to the CIA? -That was incredible. You know, you get to do a lot of
cool things as an actor. What we do for a living, we do
a lot of really neat things, but to go there, as many times
as you’ve seen it on television, as many times as you’ve seen
that emblem in a movie, when you walk up to the building
you’re just, like “Wow.” -Yeah. -When I put my foot on that
stair to go into the building and I was just like,
“Oh, my God. Think of all the people
who walked up these stairs.” And then when you stand in front
of that emblem, you’re just like, “Wow.” -And did you sort of get to
engage with some of them and talk to them
about the department? -Yeah.
I mean, it was a full-day thing. It was all day long. And I got to ask
all these questions, many of which I obviously
can’t repeat the answers to. [ Laughter ] And it was like that all day. You’re asking questions and it’d
be like, “Yeah, and then –” and I’m like,
“Yeah, but then what happened?” “I can’t answer that question.”
[ Laughter ] -Most of the stories in the CIA, they’re great stories
with no endings. -Exactly. You’re like, “But — but –”
-Yeah. You have another role coming up. I think it’s CBS, right? -They haven’t — I don’t know
if they’ve determined if it will be Showtime or CBS. -Okay, gotcha,
but it’s James Comey. It’s basically an adaptation of
James Comey’s story, and you’re playing
Andrew McCabe. And let me just say, I am a big
fan of you as an actor, and I believe you could
play any part. Actors are chameleons.
You could play anything. I will say, this one is
right down Main Street. [ Laughter ]
I mean, give me a break. [ Laughter ]
I mean, that was — [ Applause ] -It is. -That’s, like, just call Michael
and be done with it, as long as he hasn’t shaved
a hole in the back of his head. [ Laughter ]
-We’re good to go. -He’s our Andrew McCabe. Best of luck on that.
-Thank you. -Congrats on the show.
So lovely to see you. Thank you so much.
Michael Kelly, everybody.

Yvette Parker


  1. Fortunately I have not been hit by a car biking L.A..came close a few times..Western n Franklin

  2. Show me the TRUMP TAPE of quid pro quo not some gerrymandered transcript ( which also exposes tRump's quid pro quo )

  3. Super underrated actor. I just finished Jack Ryan Season 2 and he’s fuckin great in it.

  4. Absolutely love the man. Like others already said – he elevates everything he stars in, there's something special about him, for example the way he walks the fine line between the good and evil traits in some of his characters.

  5. Loved him in The Adjustment Bureau. One of my fave films.
    First thing I thought of when I noticed him teamed up with John.
    Because of his role next to Emily.
    Love this guy !!!

  6. He was the highlight of the otherwise mediocre season. They really dropped the ball compared to the first season…

  7. I NEED to hear him talk about that crazy Doug character he played on House of Cards!!!!! Super fuckn scary. He NEVER smiled. But great interview.

  8. He was done an injustice in the final season of House of Cards. Buuuuuuut he was fantastic in the show.

  9. I love this actor, Michael Kelly. He has the vibe of someone I'd like for a neighbor and always steals the show in whatever role he plays.

  10. Captain Patterson still wants his Oakley's back. 11,000 lbs of ordinance and we didn't destroy any armor. On the other hand we didn't destroy any villages either. I guess that goes in the win column right?

  11. He isn't an asshole like a lot of actor and actresses, I sent him a tweet one day telling that I was a fan and I liked how good he was in House of Cards and in Changeling, and he actually tweeted back at me. He is a good person who cares about others and the environment.

  12. Season 3, Jack Ryan & Mike November on the field, Jim Greer gathering info

  13. Electronic currency is equal to gold
    Transfer money and act as an intermediary by creating a portfolio between you and the other party

  14. Great actor…while Doug in House of Cards is a breakout character, I'd recommend watching his performance in Generation Kill.

  15. People that drive have zero respect and understanding with cyclists. We don't have any airbags or metal shell protecting us. We don't have insurance if our bikes get wrecked. If you honk your horn right on us, we can fall. If you get too close it causes us alot of stress.
    GIVE US SPACE. we're allowed on the street. Treat us like you would if you were cycling.

  16. Everytime you run a red light, you could possibly take a life. Is it worth it? Just to get to next red light a few blocks down?

  17. Jack Ryan is this millennia's Magnum PI, and it's clear he's been cropped to fit into a cubicle. The cubicle dweeb who gets out and chases terrorists, solves crimes, rights injustices and makes the world safe for democracy!!
    Real cubicle dwellers NEVER have to discover there's NO FORTH wall and they can get up and leave any time they want! All they have to do is live vicariously through Jack Ryan and keep inputting data all day, every day, until they die.

  18. It's cracking me up that he had a self-inflicted hair accident and now does the Supercuts Ad. I love when actors can laugh at themselves. 😁

  19. "Welcome to Heaven"
    "I don't care"
    l laughed, nearly cackled, lol.

  20. Met this man on the street of New York and told him how great he is on House of Cards. He did a complete stop and said thank you with full sincerity. He's an extremely humble and gracious guy.

  21. Is it just me or does Michael Kelly look and kind of sound like Zeljko Ivanek?

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