Mighty Car Mods – How to Pimp your Ride for under $500

Now today we are gonna be doing some mods on this little Daihatsu Cuore you can see behind me Now we sneakily borrowed it from a friend of ours Now she thinks we’re going to get a pedicure, ok? Now in fact, we’re gonna be modding this little beast up ok, we now got 8 hours until she finishes work and we have got a total of $500 , okay? so we don’t have much time, we dont have much money But we’re gonna do some awesome mods now the only thing we have to find is where can we find someone who can do it in the time. they say he was raised by a gang of transgenetic monkey goats in antarctica, they say he is the only human being who was actually born with a soldering iron attached to his body. now nobody knows what his name is, nobody knows where he’s from, infact he could be anywhere well he’s not, he’s in sydney, we’re in a secret location. I want you to meet this guy cause he’s a freak, lets go check it out. Alright, now part 1 of our stereo installation Pioneer head unit, RCA outs, nice little unit, 100 bucks (AUS) Clarion splits, 100 bucks (AUS) Active response subwoofer, for under the back seat, or wherever we choose to put it, 100 bucks (AUS) and we have our remote central locking kit, and actuators for both doors, $50 (AUD) and then basically the little bits and pieces

Yvette Parker

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